chapter 150: a gateway to a brighter future

“Finally!” I called out after I ascended back to the Admin Room, immediately falling on the bed and burying my face in the pillow. I hadn’t hesitated for a single moment. As soon as the ship docked and I saw the achievements appear, I left the rest of the job to my Host for now. If it couldn’t handle even that much, then there would really be no saving it.

Speaking of which… I took a brief moment to pull up the notification windows again to look at the achievements. I hadn’t taken the chance to look at them closely before I ‘logged out’ of the host.

Congratulations! You have earned a personal achievement!

For maintaining a single identity for an extended period, and faithfully playing the role assigned yourself, you have earned the Actor achievement. +20 points, Role Assimilation trait unlocked.

Congratulations! You have earned a personal achievement!

For taking part in the first overseas voyage to a new continent, you have earned the World Explorer achievement. +20 points, Navigator trait unlocked.

Congratulations! You have earned a new achievement!

For playing a crucial, active role in multiple civilizations meeting each other for the first time, you have earned the Ambassador achievement. +20 points

Noble class unlocked!

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Okay, three new achievements weren’t bad, and two of them even had new traits. Speaking of which… Terra. Navigator, Role Assimilation, explain. I simply hugged the pillow as I sent the message out, enjoying the softness of it and my bed now that I was done with the hard wooden bench and thin blanket that I had been forced to grow used to over the last several months.

Terra didn’t seem annoyed by my short words, and instead laughed with her response. Role Assimilation will be pretty useful for you. It’s an achievement that was born to work in conjunction with the reputation system. From now on, as long as you actively play out a role that you assign yourself, you will adapt to the skills of that role more quickly. The months that you spent secretly training your druid control could be reduced to weeks, or even days.

As for the Navigator, think of it as an advanced version of the Scout class. You’ll have access to a simplified version of the world map whenever you are descended, and can plot a course to any destination you desire. Of course, it’s still up to you to follow that course.

I nodded my head lightly as I listened to her speak. So, it’s a GPS. Role Assimilation seems like it would be useful, though. I’m guessing that I can’t just create a role of myself as a master swordsman, and quickly get good with sword skills, though.

I could almost feel Terra nodding her head as she agreed with that thought. Right, you still have to put in the effort. The biggest thing that it changes is your aptitude, allowing you to more easily adjust. But, right now you have barely ever wielded a blade. If you were to create a role like that for yourself, you’d need to take quite a while to adjust. And this is only if you were able to properly act out the role without breaking character.

I silently thanked her for the explanations, turning over in the bed and looking at the ceiling. “You can go check on your mom, Leowynn. I’ll call you before we head back down.”

“That won’t be necessary.” A familiar voice spoke up from the doorway, just as the grey mist was starting to spill out of my body to form Leowynn. “I rushed back here once I saw you returned. I wanted to give you an update myself.”

I let a groan slip out as I sat up, forfeiting the softness of the bed to properly look at Ryone. “Something happen while I was gone?”

The goddess of magic nodded her head with a faint smile. “You can say that. Tubrock and I got some prototype golems up and working. Right now, they can only take a list of preset commands, so I know that they aren’t as good as what you can get from the market.”

That actually surprised me, as I hadn’t expected them to be so successful this soon. But her next reveal was even better. “Aside from that, I learned the next tier of the space magic, so I was able to double the radius for the storage bag. I’ll just need more materials to make the enchantment invisible again.”

I gave that some thought, before I shook my head. “Those materials are pretty hard to come by, so I don’t want to just waste them every time the bag gets an upgrade. I’ll just use my bag for now, and once they become more common I’ll upgrade.”

Ryone nodded her head with a small smile, which turned into a much warmer one when she saw Leowynn standing next to me. However, before the two of them could walk off, I called out to her. “I’ve got another project for you and Tubrock to work on soon. This is going to be a really big one, I think.”

Her eyes practically lit up at that, and she nodded her head again before dragging Leowynn off with a laugh. With the two of them gone, I began to search through the market. What I wanted this time was a method to travel between worlds. Although neither of mine are ready right now, I expect that it will not be easy to make what is needed for whatever I purchase.

Fairy Gate

This gate is constructed filled with various forms of energy. Once built, it allows users to travel from one Fairy Gate to another by use of the Gate Keys. In the absence of a Gate Key, the user will automatically be sent to one random Fairy Gate. It is strongly suggested to purchase magic-conductive materials to ease the construction requirements.

500 points, requires Mana, Spiritual Energy, Ki, Natural Energy, Divine Energy to build.

Reality Virtual

This is a branch of technology which stems from the entertainment industry. As games develop, the ultimate goal will be the ability to assign one other world as the game world. Other games may be created autonomously, but to have them function as proper worlds under your control, you will be required to purchase them separately. Unable to connect to worlds within the same Universe.

350 points, Information Age required on ‘Master’ world.

Warp Drive Connection

This is a branch of technology focusing on instantaneous point to point transportation. At its peak, multiple worlds will be capable of constructing the Warp Connector, devices capable of linking together with any other of the same type for instant travel.

300 points, Stellar Age required on all applicable worlds

World Gates

This system causes small dimensional gateways to randomly appear among selected worlds. The gates will always appear in pairs, with both never appearing on the same world at a time. This system must be purchased once for each applicable world. Duration of gates can be set, or left random.

600 points


This system connects multiple Universes. Whenever someone dies in one connected universe, they will be reborn in another connected universe as a random race under the Keeper’s control. Must be purchased once for each applicable universe.

700 points

Interdimensional Transportation Service

This system creates a group of anonymous individuals, capable of ferrying people from one universe to another. They can only move between worlds under the Keeper’s control. To summon them, one must learn their contact information, which can be determined upon purchase.

1000 points

Digital World

This is a branch of technology that allows the user to convert their body into a digital format to upload on a network. The appearance of the network will be set as a second world under the control of the Keeper. Additional network worlds must have this system purchased separately.

350 points, Information Age required on ‘Master’ world

Worldshift Watch

This is a branch of technology which leads to instantaneous movement between universes. By projecting an energy field around the user, a small device attached to the wrist will allow them to safely travel from one universe under the Keeper’s control to another, though the position they emerge from remains relative to their departure.

400 points, Information Age required.

Dive Suit

This is a branch of technology which leads to instantaneous movement between universes. By containing the user within a special suit, they are able to safely generate and walk through dimensional portals.

400 points, Information Age required.

Aquatic World

This is a system which connects two worlds under the Keeper’s control through water. Both worlds must have water for this system to function. When someone from one world fully submerges themselves in a body of water, they will be immediately taken to the connected world. For additional worlds to be connected, this system must be purchased multiple times.

800 points

When I narrowed down the search parameters, I saw that there were a total of ten options available on the market. To be frank, I was really surprised that the selection was so small, but as I went over each item, I realized that it was because they already covered the majority of the possibilities. Some systems even seemed to be based on others, just to earn a few more royalty points.

The first item on the list that really caught my eye was the Warp Drive Connection system. I had noticed this system on the market right after I became a Keeper, because it was one of the ones that had been listed by a previous generation of EarthForceOne. Though, I had yet to see any royalties from it, so it seemed as if nobody had bought it in the time I’d been Keeper.

My attention was quickly shifted elsewhere, though. Neither of the worlds that I owned had reached the Stellar Age, and they weren’t going to any time soon. So, it would simply be a waste to invest in that one just because I could get it at a small discount. Instead, I looked through the items that I could reasonably get.

Rebirth wasn’t interesting to me, because I wanted active travel between worlds, rather than just moving the souls. And Aquatic just seemed like a bad idea in the first place. My choices were quickly narrowed down to either the World Gate or the Fairy Gate. One was an automated system, while the other was a crafted item.

World Gate would work in some situations, but also be a disaster of it went wrong. Furthermore, I’d have to buy it at least twice, in order to connect both Earth and Desbar. On the other hand, the Fairy Gate was something that I’d only have to purchase once to get the item blueprint, and then I could have the others make as many as they wanted. The only real issue was the need for extra ores, but I had an easy way to solve that.

I closed my eyes and focused, sending a message out to all of the gods and goddesses, and even Leowynn. Everyone, I’m going to be holding a Keeper’s Cards tournament, starting tomorrow. It will be the first to three wins, so take the time to think it over. I’ll be offering a grand prize to the final winner. They’ll be allowed their own world to govern, similar to Ashley’s Desbar.

I could just imagine the expressions on the faces of the different deities, and the one demi-deity, as they heard the message. After all, if I don’t have the ore that I need for the gate now, why don’t I just make a world that does have it? And it will give the others something to look forward to later.

Surprisingly, I received a message from Terra almost instantly after the announcement went out. You can count me out of the tournament. The system won’t let me govern a world on my own. Rules are rules. Although her tone was casual, I could tell that she was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t take part in the fun, or reap the potential rewards.

Well then, I guess that you will just have to coach Aurivy and the others, and work together with them if they win. I offered a suggestion, a small smile on my face. While Terra couldn’t play as a Keeper on her own, she could still act as the System Companion to whoever did win the tournament.

Only allowed on

I guess I will… Her voice quickly became brighter as she sent that response back to me.

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