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29 – Three Riddles to the Truth

With no idea where I am or where my companions are, the only place I can start looking is that pyramid in the distance. I hope the others are okay. Mira is probably freaking out right about now. I wonder if they’re even together or in the same place as I am.

Since I can’t hijack Rio’s vision, it must mean he’s not anywhere nearby either.

There doesn’t appear to be any monsters in the immediate surroundings. Were things really coming out of the teleportation circle like Flora said? It’s possible the runes weren’t calibrated correctly, and I was thrown elsewhere.

As I get to the stone structure, I find an entrance leading under the pyramid. Unlike the ones in Jahreed, there are no hieroglyphs decorating the walls or massive statues of elder gods.

Instead, I stand before a grand chamber devoid of any ornaments or furnishings. A large crumbling effigy rests at the end of the room. It has a feline body and the face of a human. Between its front legs is a closed door, the only other entrance except where I came.

“I’ve read about these. A sphinx?”

This is my first time seeing them in person and not in books. There are some witches in the High Saquin branch of the Academy who imbue them with soul stones or create clay golems out of. But this is much too large to host a soul.

I reach out to open the stone doors, but it won’t budge.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Sand kicked loose from the sphinx rains down on me.

“You seek passage into the tomb?” A deep voice calls out from above me.

I back up until I see the sphinx in its entirety. The animated head tilts down to address me, following me with its stone-chiseled eyes.

“Y-You’re alive…?” I ask, trying to keep from trembling beneath its shadow.

Only allowed on

“To gain passage, three riddles you must answer. Three answers that must be correct.”

“Or maybe not. This was probably created through alchemy to serve as a stone guardian. But who put it here and why?”

I have no other choice but to humor its trial if I want to pass through. Beyond that door might very well be Mira and the others. 

These riddles should be a cinch for me. I did score in the top ten of my class in both academia and philosophy. How hard can this be?”

“I’m ready for your riddles!” I call back confidently.

Its eyes glow with intensity. “I am the herald of birth and death. I may go up, but I can never go down. People fear me, people celebrate me. What I change in your appearance cannot be undone. You can hide me, but I will always show. What am I?”

“Ehh?? Herald of birth and… appearance can’t be undone… isn’t this a little too difficult? Oh, god. What happens if I get it wrong?”

“Answer the riddle.” It repeats.

“Am I on a time limit or something?! People fear and celebrate time, right? Time also changes appearance… time! You’re time!” I hold my breath, hoping that I answered right.


“S***—” I raise my staff readying for a fight. 

The ground shakes, and the sand at my feet come to life. They solidify and grab my wrists, disarming me of my staff. The restraints force me onto my knees, bending me over until all I see is the ground.


“Kuh! Gaah…!” 

Something whips my butt with enough force that it’ll probably leave a mark. 

“Wait, please… let me think…!”

Crack! Crack!

“Ahh! Nnghh— aaahhhh!! If you keep whipping me like that… ahh… I’m going to feel weird…”

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

“So— kuh… hard, it hurts— mmh… but it’s starting to feel good…”

At this rate, I’m just going to sound like Mira when she’s getting whipped. I have to think of something…

“Answer the riddle.” It continues to say, monotonously.

Crack! Crack!

“F***— it’s… hide, but always show— guh… goes up, but never down…if it keeps whipping me I’m going to…”


“AAAhhnn!! It’s… age! You’re age! Age!!”

The next strike stops short, bits of sand trickle onto my butt.

“Correct.” It says, much to my relief.

“Whew… uhm, am I stuck like this until I answer the next two?”

My hands and feet are still bound by sand and gravel. I can’t do anything more than struggle in this position. 

“What blows, but has no mouth? What caresses, but has no hands? What flies, but has no wings? What am I?”

“In— insects?”


“Oh, crap…”

The sands begin to form again, this time creating humanoid shapes. Their obsidian bodies crowned with the bestial head of a jackal, carrying a crook and flail in each hand.

“I recognize these creatures. They’re anubians! Wow, they’re so much cooler in person— er, I mean, not cool! Wait— stop!”

One of them caresses my butt and pushes a snout against my slit. Something long and slippery slithers into my p****, squirming and writhing. 

“Eek! N-No, dont…!”

The other anubian dissolves and then reforms underneath me. Its hands reach up to pinch my nipples hard.

“Ooh— nnngghhh… stop… I can’t think… ahhh, like this… oh, god. Yes, there! Keep— ahh, your tongue is so long…uhhnn, are you… dust?”


“Still wrong— mmph? Mmmhh! Shllurrp… shllurp… mmmph!”

The anubian beneath me has its thick tongue forced into my mouth. It explores every corner, lapping up my tongue and throat. 

“Answer the riddle.” It says again, almost like it’s developed emotion to start taunting me.

How the hell am I supposed to answer like this— ?!


Even the sand whips have started assaulting my ass again. Now there’s a second, one for each side. 

If not dust or air, then…

I rear away just enough to get the tongue out of my mouth. “Puah— aahh, you’re wind!”


My nipples are no longer being teased, and the tongue and whips have stopped. 

There’s only one more riddle. I just need to answer correctly, and I can get through. 

“Final riddle is,” it begins. “I. What am I?”

“…Excuse me?! You are… a sphinx?”



Is my only word before something plugs my mouth with a black dick. It grabs my head and starts drilling into my mouth. My shackles shrink into the ground, forcing me onto the chest of the creature below me.

“Mmmph, shhllurrp, shllrrp… shlluuurrp… lick, mmmpph!!”

More anubians spawn from the sands, each approaching me with erect members. The tongue slips out of my p**** and is immediately replaced with something larger. Then another one presses against my backdoor.

“Answer the riddle.”

As If I could… damn it!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! 

No… not there…!


Without a care for my concern, a dick is driven into my ass.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! 

More continue to join in, using my hands, my hair, whatever they can get their paws on. Getting screwed by these dog-creatures is so much more degrading than being f***** by the tentacle plants. But the longer I’m subjected to this, the less I mind being ravished… 

Their strangely shaped d**** scrape parts of my insides I never thought possible. They even have the same physiology of a canine’s p****. The cocks swell, knotting up while they’re plugged inside me. Then comes the hot flood of their c** warming me up and tripping me into an orgasm.

“MMMMMMRRPPPHHH!!! Mmm… mmhmmpp… “

My body acts on its own, shaking my ass and grinding on their members to wring every bit of their juices into me.

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I have to think, or I really will lose myself.

I… what am I…

What am… I…?

I’m— witch!

There’s no other answer. The last riddle is a play on subjects. Now that I know the answer, I just need to find an opportunity to say it. But… am I going to get that chance…?

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

The one in my mouth suddenly twitches and erupts with a load of whatever is pouring into me. 

“Mmmpph… gulp… gulp… puahh…”

The dick finally slips out of my mouth, giving me room to breathe and speak. “I am— mmph?! MMmhh!!”

Another dick buries into my mouth. I was too slow and lost my chance to say it. I have no choice but to wait now.

Ten minutes… half an hour… eventually I lose track of time…

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Hahaaa… aahh! Yes! F*** me! More… mmmmhh, yess!”

The dick in my ass and p**** knot up, pumping me up with more of their c**. I can feel how full my womb is. The only time it can leak out is when they switch places. Just how long have they been pouring their loads into me?

These tireless hounds have been f****** me nonstop, giving me so many orgasms to the point of losing my mind. If I had a chance to speak, I must have forgotten to. The sex is so good, I almost just want to be triple penetrated forever. One in my ass, p****, and mouth… cumming for eternity until I… I…

I can’t give up! The others are counting on me…

But how do I get out…?

My staff is too far, I can’t say anything. The only thing I can do is with my hands.

Wait, all I need is my hand!

My satchel is within arm’s reach. I dig my fingers into it until I find one of the magic crystals. I place it under the anubian f****** my mouth. 

Using my finger, I draw the runic symbol for water into the sand. The crystal lights up, and a pillar of water surges up from it. The anubian falls back, it’s c*** sliding out of my throat, completely doused and dissolves into wet sand. 

“I am a witch!” I shout. The sound of clashing hips stop. The anubians with their d**** still in me try to pull out, but because we’re still knotted it tugs against my p****.

“Aahh! Stop— slowly! If you pull it out now— ” 

The tug of war between the anubian’s swelled-up c*** and my c*** lights up a final explosive orgasm.

“—I’m going to… nngh, c** again! Aaaahhhh! Hhhaahhh! AAAAAaaahhhhh!!!”


They step away from me, and then dissolve into sand.


“Haahh… hahh… Oh, thank goodness.”

For god knows how long, I’ve been getting my brains screwed out by one construct after another. Those things were clearly conjured by latent magic resting in this pyramid. The same goes for the sphinx. 

I probably would have been released once the mana runs out, but who knows how long that could’ve taken?

My legs give out from under me as soon as I stand up. A fountain of what I can only guess is ejaculate gushes out of my p**** and onto a puddle below me.

“Ugh… stupid dogs…”

I drink the last of my stamina draught for a boost. Mira still has her flash brewed ones, but unless I find her I can’t count on them. I collect my belongings as my strength returns to me. I feel alive again. My ass and c*** is a little sore but that should pass.

The stone door between the sphinx’s front legs shudders open. Inside, I find not a tomb containing the mummified remains of a pharaoh, nor a tremendous mound of riches, not even my companions.

Three large crystals the size of a grown orc float listlessly in the air. Beneath them is another teleportation circle. Their runes glow with a steady blue color.

“These crystals are brimming with energy.” As soon as I put my hand on one, it begins to resonate with my mana. “They must be what’s fueling this forged world. But even with the help of other witches, Eudora couldn’t possibly have accumulated enough crystals for the other towers.”


A shrill laughter fills the room, echoing off the walls. It’s coming from all sides, but I don’t see anyone else in here.

“Your tits may be bigger than your brain, but you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.”

“Who’s there?” I keep my staff close. This time I won’t be caught unawares.

“You should know who I am. After all, haven’t you been looking for me?”

The blood in my veins turns cold, and my feet glued to the ground. 

“Eudora…” I answer. My hands are trembling, and my voice is shaking so much I don’t know if I can incant a spell properly. Even so, I have to stand strong. “Where are you hiding? Show yourself!”

“You’re looking in all the wrong places if you’re trying to find me. I’ll tell you what. Join me instead of that relic of the past, and I will guarantee you a safe place by my side. You have all the makings of a strong witch if you would just cast away your shackles.”

“Nice try, but I’m not going to betray the covenant.”

“Collared dogs eventually forget that there is a hand at the end of the leash. I pity you.”

“Spare me your false compassion. You had none for the Empire of Saquin.”

There’s a subtle gasp, almost as though Eudora is shocked by my own words. She begins to laugh, cackling madly as is true to her name.

“Allow me to let you in on a little secret.” I can sense the smile on her face at this moment. “The destruction of the thousand-year dynasty of Saquin was ordered by none other than Headmaster Anora, sanctioned by the Council of Kings.”

“What… I— I don’t believe you!”

Headmaster Anora… plotted the destruction of an entire empire…? That must be a lie…

“No one did. That’s why it was the perfect crime— until I escaped. Unfortunately, I must go. Since you are a guest, I shall leave a parting gift. Do enjoy yourself as much as you do other demihumans.”

“I’m not done with you— “

The teleportation circle flashes with bright light. A large hulking creature with black fur and horns materializes. A gold ring adorns the snout. Muscles pull taut its skin from the slightest movement.

Greater even is the massive c*** between its legs. Even flaccid, it is larger than any orc or centaur. The slab of meat twitches with excitement as the minotaur turns its lustful eyes on me.

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