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10 – A Petrifying Encounter…!

“Ugghh… “

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I passed out after having one too many orgasms last night. Gurk wouldn’t stop touching me, and I was powerless to stop him. To think, I was able to get off so much without needing to masturbate or stick anything in.

Whatever spell is enchanted in this wand is a lot more powerful than I thought. Especially if it’s able to affect my body to the extent of leaving after effects.

I’m still feeling it now just not as intensely. I have half a mind to get rid of it, but…

“I’ll just keep it for now. For research purposes.” I stow the wand into a small box and tuck it into a drawer.

While Rio and Gurk are still snoozing, I take this chance to step outside of the great hollow naked. The gentle morning breeze brushes against my skin, sending goosebumps across my body. The crunching leaves under my bare feet, the wind in my air… nature is so serene.

“Nnnh— ahh!” I stretch my limbs out. The few streaks of sunlight that peeks through the canopy warms me right up. “Hehe. I’ve always wanted to do this living alone. Well, I’m not entirely alone, but I am the only human here.”

Hoo! Hoo!” 

A translucent owl descends with a scroll container fastened to its shoulders. As soon as it lands in front of me, its body shimmers and disperses. I’m surprised at how heavy the container is when I pick it up. I see why as soon as I unlock the cap: it’s a thick stack of scrolls.

“Eh?? Isn’t this a lot of information for just one person?”

I head back inside and bump into Gurk at the door.

“Sorry, Gurk! I was—” My resident goblin’s weary eyes snap open as soon as he sees me. He stares with a drooling mouth and bulge quickly rising in his pants. That’s when I realize I’m still naked. “Hahh… let me put this away, and I’ll take care of you.”


The contents of the scrolls Headmaster Anora sent me doesn’t inspire confidence. Even though she says I’m capable, I understand my limits enough to know when to call it quits. So when the suspected culprit in question may actually be the most wanted rogue witch in the world, I have GOOD reason to fear for my life.

Eudora Faust— The Cackling Witch. 

No one who knows that name would dare take her on alone. Headmaster assures me that she’d find suitable candidates to send my way. However, she can’t send more than one witch to a country without proper authorization from her superiors.

Until then, the only help I have is a young familiar and a goblin with an insatiable sex drive. I pick up my black cat, and he immediately starts struggling in my grasp. “Mrrrrr…”

“If I was a better witch, maybe you would’ve been infused with a stronger soul.” I lament, recalling the first time I summoned him.

Every witch in their third year of training is made to summon their own familiar. Once a familiar is given form, a soul is infused in the manifestation of one of the seven deadly sins. It’s completely random; I happen to infuse Rio with the weakest of the seven— gluttony.

The gluttonous soul has a chance of gaining the essence of the consumed. But since our magic is shared, he’s never really hungry. Trying to feed him magical creatures has also yielded nothing so far.

As soon as I put him down, he rolls over on his belly as though apologizing.

“It’s okay, Rio. I still love you because you’re adorable!”

“Nya~” He farts and then walks away.

“Why?! You’re my familiar. Love me—!”

The door swings open. “Back from feeding evil rabbits!”

“Thank you, Gurk! Since it’s still early in the day, I was thinking we go foraging in the forest.”

Gurk scowls. “Not safe outside…”

“Don’t worry.” I say, patting his head. “Leave it to your Mistress!”


Well, the excursion started off well. Suddenly, the thicket we ran into only grew denser as we progressed.

“Hold on, I think I see the end of it.” I tell the two behind me.

I push past the branches and shrubs until a clearing opens up. What I hoped was a treasure trove of exotic flora at the end, is instead a small scale battle unfolding.

A centaur cleaves through a group of kobolds, their makeshift weapons powerless against the larger demi-human’s raw strength. The small reptilian creatures sound the horn and retreat into the forests.

The centaur, victorious, lets loose a celebratory howl. I feel Gurk’s trembling hands on my back. It’s best we don’t linger here. “Let’s just back before he sees us—”

 Suddenly, it cocks his head towards the east. He rears up on his hind legs, sizing up whatever just showed up. 

In a flash, an enormous snake slams into the centaur. The length of its body constricts the equine torso down to the legs. Wait, not a snake— a gorgon. It’s hair full of hissing snakes bite into the centaur’s neck, killing it in seconds.

“A g-g-gorgon… something like that shouldn’t exist on this side of the continent.”

The gorgon turns its head to us “More company!”

“Run!” I yell out loud, but my words fall on deaf ears. Rio and Gurk have already turned to stone. 


My feet are already petrified and soon, the rest of my body. I quickly grab whatever potions are inside my satchel and chug any that I find. 

The serpent-woman lifts me from the ground with one hand and brings me up to her face. If it weren’t for the half dozen snakes glaring at me, I’d think she would be beautiful. Almost like Headmaster Anora. 

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I could fight her right now, but one wrong move and I’m snake food.

She opens her mouth, an elongated forked tongue rolls out and licks my face. “Delicious human. The taste of magic. A witch?”

When I open my mouth to speak, the gorgon kisses me. Her tongue explores my mouth and throat. It might’ve even gone as far down as my esophagus.

“Mmmph?! Nnng… mmm!”

Her free hand tears away my robes. I try to push away, but she wraps her arm around me and squeezes me against her chest. Her scales are cool and rigid to the touch, but her breasts are smooth. Like real human skin.

The petrification on my legs isn’t complete. It’s stopped just below the knees. I’ll have to let her keep going until she drops her guard…

The kiss becomes tender, gentle. She sucks on my lips and tongue, while her hand plays with my clit. 

Is she… is this really happening…?



Two fingers slip into me. My p**** is so soaked, it’s inviting her in. I can’t close my legs to stop it. I don’t even think I want to. Her fingers are long and thick, and my mind is going fuzzy from her tongue play.

I have to fight to stay conscious… otherwise, it’s over for us…

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