Chapter 130 – A Terrifying Scene


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The various spells devasted the area, all of them passing through his body, falling far away behind him. No matter how powerful or bizarre the spell, none could damage him. He was the same as an image yet real as he killed the disciples with each wave of his hand.

The people witnessing Jiang Xiu’s methods had already acknowledged that he was far above those from Bodhi Gene.

They were filled with awe!

Whether it be Grandmasters or Shamans or Innate Skill Holders, they were nothing but a child in front of Jiang Xiu. The spells, sword energy, and arrows attacking him were the same as children’s toys to him.

“How is this possible?”

“Let’s concentrate our power in a single attack!”

A dozen cultivators stood in a line and operated their inner breath to send all the energy to the person at the front.

“Multiwave Fist!”

The man at the front stamped on the ground with force, causing it to rupture. His inner breath rushed outside, making his clothes buff up as punched out with a torrential strength similar to a river’s flow.

The incorporeal energy pulse took the shape of an ocean wave, one wave superimposing on the other to form a multitude of waves.


The rock floor ahead of him exploded just from the energy leaking from the waves.

“A superb skill!”

Gu Dekang and his guards exclaimed.

This fist style was really fantastic. Affecting the outer world using inner strength was a strenuous task, and it was even more difficult to create multiple waves by superimposing them. The power of the attack had increased tenfold due to this.

A fist style which could allow one’s strength to multiply by several times was no doubt a first class one and a style like this which could increment it by 10 times could be considered an ultimate technique. The no. of fist styles which could achieve this in this world could be counted on one’s fingers, and they were all ancient fist styles. Those styles which could multiply the strength to a hundredfold only existed in legends and were considered Divine Fist styles.

Yan Zhen believed that if Bodhi Gene could give this fist style to the army, it would increase their strength by several times. Achieving the third position in the competition next year would no longer be a dream.


The energy wave was nothing but a stream of air to Jiang Xiu. Only through immortal arts could this airwave be sublimated to possess genuine power. This was the massive divide between martial arts and immortal arts.

If it was just something of this degree…


Jiang Xiu drew in a breath then exhaled it out. The air he exhaled was denser than the air outside, possessing an incredible fierceness.

In the next moment, a hissing sound thorned into everyone’s eardrums. The air he exhaled turned into a gale from a breeze, making everyone scream in alarm. The gale engulfed the entire place, lifting up the earth, crushing the rocks into little pieces. The multiple airwave pulses couldn’t withstand it, disappearing into it. It was the same as an electric fan’s wind against a cyclone’s wind. The outcome is pretty evident. The electric fan would be blown away.

The disciples were alarmed facing the gale. Those at the front were blown away, crying out mournfully in the sky. It was a pity that their yells were submerged by the howling wind.

They dropped down after flying 20 m high, becoming pieces of flesh and bones. Some collided with the valley walls and ended up mutilated.

“We aren’t dreaming, right?”

“So terrible!”

“This man is too frightening.”

The ordinary disciples shivered in fear. The joint attack from the elite among them had ended up in such a result, so they were terrified.


A few of the shamans joined hands to create a fireball 3 m in diameter above Jiang Xiu. It was full of spiritual energy and seethed with a high temperature.

It fell down just like an atom bomb.

“Burn him!”

Since the spells were useless, they planned to burn him down by using a fireball. They believed that they could burn him to death.

“Just a useless skill!”

Jiang Xiu shook his head lightly. Although they had created a fireball, the spiritual energy inside was too weak in strength, and the temperature was no better than that of an ordinary flame.

He raised his hand towards the sky.


They saw him withstand the fireball with just his palm. They were left dumbstruck by this scene, but the truly terrifying scene had just begun.

An attractive force appeared at his palm all of a sudden, making the fireball disappear into it without a trace.


“This is…”

The shamans of Bodhi Gene were left speechless. This was too inconceivable for them to digest. They couldn’t believe a skill could allow someone to suck in a fireball into their body.

The man wearing the olden landowner clothing was utterly stupefied as well.

He too couldn’t accept what he was seeing.

Jiang Xiu brought his hand towards his mouth and muttered in an incomprehensible language. It was clear from the notes that it was something frightening.


The sound of a fire spark was audible in everyone’s ears, and they also felt the air warm up. Their faces were drenched in sweat as they watched Jiang Xiu nervously.

“It’s so warm!”

“I feel like I’m getting roasted.”

They felt that the heat was coming from above, so they raised their heads to take a look, almost dying from the fear when they did so.

Several fireballs were covering the entire sky. There were more than 20 of them, and they floated above them. All of them screamed, but it was already too late.


The fireballs fell down one after another mercilessly.

“Save me!”


The fireballs wrecked havoc on earth, making it look like hell had descended to the mortal world. They were either crushed to death or burnt to death.

“Jiang Luoxia, you dare to act so ruthlessly?”

The eyes of the man wearing the olden landowner clothing were red with bitter hatred. The top elite martial arts experts, as well as shamans of Bodhi Gene, had died within a short frame of time. The losses were disastrous.

Bodhi Gene hadn’t suffered such losses even when they had participated in the war back then.

“Did you think this Deity was kidding?”

“This Deity will put each one in place if they dare to enter his army division.”

Gu Dekang’s mood was completely different when he heard these words once again. He finally felt afraid, the alarm in his heart growing at a rapid pace, resulting in his face turning ashen. Fury filled his eyes as he quivered all over.

No one could have imagined that Jiang Luoxia was so strong that even Bodhi Gene was nothing but a stray dog in front of him.

He felt that it was ridiculous that he couldn’t recognize a Demigod who was right in front of him.

If it weren’t for him acting rude towards Jiang Xiu, ignoring his younger brother’s words due to his obstinacy, and treated Jiang Xiu with the utmost respect, everything would have been different. It was possible that even the 2nd or 1st rank could be obtained in the competition with his help. The Gu family could have preserved its honour and glory.

“Why don’t you tell Li Bodhi to come out?”

Jiang Xiu stood there with unmatched mettle.

“You aren’t qualified to handle this Deity…”

The man’s cheeks twitched with anger. He had dressed in a yellow vest with a hexagonal hat on his head, appearing similar to those people from the 19th-century regime.

“Bring the God’s Children out.”

All those who heard it were alarmed, “Senior Bodhi!”

“Listen to my words. Go quickly!”

“God’s Children? What’s that?” Jiang Xiu asked curiously.

“You’ll understand soon.” The man didn’t answer Jiang Xiu’s question. Soon after that, a primordial beast-like roar resounded across the valley, followed by the sound of metal striking metal as if a cage was being opened.

A few figures leapt down from the cliff, jumping through a distance of 10 m. They quickly made their way towards the place where Jiang Xiu was.

A total of 6 of them had arrived.

These people were donned in black hooded clothing. Their appearance wasn’t visible outside nor did they release any kind of energy. Their quiet breathing made the other people feel goosebumps.

Jiang Xiu was also astonished after seeing these people. From this point of view, he saw awful black energy shrouding their bodies. This was the energy from Divinity Cultivation and quite a ruthless one.

“These are?”

The man explained, “They are God’s Children who possess Divine power.”

“Did you think my Bodhi Gene is the same as those sects and organisations outside? That we are easy to bully?”

“Jiang Luoxia, you’ll pay the price for your actions today.”

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