Chapter 82: A Bittersweet Melody





— World of Integra —

Tarun was still in his room and as he predicted, there was indeed a curfew.

Many officers of the government were checking every house thoroughly while everyone who showed up in the city in the last Two years was going through a severe background check.

They couldn’t tell the people about the demon as that could uncover their own experimentation program and hence told the citizens that someone has gone rogue.

Because there was no blood left in the remains of the building and corpses which were buried underground, and the fact that a Demi-God had died, almost all the gods seemed to have safely concluded that the perpetrator was at least a Demi-God himself/herself.

“When is the Academy going to reopen?”

Asked Deepankar to an old and Burly man who brought Min-ah and Shin-Lu on this planet.

“It will reopen in 4 Days, Mr. Deepanker. Why? Already missing your students?”

Said the Old Man with a smirk while staring at a model of some unknown solar system in front of him.

They were standing in a room which was quite antique for an advanced planet like The World of Integra.

The old woman who was the mother of the fatty was just sitting on a sofa near them and was staring into the void when she suddenly spoke.

“Sir Deepanaker, what do you think about this incident?”

Deepanker suddenly smirked on this question and then started to laugh.

After laughing for some time, he tried to control his laughter and then said with a serious face

“Madam Yenner, are you seriously asking an outsider about the personal matters of your son? Do you not trust the judgement of your friends? Are you that bothered?”

The old lady, at this answer from Deepanker, couldn’t keep her calm, and shouted out in anger, creating a thunderstorm in the city

“Don’t forget who you are talking to! You are our dog! I brought you to this world when you couldn’t even project your magic! I gave you everything you have right now!

It will only take a thought for me to dispose you off!

Now seriously tell me your findings.”

Deepanker’s smirk disappeared, and he said to the old lady, while bowing his head

“Apologies, Lady Yenner. My thoughts align with them.

I think it was due to an experimentation gone wrong.”

The old man smirked while seeing Deepanker’s head down in a bow, and then continued to stare at the solar system’s model.


— In Tarun’s Sea of Consciousness —

Tarun was staring at the mountain, which was a pocket dimension and as he got closer, a very dark and gloomy aura leaked from it.

“The Law”

Said Tarun, and as if his words triggered something, The Aura which was leaking out of the mountain became more fierce and rampant, creating some cracks in the mountain which were rapidly healing by themselves.

“When are you going to use this, Master?”

Said Maria while coming towards Tarun’s back.

“Use? haha….use? If I try to consume even a little of it, then forget about me, even you will perish.”

“Then how are you going to..-“

“One step at a time.”

Interrupted Tarun with an emotionless face.

~ Data Optimized. Found Information. ~

Came a sudden notification from Hermes.

‘Show me everything’

~ Deepanker Hellsing –

He was an orphan from the planet earth and had a rare talent in spatial magic.

Lady Yenner then abducted him 700 years ago and experimented on him day and night with the bloodlines she abducted from around the Multiverse.

100 Years ago, her experiment was successful when Deepanker suddenly became a God from a Level 1 Magus.

This feat was glorified in the research even though it had many side effects too.

Ramory Hellsing –

He brought Lady Min-ah and Lady Shin-Lu to The World of Integra while lying to them about Lady Min-ah’s Mother’s death.

He himself had been a part of many experimentations and is currently suffering from an unknown side-effect.

Shin Min-ah –

Possesses the pure bloodline of Wingate Hellsing.

The bloodline can’t be transfused and needs an alternative to carry out the experiment.

Sin-Lu –

Possesses the diluted bloodline of Goddess Integra.

The bloodline can’t be transfused and needs an alternative to carry out the experiment…

Anjee Hellsing







There were quite a lot of information that was presented in front of Tarun and some of it even confused him a little.

As Tarun was looking through them, suddenly someone started knocking on his door.


“Tarun! There is someone from the government who has come to meet you.”

Tarun sighed a little as he came out of his sea of consciousness and tidied up his dress while telekinetically opening the door.

“Who has come?”

Asked Tarun to Mina who was standing out of his room.

“I don’t know, he is saying that he will only talk to you.”

Said Mina as a layer of cold sweat was on her face.

Tarun, as if already expected it, released a light smirk on his face for a second before immediately reverting back to his emotionless face.

As he went towards the bar, he noticed that Zell and Anjee were looking towards a Man who was sitting in front of a Grand Piano which was not there before.

As Tarun came to the bar, he immediately recognized the person to be Deepanker.

Deepanker, as if not caring about the audience, just started to play the grand piano

“A dream it was or was it really?

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When soul of myself took flight

Into an abyss of darkest sea,

I heard your cry in plight.

In search of means to make it right

I lost my sense, my wife;

If only I could lit a light,

I’d guide the dead to life.

Help me, O, ever good-all!

I shall not die in vain;

Weight of sins is yet to fall,

I’d still leave something to gain.

An eternal name of a mortal;

A sinner’s pride condemned to rust,

Give me a path, a road eternal,

For it, take my life, you must!”

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