Chapter 129 – Divine Skill

Xie Sanxian, his wife, and his daughter were utterly blown away, trembling all over from the shock to their mind. What is he? Human? God? Devil?

They felt like they were witnessing the descent of an extraordinaire on the human world.

What he had done wasn’t humanly possible.

In a blink, he had massacred a bunch of people, all lying dead at his feet. He had already reached the centre of the valley. The people from Bodhi Gene didn’t dare to attack him anymore and circled around him, encircling him inside.

An old man rushed out, admonishing with ire, “Jiang Luoxia, you dare to enter my Bodhi Gene and kill the Bodhi disciples?”

“So what? It’s not like your Bodhi Gene is some forbidden grounds which this Deity can’t enter. As for your Bodhi disciples, just because they are a notch above others doesn’t mean they won’t get slaughtered.”

“So what if this Deity entered and killed?”

The old man was just about to flare up when a voice came from behind, “Senior Bodhi must not act rudely towards a Demigod…” The man wearing the olden landowner clothing walked out.

He cupped his fists towards Jiang Xiu, “Demigod Jiang, you are a majestic Demigod, what brings you over to my Bodhi Gene?”


Gu Dekang and his guards were thunder-struck.

“H-He’s really a Demigod?”

Up until this point, Gu Dekang believed Jiang Xiu couldn’t be a Demigod. Jiang Xiu was just a youth who wasn’t even 20 yet when compared to someone like Li Bodhi. That’s the reason Gu Dekang thought Jiang Xiu wasn’t a Demigod.


Someone from Bodhi Gene had confirmed that Jiang Xiu is a Demigod, and the extraordinary strength he revealed as he slaughtered his way in was proof of that.

Jiang Xiu pointed towards Gu Dekang, “Why don’t you ask him?”

“Who are you?”

Gu Dekang’s face turned ugly. He felt extremely nervous, but after considering it a bit, he came to the conclusion that though Jiang Xiu had killed the disciples to prevent Bodhi Gene from helping his army division, it could be said that he was partially to blame for it as he killed people in the end. Bodhi Gene would deal with him to settle this debt. Gu Dekang calmed down after figuring this out. “I am Jingmen military district’s Gu Dekang. My family had old ties with Bodhi Gene and received a medal as a present in the past…”

He handed over the medal to the man who then checked it over.

“Bodhi Gene promised my Gu family that if we encounter trouble in the future, we could use this medal to ask for the help of Bodhi Gene. I made a trip this time to ask Bodhi Gene to send some talents to my division to revive my Gu family’s influence. Due to a quarrel between Jiang Luoxia and me, he started stopping people from entering my division.”

“That’s why… He started killing people after I arrived here.”

He spoke the truth without even mixing even the tiniest bit of lies nor did he slander Jiang Xiu.

The man ruminated over it while holding the medal then placed in inside his robes, “The medal is real, and so is the promise. As my ancestor’s promised you, we shall help you.”

Gu Dekang was jubilant.

The man turned to Jiang Xiu, “Jiang Luoxia, my Bodhi Gene has received the Gu family’s medal. Bodhi Gene gives its salutations for you to succeed in cultivating to the Demigod stage. Can you leave now?”

The surrounding disciples whispered when these words were said. They couldn’t understand why he was being let go so easily when he had killed so many of their fellow disciples.

“However, you must remember that you aren’t allowed to trouble the Gu family again.”

Gu Dekang thought that this brat was let go too easy. He wasn’t expecting Bodhi Gene to Jiang Xiu leave just like that.


Jiang Xiu started laughing all of a sudden, “What do you that this Deity for? You think this Deity was kidding? If your Bodhi Gene dares to honour the promise set through the medal, then this Deity will make sure that your Bodhi Gene… disappears from this world.”

The man’s expression turned ice-cold, “Jiang Luoxia, don’t act unreasonable. I’m letting you off only because you have succeeded in cultivating to the Demigod stage, you…”

“You piece of craps dare to say such nonsense as letting this Deity off? Ignorant. Tell Li Bodhi to come out, this Deity will slaughter a Demigod today!”

“You’re courting death!”

“You dare baffle the Ancestor?!”

The white-robed old man immediately made a hand seal, shooting a water jet towards Jiang Xiu.

“Palsy tricks!”

A water manifestation spell used in tandem with the assistance of cold air to create a jet. Judging from the cold vapours exuding from it, it was safe to say that the temperature was quite low. The spell’s condensation degree was not bad but it was miles away from the Wang Ancestor’s skills.

“Seventh Order, Water, Backwards…”

Jiang Xiu reached out with his palm while chanting a spell. It seemed as if he was pulling the incoming water jet. It trembled then turned backwards mid-air, returning at a 10x speed.

The water jet penetrated through the old man’s throat before he could even react. His eyes grew wide open as he grabbed his throat, blood leaking through his fingers as he collapsed to the ground.

“Void Reflection Art?”

The expressions of the Bodhi disciples changed.

This was a high-level spell which couldn’t be performed unless a person reaches a higher realm. Only a few among them could achieve this with great difficulty, and to use it perfectly, the strength of the user should be 10 to 100 times the target’s strength to crush the opponent.

The one who had used the spell just now was an ordinary Senior Bodhi, and there were many people stronger than him in Bodhi Gene, yet none could dare to say they could crush him so one-sidedly.

“Such strength!”

They merely heard that the Demigod realm wasn’t ordinary and today, they had finally seen it personally.

“Let’s attack him together!”

They roared in fury, but under that anger laid fear. The opponent was too strong so they would only die if they attacked along so they had to rely on the superiority of their numbers to kill him.

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They immediately surrounded Jiang Xiu, attacking him with water balls, wind blades, even hidden weapons as well as arrows.


“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The entire view was filled with explosions with Jiang Xiu at the centre.


At the moment they attacked, Jiang Xiu jumped up a bit, rising towards the sky. He pointed towards the void and drew a glyph. The golden particles had already formed the glyph by the time he landed on the ground.

The golden glyph suddenly exploded in the sky then rushed into Jiang Xiu’s body. His body flickered with a golden rippling light as soon as all the particles entered his body.

“Golden Glyph – Storm Walk!”


The attacks fell on his body yet passed through while creating ripples similar to that of light waves.

“How is this possible?”

The disciple’s eyes almost popped out in shock.

“What kind of spell is this?!”

They had never heard of something like this!

One of the Bodhi disciples nearby to him rushed towards Jiang Xiu by leaping from a rock, shooting ahead like a bird with a sword in hand, jabbing it towards Jiang Xiu’s head in the next moment.

Jiang Xiu didn’t avoid it, letting the sword go through his throat, but the attacker was shocked because it didn’t seem like his sword had jabbed into the throat as there was no obstruction.

“What the…”

He couldn’t comprehend it…

Jiang Xiu raised his hand slowly and drew a line on his forehead.


The man exploded with a bang. There was neither blood nor flesh flying around as his body had exploded into golden particles.

“T-This is…”

The disciples were alarmed.

“What spell is this?!”

The disciples were extremely shocked. Gu Dekang and his guards were left dumbstruck long ago as they watched the battle from a distance.

Is he still human?

Gu Dekang was at a loss right now. He held disdain towards Jiang Xiu before, believing he was mediocre and arrogant. Even if he could recruit Jiang Xiu into the Gu family, it’d be quite difficult to control him. However, after witnessing the current scene where Bodhi Gene was nothing but little kids oblivious of death, he felt his entire world collapse.

Gu family could have received him before.

But now…

He made a complicated expression, filled with shock, perplexment as well as fear… all of it reminding him of his brother’s words. Big Brother, Mr. Jiang must be treated the same as a Commander, you must not offend him.

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