chapter 261: fyor’s final steps

With a flash of blue light, I descended to the fifteenth floor of Fyor. I couldn’t help but smile when I opened up my character window, seeing that the power levels of Fyor were becoming noticeably closer to those of Earth. If I kept waiting much longer, Fyor itself might start to qualify for the games before too much longer. Though, at the same time, I wasn’t really sure what the conditions would be for a world like this.


Dale Mitchell






3458/3458 (317149/317149)




13/13 (458986/458986)













Class List

Alchemist 0(143)

Archer 0(152)

Architect 0(113)

Archmage 0(79)

Armorer 0(128)

Artisan 0(134)

Assassin 0(85)

Bard 0(139)

Berserker 0(154)

Black Knight 0(52)

Blacksmith 0(149)

Carpenter 0(129)

Chef 0(138)

Cleric 0(152)

Crusader 0(97)

Druid 0(161)

Enchanter 0(132)

Engineer 0(129)

Fallen Priest 0(38)

Farmer 0(128)

Gambler 0(131)

Guard 0(89)

Herbalist 0(156)

Hero 0(140)

Hunter 0(147)

Jeweler 0(123)

Knight 0(92)

Leader 0(112)

Leatherworker 0(182)

Mage 60(155)

Martial Artist 0(195)

Merchant 0(98)

Miner 0(135)

Monk 0(170)

Monster Tamer 0(152)

Ninja 0(64)

Noble 0(73)

Painter 0(142)

Paladin 0(132)

Pirate 0(148)

Priest 0(153)

Rogue 0(150)

Scholar 0(204)

Scout 1(149)

Sculptor 0(182)

Shaman 0(151)

Spirit Hunter 0(73)

Spirit Tamer 0(125)

Swordsman 0(152)

Tailor 0(169)

Templar 0(148)

Warrior 0(159)

Weaponmaster 0(153)

With a small nod, I confirmed that I could definitely not seal my Keeper levels while I was on this floor. The gravity alone would hurt me, since none of my stats in this world were of a level to withstand it. Not until I connect it to Earth, at least.

Bihena, are there any monsters nearby that I can experiment with?

After I sent out my question, it took a moment for her to respond. If by experiment, you mean train, then yes. But be careful, the monsters of this floor have an average level of over three hundred. Yes, I know, your stats outshine them in every way. But many also have a level of resistance against first and second tier magic.

I was just about to comment when I heard her warning, giving a small nod of my head. It wouldn’t be surprising for monsters of this level to need stronger magic to kill them. However, since I had full access to both first and second tier runes, combined with my higher stats, I should be able to create spells stronger than what normal mages could come up with as well.

Thinking that, I asked her to direct me towards one such monster, casting spells on myself one after the other. “Maximum speed flight. Enhanced shield against wind. Enhanced reinforce body. Enhanced reinforce strength. Enhanced reinforce spirit.”

These spells should be enough to ensure that I was able to take on anything I encountered in this floor, even if I had to fight them head on. By the way, Aurivy, what’s different about the ninja class here?

Hmm? Oh! Well, not much, really. The same formula as Earth still works, but it is easier to store chakra within various items here, like pills and talismans. Speaking of… I tested something out, and found that you can actually use those ki pools like you made for yourself to store chakra. It still dissipates over time, but a lot slower, enough that you can easily replenish it once a day or between fights.

My eyes widened slightly at that, and I nodded my head. I’d have to test if the same could be true for chakra on Earth, but since the formula is the same it should work. It was fairly easy to create chakra anyways, but being able to store it like that would let ninjas activate their abilities a step faster.

It did not take me much longer to reach the monster that Bihena had been guiding me towards. A large, four meter tall… I guess you could call it an ogre. It was green and muscular, wielding a massive wooden club in one hand.

Well, you’re not wrong. We basically call them High Ogres, because another species of ogres exist on the eighth floor. Bihena responded to my thoughts barely a moment later. They could be considered the ‘intelligent species’ of this floor. However, their intelligence is only at the most primitive level, making them little different from monsters.

I furrowed my brow, shaking my head slightly. Guide me to something else, please. There’s still a chance that these could one day turn into our allies.

Bihena didn’t seem to refuse my request, guiding me in a different direction. This time, she led me to a wide forest, though had me stop a considerable distance outside of it. Careful… most of those trees are what you’re here to hunt.

You have ents here, too? I asked in surprise, staring down at the forest. Sure enough, once I focused I was able to see a large number of monster identifications rising up above various trees. I take it that fire works pretty well on these guys?

It… does, yes. However, that will also burn down the rest of the forest.

Not if I do this right. I thought with a small smile, closing my eyes and floating high into the sky above the forest. Each tree was roughly fifty to sixty feet tall, so I had to get pretty high up to ensure that I would be out of their reach.

“Selective spell, designated targets.” I spoke in the language of magic, holding my hands out in front of me, palms facing each other. “Maximum guided array, lasting ray of extreme heat.” One red sphere flickered into life between my hands, others forming in the air around me. “Repeating spell, command ‘Fire’.”

When I lowered my hands, pointing down at the forest, a black rune appeared on the back of my right hand. I recognized that rune as the second tier ‘heat’, though why it had appeared on the back of my hand was rather unusual. “Fire.”

Keeping in mind Bihena’s warning about these creatures being likely to have some magic resistance, I focused all nineteen attacks on a single target. Each red sphere shot out a red line, which all impacted the tree at the same time.

As soon as the beams of light struck, flames burst into being along the surface of the tree, rising up as it trembled, a pained roar echoing out. However, even as nearby trees moved away to avoid the flame, I was able to see that it did not spread. The ‘Selective spell, designated targets’ rune kept it that way, making sure that only the initial target would be damaged by the spell.

“Fire, fire, fire, fire.” I repeated, each time causing the rune on the back of my hand to glow. Every time I said the word, I pointed towards another ent. And every time, the pattern repeated, again and again. I watched my Keeper mana slowly start to decrease, until I had set fifty ents on fire.

Now, the spells were being fueled purely by my mana, the fires on the trees unable to be extinguished until I cast another spell to dismiss them, or until I ran out of mana. And, given that I was using my Keeper mana… I could keep these fifty spells fueled for hours.

I looked at the rune on the back of my hand, having noticed how it lit up every time I repeated the spell. So… whenever you set a trigger spell, it leaves an imprint on the body. Saves time on repeatedly casting, but there is probably a limit to how many you can set up at once.

“Repeating spell, dismiss.” I spoke up, and the rune on the back of my hand faded away. At the same time, the red spheres floating around my body disappeared all at once. However, the fire down below was still raging in full force, contained to the fifty ents I had targeted.

Now all that was left was to wait, so I crossed my hands behind my back, and floated high in the sky while the forest went crazy down below. It did not take long for the first ent to die, and then the second and third. Only when all fifty had been killed did I speak up. “Lasting spell, dismiss.”

Fifty fires immediately extinguished themselves at the same time, leaving fifty husks in their place. I closed my eyes as the series of notifications came in, letting me know that I had leveled up. This time, my level only halted when I had reached ninety-eight.

It’ll be hard for you to quickly level more than one or two more times, Dale. Bihena told me, giving me time to look over the changes that the series of levels had brought me. After one hundred, high level tier two magic isn’t enough to rapidly grow. You have to repeatedly use it over weeks, or even years. It might be different for third tier rune magic, but the fast training for the second tier ends there.

Well, that somewhat dampened my spirits. I had been hoping to be able to train all the way to two hundred. From what Bihena was saying, that would likely take me at least ten years unless I bought the third tier magic.

However, I wasn’t quite willing to do that yet. Fyor’s magic was… easily able to become more powerful than that of Earth or Deckan. With Deckan, you had to collect cards that were randomly dropped from monster deaths. And with Earth, you had to learn complex formulae that became harder and harder to understand as it became more advanced.

However, with Fyor, all it took was learning a new language. Third tier rune magic might be evaluated as more powerful than third tier of another magic type in the system, and I didn’t want it to be the thing that pushed me over the edge to become a higher ranked Keeper.

Alright. Clear a spot for the fairy gate. Has Tubrock made one for Fyor?

He had one ready as soon as we created Fyor. Bihena spoke, her tone laced with amusement. It took him a little bit to get the key ready, but he’s got that now, as well. How do you want to handle bringing Fyor into the fold?

Her words made me sink into thought, gradually floating off away from the forest. I saw that a few of the trees chased beneath me for a short distance, before giving up and returning back to their ‘home’. Same deal as before. We need everyone for this, because it will make Fyor’s residents realize that there are more gods out there than just the two of you. They won’t have a reason to fundamentally reject the religions of the other worlds if the two of you confirm it yourselves by appearing with them.

Only allowed on

Also. I sent another message out shortly after the first. Send the key of Fyor to the elves, and have everyone transmit to their people that a fourth world has joined under my control. The gate should be placed on this floor, since it seems fairly unexplored. It also makes a good training grounds for those higher level people of Earth.

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Alright, we’ll get it taken care of. Bihena answered quickly. Should we warn them about the gravity effects?

After thinking about it for a brief moment, I nodded. Let them know that only those with a body in the second ring will be able to withstand the environment of this world, or those that have the ability to increase their body to a similar standard.

Second ring? Ahh, that. Humans haven’t quite adopted the ring system yet on Earth, but I’ll give them the information. At the very least, it means that only decently strong people will come to Fyor.

I nodded my head again at that. It took eighty levels of Martial Artist just to get the stats needed to withstand this floor. Most likely, there weren’t many mages of the other three worlds that had trained their bodies to a suitable level. I could see that causing some complaints, but eventually they would either give up or start training their bodies to handle the pressure.

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