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30 – F***** by a Minotaur (Part 1)

The minotaur slams its fists into the ground.


“Oh, s***—”

He charges head first. I dodge out of the way as his horns puncture into the wall, the impact shaking loose sand and dust, and causing the ceiling to splinter.

At this rate, he’s going to collapse the entire room.

Minotaurs are highly resistant to magic. Attacking him with offensive spells will just be a waste. In that case, I just need to take away his movements.

Aqua vas o’rea!

What little moisture exists in the air coalesces and dampens the floor with a thin layer of water.

Vanis sleuth.” I incant a spell and hop into the air to avoid getting my feet stuck.

The ground instantly freezes over with a blanket of ice. 

The minotaur rips a chunk of the wall away in freeing its horns. He turns back to me, eyes red with fury. He stomps the floor and charges again. This time he loses his footing on the ice and slips, skidding across the ground and crashing into the wall.


Because of his massive weight, the creature can’t get back up without falling over himself. Even as it gingerly climbs to its feet, a single step sends him tumbling down.

The ice won’t hold him for long though, I need to think of something to keep him down for good. Killing him is an option, but it looks like he was forcibly summoned here by the crystals.

Minotaurs are sentient demihumans. They may not have the same intelligence as orcs or centaurs, but they’re capable of conscious thought and emotions. Killing him would be no different than killing a human being.

“Violence is not permitted in the summoning room.” The sphinx’s monotonous voice echoes from every corner of the room. “Crystal integrity must be preserved. Proceeding to purge all life not identified as Eudora Faust.”

“Oh, no. More trouble?”

Magical energies pour from the crystals, melting the ice and sinking into the ground. A number of anubians form from the sands carrying bladed scepters and maces. They turn on both me and the minotaur, driving their weapons into his muscular body.

“MRRRrrrooooooo!!!” The minotaur groans in agony.

There’s not enough moisture in the air for me to conjure water. Even if I destroy them, they’ll likely reform anyway. I have to deactivate the crystals somehow, but that might leave me stuck here.

“Well… either I’m trapped or I die to bipedal mutts.” 

I’ll just figure this out one step at a time. For now, it’s about to get a little hot in here.

I drink an elemental resistance potion and a restoration potion.

Igni vas o’rea!

Fire pours from my staff, consuming the room in an inferno. If it weren’t for my increased resistance right now, I would be cooked alive. The minotaur should be fine thanks to its innate resistance as well. We just need to hang on.

Vanis blanchet.”

The spell begins to take effect, compressing the heat into the bodies of each anubian. They shudder and collapse each time they try to reform. Extreme temperatures melt the sand constructs into liquid glass. 

“And now… vanis sleuth!” 

I sap the heat from the glass, hardening them and then redirecting the heat towards the crystals. The whole world begins to shake, like I had just destroyed its foundations. Sweltering heat disperses, absorbed into the large magic gems and consequently denaturing them. 

“Crystal… integrity… compromised…” The sphinx utters it’s final distorted words before going silent.

The trembling stops. It seems like the forged world has stabilized. But without the crystals to continue powering it, this place is only running on reserves. I will need to find a way out before it eventually collapses.

Fortunately, I have two smaller crystals left. It may just be enough to transport me out.


I rush up to the minotaur, it’s entire body is littered with deep wounds. Gushing blood is caked onto its once pristine obsidian fur. I could let it die, but… this poor thing is in so much pain. He probably didn’t want to be here to begin with.

“Mrooo!” His hand balls into a fist and launches forward.

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I lift my staff to block a blow that never comes. Instead, the sound of crumbling sand from one last anubian cascades down behind me. He drops back down clutching his wounds.

“Th— thank you.” I shake away my hesitation and pull out a restoration potion. “Open your mouth.”

I pour the contents of the potion into its mouth, and the wounds close up immediately. It continues to lie on the ground, calmer than when it was first summoned. Maybe it’s not aggressive since it knows I’m not a threat.

Crr… crack!

He shoots to his feet and catches a large slab of stone broken loose from the ceiling. It would’ve crushed me if he hadn’t acted in time. He tosses it aside and shrugs his shoulders.

“Hoo… if we’re going by numbers, I think I owe you now. Thank you.”

The minotaur gets to his feet and puts a hand to his chest. “Taur… ac.”

I put a hand on his chest rippling with muscles. Maybe I’m still sensitive from being gangbanged by the anubians during the riddle trial, but just touching him turns me on. Especially since he’s naked.

“Taurac. I’m Ellori.”

Taurac grunts in response, and then slumps against the wall in exhaustion.

The potion may have healed him, but it won’t replenish his stamina. He’ll need some time to recover. Though, I don’t know if my crystals have enough magic to send us both back.

I embed my remaining crystals into the runic etching, but it will take some time before I can use the teleportation circle. Since it was originally drawing energy from another source, it will have to recalibrate to the new source.

Thankfully, I learned how to tamper with old magic. Using my staff as a conduit between the new source and the circle, the runes will slowly adjust themselves so that it isn’t drained into the forged world instead. I would be stuck otherwise.

I take a seat by Taurac as I watch my staff linking manalines together in an orchestra of crackling energy.


The minotaur leans down and starts licking my face. He’s too strong to push away, and I’m scared he might strike out if I resist. His tongue itself is a giant piece of meat stroking my lips and cheeks. I get caught up in the moment and let my tongue roll out to play with his. 

“Mmmm… hehe, you did save me twice. I suppose I can indulge you for a bit.”

My body grows hot just from his scent. I lean up to kiss him on the snout and lick the length of his tongue. I wonder how that tongue would feel eating out my p****? 

Something rubs against my thighs, I look down to see his already enormous dick growing erect. I’d be wrong if I said I wasn’t curious. Something as big as that would definitely feel good inside me, but no doubt hurt like hell. Headmaster Anora said she often had sex with a minotaur. How exactly did she manage that? 

I’m getting dizzy the more I look at his bulging c***. I swallow hard and start undoing my robes. “It’s a little hot in here, isn’t it?”

His pillar of meat twitches and stands to attention as my robes drop to my ankles. The minotaur lays down and I get on top of him, sandwiching his dick between our bodies. 

It’s full length can be measured from my belly button to the bottom of my chin. Even if this were to go into me, I could only get a third of it at best. Since that’s not happening, I start to pleasure him by dry humping my whole body against his meat pole, squishing the tip between my breasts.

Two large hands reach down to caress my butt, and a large finger finds its way into the entrance of my c***.

“Oohh, mmmh!”

It feels like a whole dick inside me, but I know it’ll be nothing compared to the actual one.

The two of us lay there, fondling and kissing each other. Despite the fact he can easily crush my skull, his touch is gentle. We may have just met, but Taurac treats me like a lover and makes sure I’m feeling good, too.

I had no idea his race could be so affectionate. Every touch sets me on fire more than a igni spell could. This must be why the Headmaster kept one around.

I crawl down just a bit and push my breasts together on his c***. Like a bitch in heat, I salivate over the tip and lick all around the thick head. 

Shlluurrp… shlluurrrp… chu— shllrrrp… haahhh… it’s so hard… are you…. shlluurrp… enjoying this?”

Taurac’s eyes roll back, and his dick twitches between my tits. It takes both hands for me to face his dick in my direction so he doesn’t c** on himself. As though reading my mind, he stands up and holds it in front of me.

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Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! 

An ocean of c** spews onto my body. It’s less viscous than humans or goblins, like water it showers me from my breasts down. There’s so much it pools under my feet. 

Rubbing my breasts and clit with his hot juices makes my head spin. Suddenly, I feel his large tongue brush over my body, each lick sending shivers up my spine.

He doesn’t seem to mind that I’m soaked in his own c**. The wet piece of meat explores every inch of my skin, eager to groom me than anything else. I don’t mind either, it feels like he’s spoiling me.

I cast away my doubts and look Taurac in the eye.

“Okay, big boy. I can’t take it anymore. I want that thing in me.”

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