Chapter 276 – Killed?

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The Young Sword Master became gloomy immediately. He bore the Sword Palace’s name on him and had been successful in every endeavor so far. Everything was in hands. He had come to Huabei province this time with the support of the family’s elders. They were planning to the take in the four families if they were willing to obey them. He couldn’t allow someone to create trouble now that everything had almost fallen into place.

The person who came to report it shook his head, “That person’s strength isn’t weak. He called himself a guest from the capital!”


The elders had told him that the world was experiencing a change right now so they instructed him to rope in the underworld powers of Huabei whom they could use later on. He couldn’t allow anyone to prevent him.

But these words caused Mu Jianping to tremble, his face was dyed in shock. “He said he’s from the capital?” He asked nervously.

Seeing the look on his face, the Young Sword Master frowned, “Who is it?”

Mu Jianping said, “It might be someone from the Wang family.” Wang Xintong had promised him that they’d settle this matter. He was the who couldn’t wait longer and wasn’t expecting the Wang family would send someone at this moment.


Jiangnan’s Wang family was a power under Jiang Luoxia, and they were his representatives. If it were before, the four families would’ve felt extremely happy, but they felt quite embarrassed now.

“What do we do now?”

Offending the Wang family was equal to offending Jiang Luoxia.

“Go! Bring that person to me!”

The Young Sword Master ordered him.

Everyone felt at ease now. The person before them was the Young Sword Master of the Sword Palace, the kirin of the Si family, a demigod as well as Si Wuxie’s heir. Si Wuxie was once the demigod representative of China, but Jiang Luoxia held this position now. It was difficult to say who was above who and the Wang family was just Jiang Luoxia’s subordinate. Their identity paled in comparison to the Sword Palace’s Young Sword Master. In China’s underworld, only he could confront the Wang family while occupying the higher ground.

“I’ll go!”

A youth walked out from behind the Young Sword Master.


The Young Sword Master was slightly startled. Moreover, the way he treated this person was different from how he high-handedly he addressed the others.

He also called him by his name. It seemed like they had a rather close relationship.

“I can’t just sit and have fun since I have to Huabei with you, right?”

“Mhm. Okay then. You can go deal with it!”

After that man left, Mu Jianping couldn’t help but ask, “May I ask who that person is?”

The Young Sword Master replied, “West Sichuan’s border region’s Zhuge Tao!”


The family heads were all shocked. They glanced at each other. This was really something. The man who was standing silently till now was actually such a young master from the border region.

Jiang Xiu and Li Mi accompanied the Mu family’s disciple, Mu Wenfeng, to gather food for eating on the way. A voice came through from outside at this moment. “That person is inside.”

A youth surrounded by a group walked inside and blocked up the exit.

“You’re the one who injured my companion?”

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The one who said this was Zhuge Tao. He wasn’t that tall and wore glasses. He spoke in neither slow nor fast speed, and his words seemed to void of emotions, but he was covered in an aura which set him aside from others, possessing the style of an expert.

Jiang Xiu glanced back at them. He didn’t want to make trouble here as it of utmost importance that he reach the Ji family as soon as possible, but he didn’t expect trouble to come to find him.

“This humble person is West Sichuan’s, Zhuge Tao…”

He saw no change in Jiang Xiu’s expression and guessed that he didn’t know who Zhuge Tao was. In fact, he stirred a lot of trouble in West Sichuan, but outside of it, no one knew about him. The officials didn’t pay much attention to him, and those who weren’t from the same circle also didn’t pay attention to him. Moreover, he was just a young master.

Therefore, he had a good relationship with the Young Sword Master and even gained the nickname of Spirit Hole Sword.

“My Sword Palace never judges anyone wrongly. Since you’ve injured our men, you have to give us an explanation and offer an apology. What must be done has to be done.”

Lin Mi couldn’t help but shake her head. She knew Jiang Xiu’s disposition wasn’t any good. He was too rough and injured people frequently just because he knew some martial arts. You injured my little brother, but we didn’t pursue it yet due to the relationship our family has with yours. Do you think that others will let it go as well? Look now, trouble has come knocking on the door. Let’s see what you do now.

Jiang Xiu looked at him, “What do you want me to do then?”

“Come along with me. The Young Sword Master wants to see you. He’ll reveal how he plans to handle you then.”

Jiang Xiu said, “And if I don’t come with you?”

Zhuge Tao said, “Don’t blame me for acting impolite then.”

“You’re courting death!”

Jiang Xiu planned to let them go, but they were set on forcing him to act. He waved his hand towards him, followed by an incorporeal energy blade shooting out from it. It flashed forwards, illuminating the entire room, followed by blood spraying all over after which Zhuge Tao’s head dropped to the ground.


Blood spurted from his neck. Those who saw this scene dropped to the ground in shock, trembling all over. They were utterly dumbstruck as they had never someone do such a terrifying thing.

Lin Mi’s eyes almost popped out in shock. Her head was buzzing. She renewed the impression she had of Jiang Xiu in her mind. He was akin to a star of destruction.


The others screamed in alarm followed by that scream.

“Y-Young Master Tao… got killed.”

They simply couldn’t comprehend it. “Y-You… you’ve incurred disaster on yourself. Do you know who he was? He was the son of our West Sichuan’s governor. Y-You’re… finished.”

Jiang Xiu ignored them and turned to Mu Wenfeng, “Is everything ready?”

Mu Wenfeng was utterly terrified. Jiang Xiu’s actions were too arrogant and savage. He even dared to kill the governor’s son and didn’t even bat an eyelid after doing that. He nodded mechanically.

“Alright. Let’s set off!”

Saying so, he walked forwards. No one dared to block Jiang Xiu’s path as they didn’t want to die. Just a wave from his hand killed Young Master Tao. Only experts pursuing the divine dao, those who had peeked into the arcane realm, possessed this kind of strength which could kill a person with just a wave of their hand.

Jiang Xiu passed through the crowd at his own pace while Lin Mi hesitated about whether to follow him. He had incurred a calamity upon himself by killing the West Sichuan governor’s son, and if she accompanied him, she’d bring trouble to the Lin family, but she finally decided to follow after him. The issue would need to be settled once the matter ended and it was risky if she stayed behind. Mu Wenfeng even more so didn’t dare to slight Jiang Xiu.

The three of them reached the place where Jiang Xiu had parked the car then got onto it. The Maserati made a U-turn and went along the way Mu Wenfeng pointed out.

And the Mu family’s village was left in a complete utter mess.

“Q-Quickly go report to the Young Sword Master!”

The Young Sword Master was currently accompanying the family heads of the four families to look at the scenic views of the Mu family’s village. They were presently passing by a rather quiet bamboo forest from where chirping of crickets could be heard.

“A murder! A murder!”

A heart-wrenching howl destroyed the peaceful mood there. A group of men came running over with pale faces then knelt on the ground while tears fell from their eyes.

“What happened?”

Young Sword Master still wore a calm and collected look on face, as if nothing had happened. He kept a cold head even in such a situation.

“Y-Young Master Tao got killed!”


The Young Sword Master couldn’t remain calm anymore. His eyes almost popped out while the four family heads accompanying him were utterly shocked!

It was the son of West Sichuan’s Governor!

Holy Cow!

The Wang family is really going out of control with Jiang Luoxia behind them.

“T-Tao got killed?”

The Young Sword Master couldn’t believe it, neither did he want to. Zhuge Tao was his closest brother, the one he cared about the most. He had come to Huabei due to him yet got killed so unreasonably.


He snarled hideously. Even the bamboos began to shake because of his voice, and the dead leaves on the floor got blown away. The entire place was covered in a killing aura!

“Where’s that person?!”

The Young Sword Master’s eyes were bloodshot while his body quivered all over.

“T-That man escaped along with a Mu family’s member. From their words, it seems like they were going towards the Ji family.”

The man who came to report said, “Young Sword Master, the other party is an expert, a real expert. He beheaded Young Master Tao from 5-6 m away with a wave of his hand. It’s possible he’s an arcane stage expert or a demigod.”

“I don’t care who he is or how strong he is. I’m going to kill him for Tao!”

The Young Sword Master’s anger soared to the heavens as he rushed outside. His companions followed after him, and the family heads of the four families looked at each other before doing the same.

“This matter is quite serious. Even if the Wang family has the protection of Jiang Luoxia, I fear they won’t get away scot-free from this…”

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