11 – A Gorgon’s Touch

I’m clearly her prey. Is she playing with her food before consuming me?

There must be something in her saliva. The gorgon’s distant cousin, lamias have a paralyzing venom. Gorgon venom varies, but I don’t know what this one is secreting. The gorgon’s tongue slides out of my throat, and I’m left with a mouthful of her saliva. 


There is a tingly sensation in my mouth and throat that passes. If it was poison, one of my elixirs successfully nullified it. 

“Not dead yet?” She licks her lips, then pulls her fingers out of my p****. “More time to play.”


“Guh— nnnghaaaahhh!”

Her long tongue curls around the fingers wet from my juices.

“… please, let me go— uwah?!”

The both of us drop to the ground, her serpentine body coils around me. I almost decide now is the time to attack until she starts stroking my body. Delicate fingers glide across my skin, teasing my butt and frontside. 

“Ah… mmmh…”

Her tongue strokes my face, occasionally brushing against my lips. When it does, I open my mouth to taste her. She gives me one last lick and turns me over, pulling my petrified legs to her face.

Suddenly, a wet sensation presses against my p**** and my ass.

No way. Her forked tongue is— 

“Ahhhh— guh… nnnghh, aaaaaahhhhaaahhh!”

Both of my holes are pried open by her tongue. It drills deeper into me, stirring my insides with spastic movements. The writhing tongue is nothing I’ve ever felt from a dick.

The pleasure is unrelenting.

Shlurp. Shlick. Shlurp. Shlick!

“Yes… oh, god! I’m cumming…! My ass and my p**** feels so good— ahhh! Cumming!!!! Nghhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”

The double penetration drives me to an orgasm. My whole body twitches and spasms as I c** on her tongue. The gorgon doesn’t stop. She continues to slather her saliva over my body and ass.

I notice her scales glistening with a dampness. The reptilian plates relax and expose a distinct fleshy pink opening. “Nnnh, ahh… two can play at that…”

The gorgon twitches as soon as I part the opening, her body constricts just a bit and then loosens. It’s enough that I can drag my tongue across the wet flesh of her p****.

“Brazen witch… Ahhh…!” Her entire body quivers, and she sighs in arousal. The warm breath against my two holes still plugged by her tongue threatens to send me into another orgasm.

Even I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

“Mmmnn, kiss! Shhlllrrrr… hahh…shllrp! Shllrrp!

I start rubbing her clit and shove my tongue into her p****. The two of us pleasure each other, our tongue and body locked in a passionate embrace. Her scales grow warm. I feel two hard palms squeeze each of my butt cheeks as her body tightens.

Even the walls of her p**** clenches around my tongue, but it’s so lubricated that I can continue assaulting her back.

“Haahhh, ahhh… nnguh…!”

I’m cumming again…

But not before… I get her, first…

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I thrust my tongue deep into her c*** and tease the slit with my lips. 

A powerful quaking orgasm sends the gorgon wild. Her body uncoils, and her tail flails wildly. I feel her forked tongue slipping out from both my holes, and as it does I—

“Cumming again— ahhaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

The gorgon releases me from her clutches, and I linger on top of her gasping for air. I came twice in a short span. I’ve been with women before, but a forked tongue was another level of cunnilingus. 

I roll off her torso and land on my feet. My legs are no longer petrified. Then that means…

Gurk and Rio race up to me. I quickly turn to the gorgon to find her sound asleep. She must not have expected me to fight back like that. The peaceful smile on her face and snoozing snakes of her hair informs me I did a good job.

“Whew… one of the potions was probably a stamina draught. No way I could’ve outlasted her without one.”

When I go to pick up my stuff, I feel Gurk humping my butt. He almost slips it in because the gorgon’s saliva slickened the entrance. “Now really isn’t the time!”

“Was stone, but Gurk saw everything!”

The tip of his dick pushes into my ass. “Nn… oh, Gurk. It feels good, but… okay fine, just a little…”

As long as he doesn’t put it in where I can get pregnant, it’s fine. I drop to all fours and stick my ass out, shaking it to entice him. Both of my holes are still sensitive. I’m almost at another climax from just getting half his dick in. I want it all in, right now.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I need a dick in me after that gorgon’s tongue play. “Gurk, hurry and give it to me…”

However, before we can have our fun the ground begins to shudder. A large number of pint-sized kobolds, greater than the group that fought the centaur, fill into the clearing. They surround us and start chanting, waving their shoddy weaponry.

“The she-witch defeated the horseman and snakewoman!”

“Eh?? What’s going on?”

And I’m still naked with half of Gurk’s dick in my butt!

I push Gurk away and dress myself to preserve what’s left of my dignity.

They don’t look hostile. If anything, they look harmless. One of them runs up to me and tugs on my hand, “Thank you for slaying horseman!”

“Oh, well…” It was actually the gorgon that did it…

“Please, you must meet with forest guardian!”

More continue to speak over each other. “Strong enough to defeat the big ones!”

“Celebrate with us! Drink! Eat! We treat!”

This is a good chance to learn more about the locals. If things go south, they’re just a bunch of kobolds. Can’t be anything worse than facing a gorgon.

There’s also this forest guardian they mentioned. Whoever it is, may have some ideas about what’s going on in the Weeping Expanse.

“In that case, I’d love to join you! I hope it’ll be alright if we bring my goblin friend?”

Their heads tilt to one side, “Goblin is she-witch mate?”

“Nononononono. There’s no mating going on—”

Gurk comes between me and the group of reptilian humanoids, “Gurk is Mistress Ellori’s mate!”

“Ooooooh! Savior Ellori! Savior Gurk!”

I clobber Gurk over the head with my staff. “No more funny business.”

The kobolds snicker and chortle at Gurk’s expense. They appear more childlike than goblins. In the wilds across the rest of the world, the two races are often found at odds with one another. However, they don’t seem to mind each other at all.


Instead of going further east into the forests, we’re led north. It makes sense as kobolds are lesser demi-humans and stand little chance against greater threats within. 

This particular tribe of kobolds created an encampment for themselves, fenced around their settlement is a palisade fence. Their architecture is less complex once inside. They live under leather tents reinforced with branches.

All of their tents face the center of the settlement where a large tree lies. It is no great hollow like mine, nor is it like the rest of the trees in the forest. From here, I can feel it pulse with energy. Much like the crystal on my staff and the wand from Morten Sinau.

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A face painted kobold raises two large knives. “We have feast tonight. Dine upon slain horseman!”

“Eugh…” I suddenly lose my appetite, but Gurk is much more enthusiastic about eating his former predator. When they said they would treat us, I didn’t think they’d mean to serve us centaur meat.

“Tomorrow, summon forest guardian to meet with savior! Until then, you can sleep here.” He points at a much larger tent than the rest in the encampment. 

“I’m grateful, and thank you for having us.” I try to sound appreciative, but this is so strange to me that my words come out hollow. For all I know, I just walked us into a trap. 

While I sense no malice or ill-intentions from them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of scheming. I have a lot to ask this forest guardian tomorrow.

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Title: Omnipotent Overlord | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, there was an altar. On it, laid a bloody eye as big as the sun itself. It burst with light and bathed the entire star system in red.
"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

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