3 – Goblins Pt. 2 “B*** witch hoo ha ha!”

They seem to like breasts so maybe… “Y-you like boobs, right? How about I pleasure you with my breasts?”

Each of the goblins tilt their heads in confusion. “Boobs? No hole.”

“How that?”

“B*** witch stalling. F*** her!”

The goblin in front of me inserts the tip of his dick. They really are going to gangbang me if I don’t do something…

“If… if I squish your d**** between my boobs, I promise it will feel really good!” The p**** going into me stops and pulls out.

“Boobs? Feel good?” He slaps his dick on my breasts and says, “How?”

They start playing with them even more. Kneading with more intensity, pinching and sucking the nipples. I climax two more times before they finally get it right. The goblin pushes my boobs together on his dick and starts thrusting like he’s screwing a hole.

“Oooh!” The revelation comes to them all at once. The one who has his dick between my breasts has his head reeled back in bliss. Suddenly, his dick starts throbbing and his body quivering. Thick c** spurts from the head, coating my face and chest with his load.

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“Eugh… it has such a strong smell…” I spit out a bit that got into my mouth.

“Squishy boobs, good! Big b*** witch!”

Another one takes his place in front of my chest to do the same. One by one they take turns until I’m covered in their c**. I may be safe for now, but it means nothing if I can’t free myself.

“Never had squishy big boobs like b*** witch!”

“Make pregnant. Squishier boobs when pregnant!”

“No, wait!” I beg again. “I can make you feel even better.”

The goblins mumble amongst themselves. “Boobs better than hole?”

“I can…gulp… service you more easily if you let me go…”

They mumble even more.

“It trap?”

“B*** witch release females.”

“Risk release b*** witch?”

I don’t know why the b*** angle is working, but it’s my best bet at getting them to let me go. 

“I just need to be able to use my hands and mouth.” I tell them.

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“Oooooh.” They all seem to agree in unison.

One of them cuts me loose from the post. I make a mental note of where my belongings are— behind them, next to the campfire. Once their guard is down, I can make a break for my staff and take them out with another thundra.

“B*** witch, get to work!” A goblin lays on the ground with his dick erect like a pole.

“Uweh… this is not how I expected my encounter with goblins from the Weeping Expanse to go down…”

I bend down and engulf his dick between my breasts. Using their c** as lubricant, I give him a boobjob while teasing the tip with my tongue. He looks like he’s in complete ecstasy. It’s clear to me they’ve never had a tittyfuck before. The technique works him up real fast and he orgasms in no time.

“Me, next! Me next!”

The goblins start lining up and pushing each other to get to the front. As I get to work on the next one, I realize that I might be stuck here for a while. Not counting the unconscious ones, there are about a dozen left.

If they c** as fast as the first one, I should be done in no time. Hopefully. 

As I think that, the ones I made c** line back up at the end for a second round. Just how many loads are they carrying in those testicles of theirs?!

After what felt like an eternity, I’m finally on the last one. He grabs my head, shoves his dick into my throat, and lets loose a load bigger than the rest.

Gulp…! Gulp… mmph… Peh— cough! Haahh… am I finally done?”

Most of the goblins have fallen asleep with the most blissful expression on their face. I take the chance to make a run for my staff, but a weight slams into me from behind and knocks me down.

“Hehe… b*** witch boobs good. But me like hole better!”

The goblin latches onto my back, humping my butt with his dick. At this, he’s going to get inside…

My staff is only inches away from my grasp. Only just a little more… 

Then something presses against my backdoor. The awkward shape of his dick begins to pry open my butt. 

“Oh… no, you don’t!” I finally grab ahold of my staff. “Thundra vas o’rea!

Lightning surges across the camp once again, this time shocking everything including the goblin on my back to blackish green crisp.

“Whew… almost lost my other virginity back there…” I say, rubbing my butt.

Without sparing another moment, I quickly dress myself and check on the girl. She’s still asleep. That will make the trek back home a lot easier. 

As soon as I get back to my great hollow, there are already Durai guards waiting for my return. Their noses wrinkle up when they approach me. “Miss Ellori! Thank goodness you’re safe. Oh, god… what’s that smell?”

I pass the unconscious girl to the guards before my legs collapse from exhaustion. “Let’s… not talk about that.”

Rio greets me at the door. “Nya~”

I run a bath underneath the great hollow that has been hollowed out to serve as a bathroom. By combining a fire and water spell together, hot water pours out from my staff to fill the lower trunk. Once the water level rises up to my knees, the spell ceases and I can take a dip in the bath to relax.

“Haahhh… this is paradise. After this, I’ll need to write about the goblins in my journal before I forget.” 

I can’t sit still. Maybe it’s the heat or my exhaustion, but I’m feeling itchy down there and nipples are still hard. I hope the guards didn’t notice…

The sensation of their d**** against my breasts are still so vivid. My fingers find their way down to my clit. With my free hand, I gently squeeze my nipples. I start rubbing myself, imagining how they almost had their way with me. 

“Guh— to think… nngh… goblins made me c**… ahh! By teasing my breasts…nnnghahh!” My body trembles to another orgasm.

“Alright… time to write that journal entry— huh?” I look up to see a goblin dick in my face. Is the heat causing me to hallucinate? I must be seeing things.

No… there’s a better explanation for this…and I had completely forgotten!

“Gaaah! Ellori, you dummy!!!” I scream at myself just as the goblin pounces.

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