Chapter 9: Weapons and Quinque types

Lucien was now in deep thoughts on designing his katana from kagune. The first weapon he decided to make was katana because it was his most beloved weapon, and he was most proficient in using katana. His mother was a very good teacher when it came to regard teaching kenjutsu.

As Lucien imagined katana, his kagune was slowly taking the shape of a weapon. It started condensing in his right hand, and after a few seconds of work, it was done. In Lucien’s right hand was beautiful katana with a pitch-black handle and red blade. On the blade, there were some thread-like patterns in black color.

Lucien delighted with the result of his first tries to make the weapon from his kagune through shapeshifting. Thanks to that, katana was made of kagune it was far stronger and tougher than most weapons in this Low-Grade Dimension and only some of the best quinque made by humans or some top-grade legendary weapon artifacts of this world.

“Good now you have completed the first step. Try to familiarize yourself with your weapon. Just basic slashes would do.”

Selene was too satisfied with her son. Making weapons with kagune as material when one had detachable kagune was a rather hard task. It depended on the imagination of the person. If a ghoul can’t imagine proper image with his fantasy, he can’t condense even basic kitchen knife.

Lucien did as his mother said and started to exercise and familiarize himself with a kagune weapon. He started basic slash, which he performed without any mistakes. He learned kenjutsu for a rather long time, and he perfectly managed to perform basic stances like slash or pierce.

“Our kagune weapons are one of the strongest weapons in this world. Only some legendary artifacts or top-grade quinque can rival them or destroy them.”

Said his mother as he was still practicing with his kagune katana. After hearing that he stopped his movements and walked to his mother. He was curious about one thing. Quinque. He knew only a little bit about the only weapon known to be able to kill the ghoul.

“Mother, could you please tell me more about quinque?”

Asked Lucien with sparkling eyes. His mother couldn’t say no to her son when he was looking at her with these eyes.

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“Of course, my darling. Quinque is a weapon manufactured from ghoul’s kakuhou. Adam Gehner and Washuu Yoshiu invented it. They can be made into some melee or ranged weapon, but most retain a few characteristics from the original kagune. In contrast to kagune, quinque cannot change shape nor store or absorb Rc cells other than what was harvested from the ghoul it was made from. Preceding the quinque, humans had been using firearms to combat ghouls and needing a more efficient tool, and they began intensive research that resulted in its creation. Made solely to exterminate ghouls, quinque were considered the new generation of technology, promptly and effectively raising the extermination rate. Ghoul investigators transport them in bags or suitcases to store the kakuhou. However, only Rank 2 ghoul investigators and up are permitted to use quinque.”

Lucien was listening to his mother explanation about quinque. He heard two critical people who invented quinque — namely Adam Gehner and Washuu Yoshiu.

Adam Gehner was Commission Chief of the Ghoul Forschung Gesellschaft, the German counterpart to the CCG. This institute GFG or Ghoul Research Association is one of the largest research organizations in Europe. Several people from Japan who went abroad and joined the organization at some point in time. For example, Kanou Akihiro referred to as Professor Kanou, the one responsible for Kaneki Ken’s transformation into an artificial one-eyed ghoul and many other experiments was in GFG.

Another one was Chigyou Kouitsu, better known as Doctor Chigyou. Head ghoul researcher at CCG Laboratory Division. He used to be a researcher in the GFG in Germany. He was responsible for making very powerful quinque as 13’s Jason for Suzuya or other.

Washuu Yoshiu was the previous chairman of the Commission of Counter Ghoul, CCG. He was the father of Washu Tsuneyoshi and was considered as an extremely powerful ghoul. It was said that he fought with one of the Royal Guard of Aeon House and managed to get a draw.

“Then there could be Chimera quinque and Kakuja quinque. Chimera type – In rare cases, a quinque can also be fused from ghouls with chimera kagune, or multiple kagunes. Multiple kagunes combine into one quinque, and it styles as one effective weapon. It can also be made when the ghoul in question naturally possesses two Rc types. Chimera quinque are useful for opposing multiple types of ghouls, though it is unknown if any combination of Rc types is possible or can occur naturally as chimera ghouls are extremely rare, and the technical difficulties of fusing two Rc types means that very few are capable of being used in the field.”

Lucien knew that having two types of kagune was extremely rare, and only a few ghouls have two types of it. From the original story, he remembered only two characters with two kinds of kagune and that Nutcracker and Fueguchi Hinami. Quinque made from multiple types of kagune was very powerful and useful. Most notable one belonged to Mado Akira, named Amatsu. It was created from koukaku and bikaku kagune.

“Kakuja quinques are a special type of quinque created from ghouls that have cannibalized and evolved a mutated kagune, becoming a kakuja. It has been commonly shown to function as armor; protecting and enhancing the capabilities of the user by stimulating their body while equipped. So far, it seems to not be sustainable for long since the quinque comes with the drawback of slowly biting into its user the longer it is maintained and feeds off the wearer’s vigor in order to conserve energy. Despite the vast majority of kakuja quinques taking the form of armor, there have been several instances in which kakuja quinques have taken more aggressive forms such as blades. Aside from being potent melee weapons, these quinques retain special traits of the original kakuja, such as ranged projectiles, detachment, advanced kagune formation, and remote activation.”

In an original story, most of these kakuja quinques were made from kakuja of Kirishima Arata, the Corpse Collector. He was the father of Ayato and Touka. Arima Kishou killed his wife Hikari, and he was confronted by a Yomo Renji, brother of Hikari.

Arata was overwhelmed with guilt and started to carve for more and more power. He then began scavenging both human and ghoul corpses. Soon he began to killing both ghouls and ghoul investigators as revenge for his wife’s death. Later he was exposed by Mado Kureo and Shinohara Yukinori. Life and Death battle followed and with CCG, and he was killed. He was subjected to the harvesting of his kakuhou, which is being used as the CCG’s exoskeleton armor quinque, respectively named “Arata.”

Some of these kakuja quinque were made of most famous ghoul Owl, which was harvested from the kakuhou of Yoshimura and used by Arima Kishou or kakuja quinque named Ginkui which was collected from the kakuhou of Noro and used by Urie Kuki.

“Thank you, mother, for your teaching.”

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Thanked Lucien to his mother as he was preparing for the spar. His mother took a similar battle stance to fight with her son. Now learning of usage of kagune begins.

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