5 – Visiting the Village of Durai Pt. 1

Shlluurp… haahhh— shllrrrp… chu, chuuu— shllrp!”

Gurk wouldn’t let me go to bed until I pleased his sexual urges. For a goblin, he’s a little on the bigger side. When I have him down to the shaft, the tip of his dick reaches the back of my throat. 

Fortunately for me, he’s weak to my technique. As soon as I start humming, the vibrations tease him from base to tip and he cums instantly. Not wanting to make a mess of my home, I swallow his thick load.

Gulp… gulp— pwuah!” I wipe the dribble of c** from my lips. “Now will you let me sleep?”

Gurk is still in a trance, his body still trembling from the orgasm. “Gurk happy now. Mistress mouth p**** better than normal p****!”

So much for waking up early. Building the raised garden beds will have to wait until I return from Durai. I really wanted to start growing some mandragoras and sephalothanes.

No use fretting over it now. I head upstairs, strip off my clothes, and hop into bed. That’s when I feel something crawl underneath the sheets. Rio’s a solitary familiar, and I have a hard time getting him to show affection. Is he finally opening up to me??

“Aw, Rio! You want to sleep with me, tonight? Come here, my little kitty!”

“Nya~?” My familiar meows at me from the end table.

“Wait… if you’re there…?” I lift up the covers to see Gurk crawling up from the bedside. “Gurk?!”

“Sleep with Mistress!”

“No, Gurk. Bad! You’re going to rape me in my sleep, I just know it.”

The biggest problem with him sleeping by my side is a combination of things— I’m a heavy sleeper, I always sleep naked because it’s more comfortable, and Gurk is a goblin. That is just a recipe for disaster.

I look under the sheets again, and sure enough he’s got a raging boner. No doubt from being so close to a naked woman who just recently gave him a b******.

“Safer with Mistress. Scared to sleep alone.”

“Guh…” Why am I weak to his pleading? Gurk is more of a coward than I thought for a goblin. I wonder if he’s a younger one?

This is my own fault, again. I invited him to stay and didn’t even carve out a place for him to sleep.

“Fine… just remember, no sex or it’s back to the woods!” I warn.

“Gurk touch only. No put in.” He snuggles into my chest like a kitten. I wish it was my familiar and not a horny green monster…

“Touching is a no-go, too…” I smack myself for not clarifying sooner. Well, as long as he doesn’t  try anything funny. The last thing I need is to accidentally get pregnant with a goblin baby.


“Nnh… huh—?” I wake up the next morning to a strange weight on my chest, and see a green dick between my breasts. The head twitches and—


C** spews out from it, coating my face and chest. 




After cleaning myself up, Rio and I prepare to leave for Durai. If it’s just a meeting and nothing else, we should return early in the afternoon. Then I can start my planter boxes.

“Mistress Ellori gone long?” Gurk asks with a shaky voice.

“Rio and I will be back sometime in the afternoon.”

“Can’t go with?”

“I’m sorry, Gurk. The villagers of Durai won’t take kindly to a goblin visitor.”

Especially since he’s from the same tribe that kidnapped and raped their women.

“Gurk alone, scared.” He says. “In forests, many monsters. Many orcs and horsemen eat goblins.”

Rio pats the goblin’s leg to reassure him as well. “Nyauu!” 

I almost forgot he’s an inhabitant of the Weeping Expanse. He likely knows more about the forests than I do. When I get back, I should interview him to get as much information as possible.

“You’ll be safe as long as you don’t wander too far outside.” While he’s here, I should give him something to do to take his mind off things. “Gurk, do you know how to farm?”


“No, Gurk! That’s not it! I just want you to build some planter boxes.”

The fear fades from his face, replaced with a toothy smile. “Oooh, can do! Good builder.”

Oh? Did I happen to acquire myself a goblin carpenter? Their architecture and constructions are primitive, but their carpentry is built to last in the harshest of environments. Generations of being the weakest link in the demi-human hierarchy forced them to adopt human professions to survive.

“In that case, can you build me six planter boxes? Each ten by four feet, at about my knee height.” I point behind the great hollow. “You should find a stack of planks behind our tree.”

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“Gurk do this for Mistress Ellori! Want reward for work.” 

“Oh…” I can pretty much guess. “As…as long as it’s not sex…”

“Gurk think of something else. Go work now!”

“Why do I have an uneasy feeling about this?”


By the time Rio and I arrive at Durai, the clouds clear away for the sun’s morning rays. Farmhands and ranchers are already up to prepare another day of hard work.

Durai is a community of farmers along the eastern countryside of Parthun that existed long before the kingdom’s sovereignty. Their farmlands encompass thousands of acres, supporting a variety of orchards and vegetations which feed the kingdom’s people.

One of the guards sees my approach and beckons to the townsfolk. In a matter of minutes, Rio and I are swarmed by grateful villagers. They offer baskets of food and gifts, but I can only take so many. 

Even Rio is suffering his fair share of the attention. All the children who had seen him the first time I visited won’t let him go without a rough petting.

The crowd parts away to two elderly men whom I recognize as the village chiefs, Kes and Ordin. “Miss Ellori, good to see you again.”

“Good to see you two are in good health.” I say, bowing.

Kes bows back and gestures with his cane. “Let’s get this meeting underway, yes?”

The meeting is held in public, an old tradition of Durai and Parthun. A large number of villagers gather around the small amphitheater, while the chiefs take a seat at the table on the stage to face them. 

Ordin gestures to an open seat between him and Kes. I don’t realize how close together we are until I sit down, our shoulders just barely touching. Kes leans over, I feel his eyes glancing down my robes. He says, “The first meeting shall be held public. We must relay what King Marcus told us to the people. Then we shall have the second meeting in private to discuss what shall be done.”

“Yes, sir— eep!” A wrinkly hand plants on top of my right knee. Did Ordin mistake mine for his own knee?? 

Suddenly, the hand starts caressing my thigh.

“Miss Ellori,” Ordin begins, his hand now rubbing my inner thigh. “We’re very happy the Witch’s Academy sent us such a promising young woman to assist with Parthun’s many issues. I thank you on behalf of Durai.”

The villagers can’t see this happening because the tablecloth extends down to the floor. I grab his hand, but his free hand picks up where the other left off. “O-of course… it is my pleasure to help.”

The attendees applaud, and I see the three boys from the other day waving at me. I wave back, not realizing I let go of Ordin’s hand. Then, another pair of hands assault me. Kes has one hand caressing my back and the other rubbing my left thigh.

“C-chiefs…?” I say under my breath.

Kes smiles for the villagers and speaks in a hushed voice, “Be still, Miss Ellori. We don’t want to alarm the village folk.”

“King Marcus has informed us by letter that there appears to be dark magic brewing in the Weeping Expanse.” Ordin explains as his hand reaches under my robes to probe at my crotch.

“Nn— eek!” My body jerks in surprise at the intrusion, but I try to maintain calm. I cross one leg over the other, but the hand continues to squirm and stimulate my lower body.

Kes continues, “Indeed. We were just as shocked as you were, Miss Ellori. We know little of the creatures exist in the forests, but recently King Marcus learned there may be another influence at play. Worse than orcs, centaurs, or goblins.”

The villagers gasp at this revelation. Murmurs fill the amphitheater. Kes’ hands leave my body to clap twice, drawing everyone’s attention back to them. When their eyes settle back on us, his hand returns to my back and pulls loose one of the straps.

“But worry not! Parthun is under the protective watch of the Witch’s Academy, sending none other than their greatest student!” The crowd applauds again at Ordin’s words, and then he says quietly, “Go on, wave to them!”

I lift a hand to wave, but keep one hand around my abdomen to keep my dress from slipping down. Ordin takes this opportunity to invade between my legs. A finger slips into my underwear and rubs my clit. 

I’ve been so pent up being around that horny goblin all night that this situation is turning me on. Even my nipples have gotten hard. For them to be stimulated just from the fabric… I hope no one notices…

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I throw a pleading glance at Ordin who turns to me with a grin, “See, everyone? Ellori the witch is excited as well! Do you have anything to say to the people of Durai?”

I’m cumming…

“I— aaahhnngh?!” The finger teasing my clit slips into my body. Kes reaches into my robes from behind and presses a finger into my ass. The two of them start fingering me in front of the crowd. “Yes… nnngh… I’m here to do my best for… everyone— ahh!”

I’m cumming so hard— 

The villagers rise from their seats to give me a standing ovation. All of them watch as I climax from their chiefs finger-f****** me under the table.

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