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28 – Lights, Camera, uh…

Mio and I are laying on the bed with me on top of her.

“I-I’ve… had enough of you p-p-pulling me around and doing whatever you want. Erm, the tables have t-turned this time…”

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“Oh, no. Look at you, so full of yourself. I guess I’m at your mercy.” Mio recites her lines monotonously. 

Hana shakes her fist, “Cut, cut, cut!”

Mio pushes me off and groans. Half a dozen enthralled humans emerge from behind the cameras and background to pamper us. They offer bottles of water, snacks, reapply our makeup, and one of them is massaging Mio’s shoulders.

Our esteemed director stomps over and points a rolled up script at my face. “You stutter too much! What is that? A vocal tic? Is it congenital?”

“I’ve never acted before!” I feel my face heating up from embarrassment. Even though the others are charmed and won’t remember any of this, it’s hard to act in front of them.

Hana then points to Mio and asks, “Where’s the emotion? There’s no heart in it. You’re missing heart!!!”

Mio swats the script from her face. “This is stupid! Why do we even need a script to have sex?”

“This reads like it was written by a social shut-in. No one talks like this in real life.” I say, flipping through the pages of the script. Everytime I turn a page, the chain links of our cuffs jingle to remind us of our pseudo-captivity.

“Who wrote this anyway?” Mio asks, snatching the D-grade porn script from my hands. Hana makes an about face back to the director’s chair until Mio catches her by the collar. “It was you, wasn’t it?”

“Yes! I admit it. It was me. As if I have the money to hire a professional adult scriptwriter! I tried to charm someone but all he did was draw a lewd picture of me. I still have that drawing by the way— uwaaah!”

Mio starts squishing the smaller succubus’ cheeks together, dragging my wrist into the assault. “Why are you always like this? Just give us the damn key!”

“Ohay, nho shwipt! Hust ho wif the frow!” Hana drops to the floor, rubbing her face. “Owwiiee…”

We’ve gotten nowhere in the past hour. It’s just Mio and Hana bickering over the one thing after another. The only good thing to come out of this is being pampered by Hana’s charmed groupies. But our patience is wearing thin at the lack of progress.

“Do we really have to do this? Isn’t there something else we can do, instead?” I suggest.

Mio turns to me, glowering. “What? Are you chickening out?”

“N-no! It’s just we’re not getting anywhere.”

“Why the hell are you so indecisive? You weren’t sure about f****** a guy, and then you f*** ’em anyway. Then you jump in like you’re ready to fight, but you aren’t willing to kill a bitch. Now, you can’t even commit to a casual bang?”

Mio’s verbal assault catches me off guard. “I’m just trying to help so we can get this stupid handcuff off!”

“You’re the idiot that put it on us to begin with!”

“Maybe if a certain succubitch didn’t turn me into a girl, you wouldn’t be in this situation?”

“Wouldn’t have happened if we just had sex when you were a guy. Even now you’re being indecisive about having sex with me! What gives?!”

Hana returns with a tray of drinks and snacks. “Uwahaha! It’s like watching a married couple fight!”

“SHUT UP!” The two of us yell at once.

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“There, there. Why don’t we calm down over a nice cup of tea?” Hana hands me a cup, but Mio refuses hers.

“Forget it, I’m not in the mood.”

Hana gasps, “But my porno!”

While they argue, I take a sip of the tea. It doesn’t really have any flavor and the closest thing I can describe it to is water. There is something strangely familiar about the drink though. Like I’ve had this before…

My crotch starts feeling hot, and that’s when it occurs to me— I have drank this before.

“Hana…?” I begin, drawing both their attention. “Did you add what I think you added in this?”

Mio grabs Hana by a horn and pulls her close. “What the f*** did you do to her?”

“Ehehe… ahehehe… just a little boost!” Hana answers, holding up an empty vial that confirms my suspicions.

“Not again…” A tickling sensation teases my lower body until the erect piece of meat slips out from my succubus attire. I notice Mio staring at my dick, a bit of drool drips from the corner of her lips. “Don’t tell me you’re getting horny from this?!”

Mio recomposes herself and clears her throat. “Ha! As if. You couldn’t f*** me when you were a guy, you’re still too chickenshit to f*** me now.”

Somewhere inside my brain, a nerve snaps.

I push Mio onto the bed and climb on top of her. She growls, struggling helplessly underneath me. Now that I have her pinned, she has no choice but to hear me out. “I hate that you treat me like a coward. Why can’t you just be nice like Yumi?”

“You like that busty minx, huh? You’re welcome to ditch me if you like her so much.”

“I don’t want to leave you, because you’re the one I—”

I bite my tongue from saying anymore. I’m not even sure of my own feelings, and I almost went and blurted that out.

What does it mean to like someone? Kana confessed his love for me. Gouda wants to go out with me. And Rika said she likes me.

All of them were charmed at some point, so how can I be sure their feelings are genuine? What if it’s my succubus aura causing them to say things in the heat of the moment?

Mio scoffs. “Like I thought. You really are an indecisive little— mmph!”

I lower myself to kiss Mio. Not because she was going to insult me again. Not to wipe that smug grin from her face. I just… wanted to kiss her.

Mio opens her mouth for our tongues to intertwine. The way she sucks on my lips, lightly grinding her teeth on my tongue sends me into a haze. Our lips have met so many times now, but I never get tired of this sensation. 

She reaches down to wrap her fingers around my dick. “What are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to f*** me silly?”

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