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30 – F***** by a Minotaur (Part 2)

I reach into my satchel to pull out the elixir of greater panacea I brewed with my highest quality ingredients. This is the most potent restoration potion variant capable of curing any disease known to man, reattaching a recently dismembered limb, resuscitating someone near death, and more.

And I’m about to use it for sex.

It’s the only one I have, and it takes a week to synthesize. I was saving it in case I got into a fight-to-the-death encounter with Eudora, but I’ll be damned if I lose this opportunity to have sex with a minotaur.

I drink the small fortune in a single gulp. Minor wounds on my body disappear, my stamina and mana are also restored. It’s no elixir of life, but I feel like I’m at peak form and on top of the world.

“Now then…”

I climb onto his chest and hang onto him by his neck with my legs wrapped around his waist. Taurac holds me by my butt with one hand, and with his other hand he positions his dick under my p****.

It hits the entrance with resistance. I lower my waist on it as he continues to push up. The pain of his enormous c*** prying my p**** open is unimaginable. I have to grit my teeth and stifle my whimpers as the tip finally breaches. It doesn’t matter how lubricated with spit and c** it is, human women were never meant to naturally accept male organs this large.

“Kah— uguh… wow, this hurts so much…”

My inside is being stretched so much I can feel each tear and rip, but thanks to the potion my body instantly repairs itself. Just like when Luugen first penetrated me, I can see the bulge on my lower stomach.

“You’re tearing me apart, Taurac… you’re so big, nnghh…”

“Mrooo…” I hear the worry and hesitation in his voice.

“Aahh… Keep going…nnngguuuhh… I can handle it.” I say, pampering his snout with wet kisses.

Slowly but surely I adapt to the size.

“Okay… I think I can— uuh, ohh.. god… I’m cumming— aghh, AAAAAaahhh— nnhhaaaaaaahhhhh!”

The moment the tip hits the mouth of my womb, a powerful orgasm nearly robs me of my consciousness.

“Hhaahh… aahhh, I came from it just being inside me…”

I start lifting my body and then bringing it down. I can feel how tight my p**** clings to him.

“You can, ahh… start f****** me. Give it to me… make me your cumdump— aahhh!”

He takes my encouragement as permission to move his hips. His fat dick pumps into me casually at first, and then picks up speed as he also begins to feel good. Every thrust is stopped short when it hits my womb, every time it does I climax just a little.

“AAAAhhhh! Yes! F***, mmmmh… it’s so big… you’re making me— aaaahhh, c** with every thrust!”

Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! 

My p**** is making so much noise, like it’s trying to tell me how much it’s enjoying this.

“I love— ahhh, love being f***** by you!! God… I’m cumming again…!”

This is nothing like sex with an orc. Nothing like being gangbanged by anubians. 

My head is so lightheaded from cumming so much. I’m going crazy.

Taurac opens his mouth and tries to push his tongue into my mouth. I can only take so much. Our tongues wrestle with each other, but I’m mostly sucking on it for his saliva.

Shhluurp… mmmmh… chu, chu! Mmmmpph! Shhlurp… haaahhh

I grab onto his horns to leverage myself. Taurac takes ahold of my hips with both hands to really hammer into me.

Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! 

I’m no longer in pain. Instead, I’m drowning. Drowning in the pleasure of being f***** senseless by a minotaur.

Taurac lightly bites down on my breasts, grinding his teeth like a cow grazing on grass. His tongue teases my nipples 

“AAAAAAHHHHhhhhnnnn! How— how are you… uguuhh… so good at that… mmmnnnhh… another one is… coming— I’m, aaaaaahhhhnnnnnn!!”

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I feel him getting close, too. His dick spasms out of control, and every tremor sends me right into the next orgasm.


Taurac howls as he unleashes a tsunami of c** into me. Pressure builds in my womb as he fills me to my limit. He pulls me off and lays me down. His baby-making juice gushes out of me while his dick pumps wave after wave onto my body. 

I lay there in a puddle of c**, body quivering from being screwed by the biggest dick in my life. Taurac picks me up and lays me on top of him. His broad and muscular chest makes me feel secure, it’s like a bed all on its own. I snuggle into him and kiss his chest before we go into another session of tongue play.

Chu. Chu! Mmmhh, hehe! Kiss! Mmmhh!”

I reach down to stroke his member, it quickly gets hard in my hands again. 

The potion I drank earlier is keeping me alive and full of energy. I can still keep going and match his bestial stamina.

“Make me go crazy again…” I kiss him tenderly on the snout and purr, pleading for more.


I feel like I had an important mission to take care of… friends I needed to return to…

How long have Taurac and I been having sex? It feels like it’s been days, weeks…

I’ve lost track of how many orgasms I had. Whether the elixir is to thank for this, I just know the pleasure isn’t diminishing. 

I don’t get sore, and neither do I get tired or hungry so we can go on forever.. It was my first time taking the elixir, so I don’t know how long it’s supposed to last.

The two of us have been mating nonstop. He’s an endless fountain, cumming into me and onto me without end. Eventually, we stopped caring and just did it on top of a puddle of our own juices.

This pleasure is nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s as though I’ve been taken to another plane blessed to eternal ecstasy. 

Unfortunately, all good things inevitably come to an end whether we like it or not. 

The forged world begins to tremble. Our time to leave is now, or we’ll be obliterated by the collapse.

Taurac creampies me one last time before pulling out.

I’m drenched from head to toe in wet ejaculate. Even with Taurac grooming me, this is going to take some serious washing to get myself cleaned. 

Somehow we ended up at the other side of the room during our sex spree, and thus avoided dirtying my robes. I get dressed and grab my stuff, taking Taurac by his hand and pulling him to the teleportation circle.

“I just have to hope this is enough for both of us. I don’t want to leave you here.” I say, stroking his snout with one hand and his thighs with the other.


He bends down and affectionately rubs his head against mine.

The room around us crumbles, and the ceiling starts to collapse. A familiar bright light envelopes me, obscuring my vision with blinding light.

I’m suddenly thrown onto my back. The chill of night caresses my c** and saliva-soaked body, and the verdant forest ceiling is the only thing I see.

“I’m back!”

Behind me is a wide circular impression on the ground where the tower used to be. And at the center is a glittering gem.

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“It… disappeared…? Wait, Taurac!”

No matter where I turn, my minotaur friend is nowhere to be seen. There’s a great emptiness in my heart at the dreadful thought that he might not have been teleported with me.

“Brilliant. Simply brilliant.”

I whip around to find Eudora standing at the center of the hole. I recognize her by the blood-stained robes, a desecration of our covenant’s sacred colors.

“Eu— Eudora?!”

“All that glitters is gold. Behold the luster of a new era of witches.” 

She picks the gem from the ground and raises it into the air. And to my horror, she swallows it whole.

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