chapter 45: promises kept

After Ryone spent enough time making out with Terra that the latter had brought her hand up to caress her back, the two finally broke their kiss. The catgirl goddess had a happy smile on her face as she took deep, heated breaths. Although she seemed resistant at first to the kiss, she had fully given herself over to it. Did I accidentally make a sex fiend goddess?!
“Okay, now that that’s out of the way, is there something for me to do?” She asked as she looked around the room with a small smile, reaching down and gently patting Aurivy’s head.
“Uhm… that was?” I couldn’t help but try to ask. I mean, she suddenly made out with both myself and Terra, and then shrugged it off as if it was nothing!
“Hmm?” She asked as she looked at me, and then to the panting catgirl. “Oh, that? It seemed like a fun idea, so I wanted to give it a shot. Why, did you not like it?” She had the fakest pout I had ever seen when she asked that.
“N-no, it was great!” Surprisingly, it wasn’t me that answered, but Terra. After a moment, she seemed to realize what she had blurted out, and her cheeks tinted red. “I-I mean. It was just a big surprise. We didn’t really expect you to do anything like that right after you got your personality.”
Ryone brought a hand up to cover her mouth while she giggled lightly. “Oh? Did you expect me to be some bookworm because of my domains?” When Terra nodded dumbly, she stuck her tongue out playfully at the catgirl. “Sorry, dear. Not all lessons in life can be learned in the pages of a book.”
“I… but… okay, you have a point.” Terra sighed reluctantly, nodding her head.
Ryone grinned, bringing a hand up under Terra’s chin and scratching it gently. Terra’s eyes rolled back in her head, her tail swaying side to side gently as a throaty purr emerged from her lips. “Now, mind showing me the ropes to this whole goddess deal? Our dear lord and maker wasn’t kind enough to give me a manual when I was made.”
Terra nodded her head slightly, still enjoying the physical attention that the elf goddess was giving her. “Mmmm… okay.” She slowly opened her eyes to look at me. “I like this one. We can keep her.”
Ryone simply smiled, and walked out of the room, Terra following quickly behind. Once they were gone, it was just Aurivy and I left behind. The little girl finally brought her hands down  from her eyes, looking around to make sure they were gone. “What… what just happened?”
“I… don’t know.” I shook my head, looking at the door where the two girls had gone. After letting out a long sigh, I turned to look at Aurivy. “Anyways, you were going to work on the ninja village?”
When I said that, Aurivy suddenly looked up, as if the previous scene had made her forget something very important. “Ah! That’s right! I need to get to work!” With that, she turned around and quickly ran out of the room, charging into her own room just down the hall.
Smiling slightly, I turned and started up the computer. Immediately, I saw a stream of notifications, most of which were to list sales. Four Keepers had bought the Centaur+ race, ten had bought the Trinity’s Sin, and a staggering thirty had bought the Quest Contracts system. Given the price of that system, that really surprised me. After going through the purchase records, there were still a few more notifications.
You have earned a Keeper bonus through physical labor! +1 Strength
You have earned an achievement!
For helping your citizens designate a holy site, you have earned the City Planner achievement. +20 points
Between the achievement and the sales, my total points had risen to just over five hundred! If I wanted to, I could even set up a second planet now. However… I had no real desire to do that. At least, not until my first one was running smoothly, and I had all the systems in place that I wanted. In the best case scenario, every system would be installed from the very beginning, so there wouldn’t be the issue of repeated updates like Earth is having.
However, this did mean that I was able to look through for some more things to buy for Earth. To start, I made two purchases. One was for the next tier of monsters, which go up to level two hundred. I think this is also the first tier that has monsters that utilize magic, as well. The other purchase was for a new race, something I had planned to get eventually anyways. This was the Dungeon Core race, which had some very interesting abilities.
Race Name Dungeon Core
Comprehension 4
Agility 0
Strength 0
Luck 6
Awareness 8
Male:Female ratio Genderless
Racial Abilities-Infinite Lifespan-Unnatural Biology-Spontaneous Birth(Keeper/Deity Assigned or Mana Density)-Monster Trap-Inhabitant Control-Terrain Control-Treasure Generation
This seemed like a race that would be useful to have later on, even though it would never directly socialize with the other races. But, for the purpose of being a dungeon to train adventurers, it works perfectly. Which is nice, because this race cost a full hundred and fifty points on its own.
For the options that come with it, I decided to set the dungeon spawns to assigned only, that way the world does not end up flooded with dungeons and unable to fight them. I also made sure not to place any dungeons yet, as I wanted to discuss it with the gods first. I’m learning, I swear!

Within the Great Forest, a dense fog surrounded the village of ninjas. This fog appeared in the middle of the day, and caused many of the inhabitants to become alarmed. Such a fog had never appeared so suddenly, and they could clearly hear footsteps moving towards them. The words that the priest had spoken years ago echoed in their minds, yet they did not relax their guard.
Stepping through the mist, and into their line of sight, was a young lycan boy. He did not appear to be older than ten, but he was looking around with a tearful expression. From the blood stained on his skin, it was clear that he had suffered a great tragedy. However, the only wound on his body was a single set of claw marks on his back.
“W-where’s my mommy?” He asked in a pained voice, looking around at the strange men. Elsewhere, near the edge of the forest, an angry howl echoed through the trees. A large wolf with metal spikes on its back had lost its prey amidst a dense fog. Although it had successfully hunted the female, the child had managed to escape it.
After the boy arrived, more people seemed to emerge from the fog, one by one. At times, it would be just a lone man or woman. Other times, it would be a small family. But, no matter who it was, their stories were the same. A strange fog descended upon the forest, and they found themselves walking into the village.
The original inhabitants were in awe at this. It had been years since the priest had promised that more people would come, and they had nearly given up hope. Half of the extra houses they had built had collapsed due to rain, with them simply not having the desire to fix them again. But now, for every house, inhabitants had arrived. Surprisingly, once there were enough people to fill all of the spare houses, the mist dispersed, as if it had never been there in the first place.
This told the ninjas of the village even more that the priest had been right. The gods had truly provided for them, offering them people to fill their ranks. Of course, they would not squander this blessing, and immediately set themselves to tending to their newest recruits.

After doing my shopping, I was left with a little over two hundred and fifty points. Still more than enough to get new systems, if I decide I want them, but I will save them for now. Stepping up from the computer, I left the room to see what the others were doing.
When I opened Aurivy’s door, she was laying on the bed on her stomach, legs bent and idly kicking at the air as she had her eyes closed. I could hear that she was humming softly, and guessed that she must still be doing the work with the ninja village, so I didn’t disturb her.
The next door was Irena’s, and opening it only confirmed that she wasn’t currently in her room at the moment. After that was Bihena’s room, and I hesitated for a moment before knocking on it. I may have just opened the other doors, but Aurivy and Irena are not as hostile as Bihena.
“Busy right now! Will go yell at you in a little while, Dale!” Well, at least she knew it was me at the door.
Shaking my head, I moved to the next door, one which had never existed before today. Knowing that Ryone had asked for goddess lessons, I decided to knock on this door as well, rather than immediately intruding. “Come in~.” I heard the elf’s light voice calling from within.
When I opened the door, I saw Terra lying naked on the bed, a happy smile on her face as she curled into a ball. Sitting over at a nearby desk, Ryone had a thick book propped open that she appeared to be reading. “Don’t worry about her, we just had a bit of quick fun to thank her for teaching me.” Ryone winked playfully to me, before turning back to her book. “She’s really weak to certain treatment, you know?”
“Ahh… I guess.” I looked over her shoulder and saw the book she was reading. The contents of it were very familiar to me, as I had an identical book of my own. “Book of spells?”
The elven goddess gave an absent nod. “That’s right. My domain gives me instant knowledge of known spells, but seeing them drawn out for me helps.” She then gave me a small smile. “I’m allowed to enjoy both books and people, you know?”
“I didn’t say anything.” I hurriedly shook my head. Out loud… Really, so she isn’t a total sex fiend…
“Yeah, yeah. Oh, and Terra told me to give you a message if she was still napping next time I saw you.” I saw the corners of her mouth twist into a grin as she looked back to the book again. “She said that you could play with me, as long as you share~.”
Okay, nevermind, she is still a sex fiend.
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