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35 – Harpy Sisters

I come to consciousness being surrounded by what can only be described as blissful fluffiness. Like I’m on a bed of clouds and feathers.

When I open my eyes, I see that my description isn’t entirely incorrect. Molted feathers cover the floor in a layer of their own shedding. Three harpies lay asleep on a bed of twigs and leaves. 

“Am I… in a nest?”

It feels sturdy, but I’m sure too much commotion will send us falling. I can still see the canopy above me, so we aren’t at the forest ceiling. I look over the nest and feel my stomach knot up. It’s a long way down from here.


I turn my gaze back inside the nest. About three harpies in total lay sleeping, snuggled up against each other. It seems they brought me up here after knocking me out. I still feel the back of my head pulsing a little.

The elixir is likely wearing off. Even if it’s still somewhat in effect, I’d rather not risk falling just to get down.

They haven’t killed me yet. Are they friendly, or am I food for later?

I begin to look for a way down, but the only path off this nest are the gnarled branches leading to the trunk of the tree. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t another branch I can leap towards without risking plummeting to my death.

“Wait, the familiars…”

I don’t see Rio or Talos anywhere.

Just as I think I’m alone, Talos comes flying in and perches at the edge of the nest. His head cocks to one side, the other, and then flies off.

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I’m relieved. I suspect Mira must be alive if Talos acted that way. She’s probably coming this way after confirming my position. Thank goodness…

I just need to wait and hold out. Hopefully the harpies don’t wake up.

I can’t help myself to be attracted to their beauty.

This is my first time seeing forest harpies in person before, unblemished by the cruelty of humanity. I’ve seen the desert harpies of Saquin before, but they were in chains and enslaved to the empire.

Their vibrant plumes are beautiful. It almost makes me want to pluck some off and take a bagful with me. I settle for the ones on the ground and store them into my satchel when one of them stirs awake.


The red and orange feathered harpy curiously crawls up to me, her eyes are dilated as one would expect of a predator. I instinctively raise my staff but realize my hands are empty. I don’t know where my staff is—

I’m suddenly tackled onto my back.

“Stop, I’m— !”

Just when I think I’m about to be killed, the harpy embraces me instead, rubbing her head against my chin like it’s trying to scratch an itch.


Unsure what to do, I start stroking her hair and drawing my fingernails into the scalp. She begins to coo and purr, hugging me with more strength.

“Haa… prrr…”

If harpies weren’t the vicious predators I know them to be, I’d think this is the cutest thing ever. It’s not often you get to stroke one like a pet.

This one begins to knead and claw at my robes. She’s like a cat enjoying her scritches. Right now, I’m terrified it’ll get bored of me and start seeing me as a meal if I stop.

By the color of their feathers, they must be young adult harpies. I distinctly remember there being more before I was knocked out. Is the rest of the flock on different parts of the tree?

Red climbs up to my face, her human appearance could have fooled me if it weren’t for the feathers. Her face is blushing, and she’s panting. Is she… in heat? It must be the forest’s doing.

Without warning, she starts licking my cheek, coating my face with her saliva. Her breath is surprisingly sweet. I don’t know what comes over me, but I let it happen. Her tongue tickles my neck, my chin, eventually she starts licking my lips.

I reciprocate the gesture, licking her face back. There are tiny bristles, almost invisible to the eye on their face that tickles my tongue.

Because she’s not wearing clothes, I can see her glistening crotch. This harpy is definitely in heat. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t killed me yet?


A clawed hand grasps at my breast. It’s a gentle touch, almost like she’s caressing me. Unlike Taurus, there is little strength behind it. We lay there cuddling, exploring each other’s bodies. I have to take my robes off otherwise her claws will rip it to shreds.

Seeing me do this, her hand reaches down between my legs. I nearly stop her for fear of the claws, but again, the touch is gentle. Red brushes the blunt side of her claw against my clit. It feels so good and cool to the touch that I even rub myself against it.

I do the same for her, pressing two fingers into her hot entrance. 

Red sighs with pleasure, so loudly that it makes me shudder with joy. She starts grinding her hips against my fingers, moaning loudly every time it penetrates deeper. 

I lose myself to the moment, as soon as her tongue rolls out, I lean in to kiss her. Red is taken by surprise by this, maybe I’m the first it’s ever kissed before. Her lips are stiff and tongue rolls around clumsily against my own. And yet, she is clearly enjoying it.

It doesn’t take long before she catches on what to do. Our tongues intertwine and lock with one another. Red’s expression is in pure bliss. In no time at all, her entire body trembles and she clutches onto me, squeezing her legs shut around my fingers as an orgasm takes ahold of her for the first time.

She continues to lay in my arms, panting. Her p**** still gushes with juices from being wet.

“Aww… you’re so cute. You just wanted to play, don’t you?”


The other two stir and awaken from our foreplay. One with blue and purple plumes, and the other with bright green and yellow.

They approach me cautiously, but seeing that one of their sisters is in my arms, don’t hesitate to lay beside me. Blue and Green, their p****** just as wet and nipples just as hard, start rubbing themselves against me. 

Even Red has recovered from her climax, and all three are dry humping me to sate their libido.

Their touch is every bit tender, like a lover’s embrace. Soft feathers brush against my skin, inviting me to hold them closer to my body. I was afraid at first, but it seems like they’re just looking for affection. 

They start getting bold, their tongues assaulting every inch of my body. Unlike Taurus’ large slab of wet meat, these harpies have tiny spines on their tongues that scrape against my skin.

Like an infant, Green sucks on my breast as though she expects milk to come out from it. Blue crawls down between my legs, attracted by the scent of my p****. Red, still high from her orgasm, goes after the same feeling again with my fingers.

It isn’t enough for Red. Her tongue salivates so much it drips onto my body. She jerks back, and I can only surmise she came up with an idea. The red-feathered harpy climbs up and presses her crotch against my head. 

Red humps my face, searching for the right spot until I stick my tongue out to pleasure her. I find her clit just above the slit and lick away. She even squeezes her own breasts and nipples.

I can’t get enough of their expressions. They’re young so it must be their first time doing something like this, their sexual instincts driving them to seek pleasure. 

In that case, I only need to show them real pleasure and sate their lust.

I shove my tongue into Red’s p****. The sensation is too much for her as her legs collapse just a bit. She sticks out her arms, propping herself up on my shoulders to keep from falling away. I grab onto her thighs to push my tongue deeper.

“Haaa, raaa!! Aaahhh!”

While I lick away, using my tongue as an improvised dick, I penetrate Red to another orgasm. She falls to the side clutching her stomach as her p**** squirts from being overstimulated.

Blue, having seen what I did, starts to explore my p**** with her tongue. Her inexperience is cute, and it’s addicting to watch. Soon enough, she discovers the right spot when I spread my legs wider. I thought the tiny spines would hurt, but it’s like brushing the back of my fingernails against skin. Except… I could get used to just lying here while she’s doing it.

Green tugs at my arm, puppy dog eyes stare up at me as she points to her tongue. 

“Aahh… ah!”

I cup my hands over her cheeks and pull her in for a kiss. Just like Red, it’s sloppy, but Green takes the lead in trying to suck on my tongue. I fight back, our tongues wrestle playfully while I’m being licked by Blue.

Red hasn’t had enough either. She joins us in our tongue play, taking turns laying sweet kisses on each other.

The pleasure between my legs builds quickly. Blue is learning fast, my moans give her the motivation to be more adventurous. She’s started using her fingers to play with my clit, and uses her other hand to tease my ass.

Being spoiled by their kisses while I’m pleasured below is too much for me to handle. A quaking orgasm overwhelms me. Green and Red, having sensed my inevitable climax, lowers themselves to suck on my nipples.

“Aahhh! Ahh! I’m cumming!”

I hear my own moans echoing across the trees and back.

As I’m catching my breath, Blue pushes the other two aside and jumps into my arms.

“Aahh! Maaa!”

“Hehe. You want to kiss, too? Come here~”


Blue and I share a kiss on the lips. Once seems to be enough as she snuggles into my chest right after. Red and Green cuddle up to my side, and suddenly I feel like I’ve become a mother to the three harpies.

The four of us lay there cuddling for what feels like hours. For the most part, they beg for pats on the head and belly rubs. At some point, Red dives out of the nest and brings back an armful of apples.

I quickly learn these must be from Esmerelda and her sisters’ orchards.

We end up having sex again, and I taught them the pleasures of tribbing with a partner. They couldn’t stop doing it with each other after learning how great it feels to rub their p****** together.

However, after our session, the three of them glare up at the sky like something is calling to them. Blue and Green gestures to their avian legs, and Red pushes me towards them. 

“Are you girls taking me down?”

“Raa! Raaaa!”

Is all they say. I don’t understand them, but I feel as though I can trust them now.

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I grab onto Blue and Green’s leg, and as soon as they see I’ve got a firm grasp on them, they take off. We shoot past the canopy, flying further into the sky. The tower was a lot closer than I thought, but instead of going down, we continue further up.

“Where— Where are we going??”

Red flies up from below me and points to the top of the tower.

“Raa, aaah!”

As we get closer, my body begins to churn. The mana lines all over my body are beginning to close. It’s the same sensation as being in Esmerelda’s anti-magic zone. But what is something like this doing all the way up here?

My mana returns to me as we reach the top. The harpies let me down on a wide open arena at the apex of the tower. They usher me towards the center where I see ancient runes embedded across the ground.

It seems only the external area is affected, but the interior isn’t.

“What is… this place?”

When I reach the center, I notice a purple stone lodged into the ground— a soul stone.

“Just like at the other tower. If they’re the same, the stone might have been all that’s left once the tower disappeared. So… why isn’t Eudora here? I can’t imagine she’d let height stop her. Unless…”

Is the tower emitting its own anti-magic zone?

Esmerelda did say it was to protect them from witches like her.

The moment I pluck the stone from its resting place, the whole tower begins to tremble.

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