Chapter 243 – Wang Xintong’s Boss

The Long family was one of the elite families of China. To be able to make such a family bow their heads to him and also have a considerable reputation in Europe, this Mr. Lee from Korea was in no way a simple person.

Jiang Xiu waited for him to reveal his identity.

“Brat, you really underestimate the power I have…” He raised his wine up downed it in one go, just like a Monarch, “I am LEE JAE-KI!”

As soon as he said these words, the entire sky seemed to pause.

This name was quite famous in Korea. Though Korea didn’t have imperial powers, Lee Jae-Ki’s position in Korea was the same as an imperial prince. No one could go against his words. It was because the Lee family had the highest authority in Korea’s imperial court.

Compared to Jiang family’s Prince Ao who was sent to Jiangnan just for show, this Lee Jae-Ki was a real Prince Lee. He had attended the Imperial Academy since his childhood, and his classmates were all nobles from various countries. No matter whether his origin or network, they were on an entirely different level.

“Do you understand now?”

He was pretty confident about his influence.

“Never heard of it!”

Jiang Xiu shook his head. Deity Xiu wasn’t humiliating him on purpose, he had honestly never heard of the name.


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Everyone’s expressions twisted. Your previous actions could be written off since you acted without knowing Lee Jae-Ki’s identity but you still act like this even after it was announced?

Even more, this Mr. Lee’s family possessed an unfathomable power which was far above the secular forces.

Otherwise, Madame RV wouldn’t have supported him so untiringly, not even hesitating to offend someone who had pushed RV to the heavens by purchasing their jewelry for 600 Million RMB.

According to reason, for someone of his background, it shouldn’t have been difficult to take out a Billion Euros, but reality didn’t work like that. Just like how a millionaire of China’s later generation says he has assets worth billions, but it was difficult to move even just a few 100 million. To deal with an item which was worth around a billion, it’d require the bank’s support or else the Lee family would run out of money too.

Therefore, authority was better than money as it could be used to suppress others, just like how officials contained the businessmen.

Jiang Xiu continued, “It does sound like you’re someone amazing so why don’t you take out a Billion Euros to help RV cancel the contract. You can make whoever you want the ambassador then.”

“If you don’t have money, don’t talk c**p here!”

Lee Jae-Ki’s face warped.

“F****r!” The martial artist, Kim In Ryong, wore an angry look on his face. He couldn’t endure this Chinese person acting so rude and humiliate his master, so he waved his knife, hacking it towards Jiang Xiu at lightning speed. The saber light traversed across a few meters and turned over the grass on the ground. It seemed as if he wanted to cut Jiang Xiu into two halves like the ground.


“Sky Wielding Saber Cut!”

The air issued a ripping sound as the saber energy passed by. This saber was already able to release energy, which meant that this person’s cultivation was pretty high and might’ve reached the peak of the Supreme Stage, the stage where it was possible to affect the outer world using inner strength. He was only a step away from becoming a Demigod.

The saber light traveled with light speed and reached in front of Jiang Xiu in an instant, just about to behead him.

Kim In Ryong revealed a cruel smile on his face. Those who humiliate Korea and Mr. Lee receive the death penalty. He had aimed his attack Jiang Xiu’s central axis so that the saber light would slice Jiang Xiu into two halves neatly.


Mr. Lee acted as if he wasn’t even looking at it. He raised sipped the wine, enjoying the taste of this top-quality item from the 70’s. Deciding Jiang Xiu’s life or death was as simple as having a drink to him.

On the other hand, Long Yingqing’s eyes opened wide in shock. She didn’t know what to feel at this moment. She hated Jiang Xiu to the extreme, but she didn’t know why, when she saw that he was about to get killed, she felt sympathy for him and even felt a bit sad, blaming him for bringing his own destruction. You’re just unaware of what the words ‘Mr. Lee’ signify or how big the power behind him is.

Someone people couldn’t be provoked!

Jiang Xiu slowly raised his head and glanced at Kim In Ryong. This glance was akin to that of Bodhi opening the dharma vision. The entire space-time seemed to lengthen limitlessly, and everything became exceptionally slow.


Sounds of thunder echoed in the area.

A strand of white smoke which like that of a cigar’s smoke slowly flew out. It seemed as if it would dissipate yet it was accompanied by an awful sound of thunder, containing an incomparable power.

The energy pulses from the white smoke strand spread in all directions along with a loud rumble. Xiao Xuetong was pushed back a few steps due to this and the luxurious rattan chair she was sitting on also flew away.

Its might was even stronger than that of a bomb’s.

The saber light as well as the hissing spread towards the surrounding people. The cruel expression on Kim In Ryong’s face went rigid, being replaced by endless fear.


His saber was still in the middle of hacking downwards, but the saber’s blade was simply unable to endure this kind of power. The edge crumbled into pieces till the handle under everyone’s shocked gazes, followed by which Kim In Ryong was blown away backwards. He crashed into the 10 x 20 m French window behind him and disappeared into the darkness.

The entire place went silent!

They were utterly shocked. Jiang Xiu had used such a terrifying power in an instant and defeated Mr. Lee’s saber expert using force.

Oh my God!

What kind of power is this?

The way everyone looked at Jiang Xiu changed. Xiao Xuetong was stupefied and felt like she was knowing Jiang Xiu all over again. She believed that he was a young student of Jiang City first, then a millionaire and now… Dang! Even movies don’t have such exaggerated scenes.

Xiao Xuetong and Bai Xin were clearly people who didn’t know the ropes, but the Long family members were clear about it. They were all dumbfounded. They had looked down on such a person and considered him as someone they could squash like an insect, even using him to handle Long Yingqing but he actually turned out to be such a terrifying person. They felt fear in their hearts, followed by cold sweat forming on their backs.

As for Long Yingqing, she was utterly shocked. This is Jiang Xiu’s real strength? If he hadn’t held back that day, even if I lived through it, my leg would’ve become crippled.

The Long family also had an expert with them, Lin Yao. The saber attack just now was something even he couldn’t necessarily receive yet Jiang Xiu had settled it so easily. Just what level of cultivation has this person reached? Is he at the summit of martial arts or perhaps a… Demigod? Lin Yao didn’t dare to think in that direction. This person was still too young.

As for Mr. Lee, it was as if someone had locked him in his posture right now. He still held the base of the wine glass in hand but the top was already ruptured, and the wine had fallen all over his body.

“To think you attacked me! Ignorant idiot!”

He planned to act like a cultured person with great difficulty and use regular means to handle this matter yet they forced our Deity Xiu to attack. “My words are still the same. If you want Bai Xin to become RV’s China ambassador, it’ll only happen if RV cancels the contract which gives the agent authority to act in its stead in the Asia Pacific region.”

Lee Jae-Ki was after all someone who had experienced a lot of situations, so he didn’t panic. “Sire’s cultivation isn’t weak, so it’s no wonder that you act so arrogant and don’t give face to my Lee family, but you still don’t know how powerful my Lee family is.”

“My Lee family has a Demigod who is a member of Heaven’s Gate!”

“Do you know what kind of an existence a Demigod is? With your cultivation, you must’ve heard of it already, so you should know how to act.”

Jiang Xiu calmly looked at Lee Jae-Ki who was drenched in red wine. He still had a bold and arrogant look on his face, as if he were a Monarch looking down on all under the heavens.

“Do you know why China has holed itself up all these years and suffer bullying and humiliation?”

“It’s because the Demigods of China are weak.”

“Only two Demigods of China can withstand my Lee family’s Demigod. Let alone, my Lee family has Heaven’s Gate behind us. It must not have been easy to reach your current cultivation, so it’s best for you to quit it now and take this chance to survive.”

Lin Yao who was standing at the back was quite shocked at the moment. He looked at Jiang Xiu who appeared to be around 20 years old and made the connection between the surname Jiang. He felt both these things were a bit familiar.

Lin Yao’s expression twisted suddenly, “A few moments ago, didn’t he say he’s Wang Xintong’s boss?”

“Mhm. What’s the problem?” Long Yingqing asked.

Lin Yao couldn’t remain calm anymore. Cold sweat slid down his forehead as he voiced his concern. “Wang Xintong is Jiang Luoxia’s representative in Jiangnan. Since he’s Wang Xintong’s boss, wouldn’t that mean he is…”

Lin Yao’s expression warped as he looked at Jiang Xiu, his eyes almost popping out.

Lee Jae-Ki said arrogantly, “But you still have to give up on the RV’s China ambassador position…”

“What if I don’t?”

Lee Jae-Ki’s face turned grim, “Then prepare to become my Lee family’s enemy and suffer our rage! Only, don’t blame me for reminding you. You can only resist if you are Si Wuxie or Jiang Luoxia or else…”

“You’ll definitely die…”

“I’m already ready, but are you ready?” replied Jiang Xiu.

Lee Jae-Ki asked, “What do you mean…”

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