Chapter 177 – Long Live Mr. Jiang


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Everyone was shocked that such an unremarkable brat was actually such a bigshot. Moreover, Jiang Xiu was so strong. Xiao Chu, as well as the medic, felt like they were suffocating.

They had offended such an amazing person.

“You are Jiang Luoxia?”

A sharp awn flashed through Buzhi Ming’s eyes and under that, rage-fueled up the flames in his heart.

“Descend, the nine mythical arts, cleanse the heavens, a thousand years of karma, an artless heart yet romantic.”

Jiang Xiu gently spoke the words as he walked forward as if he was strolling in his garden, like a monarch facing all those under the heavens, passing judgment on everything. Words weren’t enough to describe his regal appearance full of elegance.

“100% authentic, the one and only, Jiang Luoxia.”

“Your friend Wang Jianzhi was too ordinary. He thought he was brilliant by choosing to live underwater, but in the end, he evolved in the wrong direction and became similar to a monster. It was as easy as lifting a hand for me to take away his life.”

Back then, Jiang Xiu’s strength was 1/10th of the power he possessed right now. He wouldn’t even have to use the Thousand Flying Sword Chain now, just using a finger was enough.

Buzhi Ming said, “I have a debt to pay to Wang Jianzhi.”

“If you want to take revenge for him, I will naturally give you this opportunity.” Jiang Xiu replied.

Chen Dewen had come to accept this reality now. On the surface, though Jiang Xiu had the identity of an ordinary student of the Imperial Capital, his background was quite complicated.

To these people, things like killing people was a common occurrence.

“He’s really Mr. Jiang!”

Some of the troops among the captives knew of Jiang Luoxia’s fame. After all, the fact that he had subdued the Wang family had shocked the entire province, and he was right before them.

Jiang Xiu appeared calm while his gaze turned colder gradually. His hair flew up baselessly, and eyes turned pitch black as if they were dyed in darkness.

The amazement on Buzhi Ming’s face turned denser after witnessing this.

It was the purest Demigod evolution!

Frankly, Buzhi Ming had never seen such a pure evolution. Except for the change in his eyes, there was no other change at all. This kind of unrealistic evolution gave him a terrible feeling.

“Quite interesting!”

“Well then, I’ll bury you here today.”


Buzhi Ming stamped the ground with his foot, causing the land to crack open with his as the center. A gentle white light covered his entire body with a fiercer intensity than the last time, and the air around him turned indistinct as if it was frozen.

The surface of his body formed a crystal-like gloss yet also appeared quite soft.

“Divine Evolution, 2nd Form!”

Currently, it appeared as if crystal had covered Buzhi Ming’s skin, making it look like it was imitating God. A terrifying aura covered the area where he stood, and each of his movements seemed to awe this world.


He suddenly rushed towards Jiang Xiu. The crystalline radiance looked quite pretty, and his aura seemed to slice through space, giving out a reeling sound.

Though it looked beautiful, it contained a very astonishing amount of destructiveness.

“Heaven’s Gate – Secret Skill!”

“Void Call!”

Jiang Xiu nodded, “It does look like an immortal art, but it’s a pity that it’s messy. Let me show you what’s a real immortal art!”

“Cold Night of Crimson Ruin!”

Once he spoke the final word, the entire world changed. Everyone felt as if night had descended as a crimson light flashed past the sky. The night was incomparably cold as it seemed as if the Yin had gathered, yet that crimson ruin brought Yang and seemed to possess immeasurable strength.



The crimson light surged ahead at a rapid speed then disappeared.

“Physical power is limited. Even if you were a genius, even if you have a crystal-like body, if only you are made of matter, there’s a limit to the energy.”

“On the other hand, incorporeal power is different, it’s endless and versatile.”

There were many here who understood martial arts. They were stunned after seeing Buzhi Ming’s act, but at this moment, they were utterly dumbstruck after seeing Jiang Xiu’s move.

He had caused the world to change, turning day and night upside down.

This had already suppressed the martial arts.

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This is Jiang Luoxia’s strength?

They had denounced Jiang Xiu, didn’t treat him with respect, even rebuked him that he didn’t know how to differentiate between good and evil, just so that they could make him release the commander, but now, they could only swallow all those words back.

Wu Guiyong, Xiao Chu, and that medic were all stupefied.


The sound of glass disintegrating resounded in the area.

A 20-year-old youth had won the first move against a person who had terrorized the nation as well as overseas for several decades.


However, reality was cruel. That beautiful, crystal-like exterior which the crimson light had smashed into was disintegrating right before their eyes.

Buzhi Ming’s expression turned ugly.

This crystal surface was the result of his evolution yet an unknown ray of light had destroyed it, overcoming the defense of a Demigod in a single hit. Moreover, it wasn’t physical but rather formless. It wasn’t tangible, so it didn’t make sense that it broke through his defense.

“Listen to me, you don’t understand what Immortal Arts are.”

“Such ignorance.”

Buzhi Ming grunted in response while shaking his head, “You didn’t use martial arts. What you used was a magic spell.” Saying so, his figure flickered left and right like a demon.

Jiang Xiu exclaimed, “Oh! You’ve awakened the Eighteen Movements of the Three Oni and Six Demons.”

Before Jiang Xiu could finish speaking, he suddenly appeared behind him then punched towards his back.

This punch was as fierce as an artillery shot as it ripped the air apart with its bright crystalline light. He had concentrated all his power on this punch.

“Stupid and ignorant!”

“That’s not the correct way to use the Eighteen Movements of the Three Oni and Six Demons…”

Jiang Xiu turned around. His movements were quite slow, but it seemed as if space-time had lengthened, making it seem as if a century had passed by the time he turned around.

He waved his hand and slapped towards the void.

After that, it seemed as if space-time was flowing backward. It appeared as if all the power of the world or even the universe seemed to gather together in the shape of a hammer. Its strength wasn’t something any human could resist.

“Damn it!”

A bad premonition welled up in Buzhi Ming’s heart. He wished to stop, but that hammer was already falling.

Everyone looked at this scene with dumbstruck gazes.


It was as if a meteorite from outer space had descended onto Earth. His fist was slapped into the ground by Jiang Xiu, causing the entire land to split open and cave in. The cracks spread around in all directions. The tower which was 10 meters away shook as if an earthquake had passed through it then cracked into two halves. The nearby buildings were no exception and all collapsed.

“W-What the hell is this?”

Buzhi Ming cried out in his heart. This seemed like martial arts yet didn’t and also looked like a magic spell yet didn’t.

He didn’t have any thoughts of gaining the advantage at this moment. He only had one thought in this mind right now.

To escape!

He got up then fled like a rocket.

“I trained for 30 years to learn this move, Ascending Cloud Flash!”

“I thought I’d never use it throughout my entire life but didn’t expect I’d have to use it.”

When he raised his head, Buzhi Ming almost lost his mind.


Jiang Xiu stood in the sky before him.

He felt as if he had seen a ghost.

Is he that fast?

What’s more awful was that Jiang Xiu had already sent an energy blade towards him. Buzhi Ming’s eyes hurt a lot, and when he opened them again, they were covered with blood. A line of blood ran down from his forehead to his chin and blood flowed out of it endlessly.

“What did you use?”

Jiang Xiu explained, “Immortal Arts. It uses laws to harmonize the art and the art to support the laws. However, what I used was akin to an Immortal Law. It’s law of the world which can prevail over the heavenly law and can destroy the heavens as well as decimate the lands.”

“Immortal Arts?”

Buzhi Ming dropped down from the sky slowly. His clothes fluttered due to the wind, and just like a withered dead leaf, he sunk into the sand after falling on the ground, turning into sand.

The energy blade Jiang Xiu had released through his hand possessed a blade awn containing a blade intent in it which had sliced through Buzhi Ming.

An overlord from Heaven’s Gate had died just like that.

He made a stunning entrance yet left sorrowfully.

Jiang Xiu floated down to the ground. Yet another Demigod had fallen under his hands. All of them looked at him with silence, not daring to speak a single word.

Jiang Xiu’s attacks were rapid-fast, yet they had utterly toppled their cognition of this world. He had turned day into night and used a magical Immortal Law. This had shocked their mind.

This power wasn’t human.

They were more terrified because the one who died was the Demigod, Buzhi Ming.

“Do you surrender?”

Bai Chongyi was stupefied, “Long live Mr. Jiang…”

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