35 – Batsu Game

“Mmmmh! Hatsumi and Yumi’s cooking is a match made in heaven!” Mio digs ravenously into the nikujaga with a bottomless appetite.

Hatsumi loves to sauté thinly sliced beef in canola oil, and then finish it off by sprinkling chili oil on the cooked meat. It’s not too spicy, but it’s got a subtle enough kick to keep you going for more.

The potatoes are different this time around. That must be Yumi’s doing. 

She watches with bated breath as I savor the hint of vinegar that follows after each bite. The outer layer of the potato is soft and melts on my tongue, while the inside is firm enough to chew on.

Since meat and potatoes are the signature ingredients that make up nikujaga, this dish is impeccably good. Almost gourmet good. The subtle hints of spiciness and sourness of vinegar plays in perfect harmony with each other.

“Ufufu~ I can tell you’re really enjoying it.” Yumi says with delight in her eyes.

Hatsumi agrees, “Of course, Saeko is enjoying it. I know her tastes the best. But I admit I couldn’t have come up with this new recipe without your wonderful help, Yumi!”

“Ara, ara. If you compliment me like that, I might have to eat you up. Hehe~”

“If I can condition myself to orgasm every time I eat this, I will have peaked as a whore. I won’t be Pavlov’s dog, but Pavlov’s succu— I mean, SECONDS! SECONDS, PLEASE!” Hana demands, waving her bowl in the air.

Hatsumi barely avoids the smidge of debris that’s flung from Hana’s bowl and says, “There’s more in the pot. Help yourselves!”

“Hold it right there, loli.” Mio grabs Hana by the collar. “Seconds go to me first.”

“Uuwahaaahhh!! You’re just gonna hog it all, ya pig!”

“Who’re you calling pig, you ironing board lust-bat!”

“This house hasn’t been more lively. Isn’t it great?” Hatsumi giggles watching Mio and Hana fight over the ladle. Then a kitchen knife flies past us and clatters to the floor. “Maybe I should go mediate…”

Hatsumi excuses herself to break up the catfight brewing over the nikujaga.

“Were they always this… energetic?” I ask Yumi.

“Ahhh, you should see them when they’re scheming together.” She remarks.

“Er, should I be worried?”

I need to keep Mio on a tight leash to make sure she behaves herself. Even then, most of the time she’s just going to mess around behind my back. I dread to think how many people have become victims to her antics by now. 

Though I’ve only just met Hana, it’s pretty obvious she can be just as bad if not worse. Throw her into the mix, and I’ve got a pair of helions looking to wreak absolute havoc.

Yumi puts a finger to her cheek and thinks out loud. “Back in Elza, Mio and Hana were always pulling pranks around the nest. One time, they managed to polymorph a dragon into a bird and had it trapped in the bathhouse. It caused a lot of damage, and the queen at the time was furious.”

Leave it to Mio to have the audacity to come up with something like that.

“Thankfully, dragons don’t exist in this world.” I say with relief.

“I’m sure you thought the same thing about succubi once. Ufufu~”

Getting a good look at these three, I don’t feel all that weak anymore. I used to regard them with a degree of adoration, the goalpost of what it meant to be a strong succubus. That feeling is gone now after meeting Torii Sensei.

Maybe I should be seeking her help instead. Lesser succubus couldn’t possibly teach me anything worthwhile.

What reason would I have to fear Torii Sensei, anyway? She may have more experience as a greater succubus, but I have Mio, Hana, and Yumi on my side. 

And as far as I know, she’s a lone succubus at school.

That doesn’t mean I should underestimate her. She’s a wildcard among us, and stranger yet is her hiding herself from Mio. There’s a queen succubus out there after my life because I’m a greater succubus. It stands to reason she is after Torii Sensei’s life, too. Unless they’re in cahoots.

Hmm. I feel like I’m hearing the word queen thrown around a lot, but what exactly constitutes a queen? Is she on a level higher than greater succubus, or is she also greater succubus?

I dread to think of the latter option, which means Torii Sensei would have me playing into her hands. But even if she were, why introduce herself to me? I have to confront this carefully. My life isn’t the only one at stake, Mio’s as well.

I never would’ve guessed this succubus, the cause of all my problems, could become as important to me as Hatsumi or Kana.

Even if she might betray me…

You just need to become strong enough to make sure she doesn’t.


After dinner, Hatsumi and Yumi took over washing dishes. Both of them refused to let me help. It’s like I suddenly got a new older sister, but at least she’s not as overbearing.

Once I’d taken my bath and settled into my room hoping to spend the rest of the night reading manga…

…Things didn’t turn out as I expected.

“So…” I say with a set of five cards in my hand. “Someone going to tell me why Hana and Yumi are still here?!”

We four succubus are gathered in my room. For what purpose? To play a few rousing rounds of strip poker of all things.

“Learn to have some fun with just us girls. And it’s not like we need sleep anyway. If we’re tired, just f*** someone for a quick recharge. We even have Hatsumi in the other room.” Mio says devilishly, peeking over her cards.

“You are not f****** my sister as long as I have a say in this.”

Yumi and Hana groan in disappointment.

“Aww, man! I was going to use your sister for my next porno!” Hana says.

“Hatsumi isn’t young or a boy, but I have definitely developed a taste for her. Ufufu~” Yumi admits, her eyes filling with wicked lust.

“What the heck, you two? When was it decided that my sister would be the prize?”

“She cooks and cleans like a pro, and probably eats p**** like a champ. Who wouldn’t want to wife her?” Mio remarks proudly.

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“Think of something else, damn it!” I say, putting my foot down on the issue.

I do agree Hatsumi is a catch, but I’m not giving up my sister. Especially to these questionable succubi.

“OH! How about a punishment?” Hana suggests with brimming excitement. “First succ to lose all her clothes receives a punishment. Within reason of course.”

Mio and Yumi sound their agreement, and I’m compelled to accept the new condition. Even though I’ve taken Hatsumi off the table, I don’t want to be the one to spoil the rest of the night.

“Fine. Punishment it is.”


Ten minutes later…

“No. No! I call b*******. You guys had this planned all along!”

My clothes lay in a pile at the center of the ring. Hana lost her top in the first round, but then I started losing round after round.

“There’s no way you didn’t rig this somehow! I have a better chance at the mega lotto than Mio getting a Five of a Kind. Who the heck even left the joker card in the deck?? Ahhh!!”

“A deal’s a deal!” Hana wipes the dribble of drool from her lips.

“Shall we play with her?” Yumi sits down behind me and straddles me from behind. Her tail creeps down between my legs.

But before Yumi’s tail can find its way to my p****, Mio yanks me away and into her arms. “It’s supposed to be a punishment, not a reward. Hmph.”

“Ara, ara. Do I sense a bit of jealousy?”

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M-Mio? Jealous? Wait… of what??

Still wrapped in Mio’s embrace, she grinds her chin on top of my head thinking. “I know the perfect punishment.”

“Eh? What is it?” I can’t even move to see where she’s looking. 

Though… being stuck like this isn’t so bad…but I feel like Mio’s about to think of something I’m going to regret.

I hear shuffling behind me, and the sound of my pencil box being disturbed.

They’re digging into my backpack? What for?


A cold and squishy sensation pushes up between my legs and makes contact with my slit. I look down to see the onahole retracting. Mio finally lets me go, and I turn around just in time to see a Hana stick a finger into the pocket p****.

“You— nnh… aaahhh!” 

I’m definitely feeling it. Hana’s finger, it feels like it’s actually in my p****. She pulls away and the sensation is instantly gone.

Hana passes it off to Mio, who kisses the clit, sending a shock up my body. “Your punishment is to have this connected to you for an entire day tomorrow. Kehehe! I can’t wait.”

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