Chapter 277 – The Transformation of the World

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Inside the main hall of an orthodox sect, a white-robed old man appearing over 60 years old was accompanied by Ji family members on both sides. Each of their auras was quite majestic. They were all experts.

“If that so-called other world descends, humanity might regain its ancestral form. When that happens, the strength of those humans who have an affinity with the new world will increment greatly. It’ll also include those people who want to take revenge for the massacre in the past. It’ll be difficult for our Ji family to evade this calamity.”

“That’s why the Holy Woman has to die!”

Most of the men believed the old man’s words, but there was a group of them who were against it. A black-robed man said, “It’s isn’t a problem of whether we kill her or not. I’m not against it, but the issue is whether killing her would stop the other world from descending.”

No one had the right answer to this question. Such a thing had never happened before, and there were no records in history about something like this.

The white-robed old man said, “The other world descends along with the Holy Woman. If she dies, the other world should stop descending as well.”

The black-robed man asked, “Everyone, have you not sensed the recent change in the world? I believe that the world will experience a huge change soon. Many humans will gain their ancestral forms, and our strength will also increase considerably. If it were still the Ming Dyntasy Era, it would’ve led to chaos, resulting in the Imperial Court being overthrown, but the Ming Dynasty is no more. Those who are fated will see an increase in strength as the other world descends, and we’re no exception to it.”


“Elder Gu Su is right!”

Many people agreed with the Gu Su’s words. In front of tangible benefits, rationality was a luxury good. In the past few months, their strength had improved notably. Many disciples of the Ji family who were stuck at a bottleneck had achieved a breakthrough and become demigods successfully. They had become addicted to it, like how addicts were to drugs.

Many of them understood that it’s possible to stop the descent of the other world by killing the Holy Woman, but if they really did that, their cultivation would get stuck like before.

The white-robed old man snorted at them, “After all is said and done, you’re all just blinded by your desire to ascend in cultivation, but you forgot something. The Holy Woman did all this to take revenge. If she didn’t have enough assurance, why would she make the other world descend?”

“I hope you can wake up to your senses a little. Don’t make a foolish mistake.”

His words resonated with many people there. If they analyzed the situation rationally, it was really this way. Those awakened people hadn’t given up on revenge even after 500 years had passed. They were waiting for this moment. If this were allowed to happen, it’d be disastrous.

“We’re just wasting time by discussing this!”

“I propose using the Seven Sages Vote!”

Everyone looked at each other. “Alright. As things have reached this stage, there’s nothing else we can do. I also approve of using the Seven Sages Vote.”

“I also approve!”

There were seven sages in the Ji family, they were the seven people who had the most significant contributions to the family during the past 500 years. Ji Wudao had established these Seven Virtuous Seats for this reason, and whenever a huge even happened while he was in closed-door cultivation, these seven sages would decide what to do using a vote.

“Then, let’s begin immediately!”

Since the seven sages were all present here, the result of the vote was clear immediately. 4:3 with 4 in favor of killing!

“According to the rules, we’ll execute her by burning her at the stake!”

After that, the disciples built an execution platform in front of the main hall. Xie Ting was bound on it, and firewood was piled underneath the platform then gasoline poured on them.

A disciple wore a white mask on his face and shook a little bell in his hand as he circles the execution platform while chanting a curse spell.

“It’s useless even if you burn me to death.”

“You’ll definitely receive a punishment!”

Xie Ting’s complexion became wan and sallow, but her body was covered by a holy breath. It even seemed as if this place was turning holy due to her existence.

“You’ll be deprived of your life.”

“The king of the other world already can’t tolerate your world anymore.”

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Clouds suddenly emerged in the clear sky, and a gale started blowing uphill. The expressions of the Ji family members warped when they saw the change in the weather.

“Burn her. Quickly!!!”

The Ji family was located southwest to Huabei. The mountain roads increased a lot after leaving the Mu family’s village a little and signs of human habitations became scarce. After traveling in the Maserati for a while, it wasn’t possible to move in the car anymore, so they could only go on foot next.

After entering the deep mountain ranges, the surroundings were filled with sheer cliffs and sharp rock surfaces. It was a dangerous place. There was a small path after passing through the cliff. After going inside, they saw some ancient stone walls which resembled the Great Wall covered in weeds all over. It was unknown how they made such constructions back then as it’d require an enormous amount of manpower as well as money to construct such a stone wall deep inside the mountains. This was really unimaginable.

“The Ji family’s there!”

A row of houses was visible amidst the trees on the mountain, and at higher ground, a grand temple made of limestone was visible.

“Let’s go up!”

Jiang Xiu took the lead and climbed up as if he were walking on a flat surface.

Hearing a voice from behind her, Li Mi took a look back. The path below them was full of people the man leading them was none other than the Young Sword Master as well as the family heads of Huabei’s four great families.

“They’re chasing after us!”

Jiang Xiu had already climbed the final step and reached in front of the first house there at this moment.

The Young Sword Master didn’t even walk along the path. He directly leaped from the cliff wall then landed in front of Jiang Xiu after a few jumps. “You’re the one who killed Hai?”


The sword maid, the family heads of the four great families of Huabei as well as those people from the Sword Palace also arrived there.

The Young Sword Master said, “I’m amazed as I wasn’t expecting you to be so young. May I ask who sir is? Why are you opposing my West Sichuan’s Sword Palace?”

The people behind the Young Sword Master also sized up curiously. They wondered who was had acted so recklessly, but they hadn’t expected it to be a young man who wasn’t even 20 yet.

Jiang Xiu’s gaze swept past him, “You aren’t qualified to ask me that. If you want to know, tell Si Wuxie to come to ask this!”


The Young Sword Master laughed in a fit of anger. You want my ancestor to come to ask you? He’s a legend who survived an atom bomb’s attack and the representative individual of China’s martial arts world. Do you think he’ll come just because a nameless brat asked him to? You’re too arrogant, kid.

“As if you’re qualified for him to come!”

Jiang Xiu’s gaze went cold, yet he suddenly looked at the sky. The clear sky had suddenly become dark. An indescribable sensation welled up in his heart. Immediately after that, he saw smoke arise which was accompanied by yells. “Save me…”

“Big Brother Jiang, can you hear my voice?”

“It’s me, Xie Ting. Save me!”

Jiang Xiu could sense that this voice wasn’t coming from the outside world but had instead appeared inside his mind directly. He closed his eyes immediately, and that voice became clearer.


Jiang Xiu howled loudly as his eyes opened wide, a frightening glint flashing through them as he took a step forward. “Jiang City’s Jiang Luoxia has come to visit the Ji family!”

Rumble! Rumble!

His voice spread all over the mountain range like thunder, descending majestically over the place. Just like a clap of thunder during summertime, it jolted everyone’s ears till they hurt and made them feel dizzy.


What’s even more shocking was that he… he was actually Jiang Luoxia!

China’s No. 1 Demigod, Jiang Luoxia!

Descend, the nine mythical arts, a thousand years of karma, an artless heart yet romantic.

The youth’s face transformed at speed visible to the naked eye. It became more sensual and handsome, similar to that of a god’s. His pupils expanded, turning his eyes pitch-black, and his hair grew longer, rising up in the wind like a flame.

At this moment, he was a complete match to the figure in the photographs of him a few people possessed.

“Oh my God!”

Everyone was utterly dumbstruck. The Young Sword Master began to tremble all over, and the family heads had become as dumb as a wooden chicken. They didn’t expect Jiang Luoxia would arrive personally.

And the person who was shocked the most was Lin Mi, she felt like her head was going to explode.

Jiang Xiu, her aunt’s son, was actually Jiang Luoxia who had killed Ji Wudao. China’s no. 1 Demigod who had slaughtered Heaven’s Gate.

He took a step forward and soared in the skies. His clothes fluttered due to the wind, and just like those sword immortals in the legends, he flew up in the air.

“H-He’s Jiang Luoxia…”

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