50 – After Saving a Dragon, the Next Logical Step is to F*** it.

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The dragon licks at its bloodied claws that were injured from scratching at the surface of the cavern. Brilliant silver scales glimmer under the low torchlit tunnel. Upon closer inspection, it has no wings, and is much smaller than the adult red dragon I fought. My initial presumption was correct, this is a drake— an adolescent dragon between the age of 30-100.

Despite its size, I’m still dwarfed by a good several feet. I’ll be at a disadvantage if at any point this creature decides I’m food. I have to keep vigilant.

Though… my fears are beginning to seem unfounded.

Without so much as another word after licking my face, it begins to lumber away down the tunnel with its tail tucked between the legs.

“Wait, where are you going?” I catch up to it, but seeing me run towards it causes it to tiptoe back from me.

“I’m… going to hide for a few hundred years until I’m older. If you will excuse me…”

When it says hide, I’m reminded of Mira having described it as a reclusive dragon. Which in itself is an odd way to describe these terrifying beasts. It speaks with a meekness I never expected of a dragon if one could talk. I imagined it would be deeper, more vain in its manner of speech.

My scholarly intrigue is piqued once again. I may be the first witch to ever converse with a dragon. Forget killing it for its heart, I want to study it.

“I’ve never met a talking dragon before. I was hoping we could talk more,” I ask eagerly.

“Uu… you want to talk… to me? Why?”

“Because you’re interesting.” I declare. I can see the sparkle in my eyes through the reflection of its scales.

“Y-You think I’m interesting? The other dragons don’t think so… they breathe fire at me whenever I try to talk to them. I just want to hide alone, and maybe I’ll forget how to talk after a century or something…”

Come to think of it, Miuna is also an anomaly. She’s the only known slime that can talk.

“How did you start talking? Did witches that look like me do this to you?”

It shakes its head. “I don’t know. I don’t know! If a witch did this to me, maybe you can take away my ability to talk? It’s done nothing but cause me trouble.” 

The large jewelled eyes couldn’t look more depressed if it tried.

“I’m sorry. Your, uh… ailment isn’t even something I know how to inflict, let alone cure.”


It continues down, even more dejected than before.

This tunnel, much like the architecture of the other forged world, demonstrates human tampering. Smooth, dark marble walls that could only have been constructed from magic stretches for miles. Eventually, the cold atmosphere becomes a lukewarm humid.

Unable to deal with the silence for much longer, I decide to spark another conversation. “How about we start with introductions? I’m Ellori Farrowghast. What’s yours?”

“Dragons don’t have names…”

“You’re a male dragon, yes?”

It nods.

“I’ll name you then. I don’t want to name you ‘Silver,’ I already have three other colors back home. How about Zeke?” I choose a name at random, but he seems overjoyed by it.

“Zeke. Is that a cool name in human language?”

“Ah… sure!”

We finally reach the end of the tunnel. The walls take a drastic change in color to a greyish-white. The color isn’t the only change, the temperature changed significantly as well. What was initially freezing cold at the start is now comfortably warm. The tunnel opens up to an enormous chamber, like a bathhouse of High Saquin. 

Light floods in from the high ceiling, tall enough to fit a tree from the Weeping Expanse. A pool of water deep enough to take a dip in despite my new size. I’m in awe at the sheer scale of this place. Ancient witches were certainly no pushover to create something so grand. Or perhaps vain is the better word.

Zeke lowers himself into the water and dunks his head under.

The whole talk about becoming a hermit is more serious than I thought. I wonder if there’s anything I can do to help him? Since I’m already here, I might as well take a dip. 

I shed my robes and equipment, and then dive into the water to sit next to Zeke. He blows bubbles into the water, agonized by something in his mind.

“You’re really planning to hole yourself up in here? What if you go hungry,” I ask.

“Then I’ll fly out every once in a while. I just don’t want to be made fun of anymore. I hate that I can talk, and I’m weak compared to the other drakes,” he says, whipping up a wave of water with his tail.

“If you stay cooped up in here, you’ll never find your soulmate. I’m sure there’s a dragon out there who won’t mind your speech.”

“I’ve given up. I can’t attract female dragons because my talking weirds them out,” he remarks, sinking his head into the water.

What am I even doing? I’ve suddenly become a therapist for a dragon to talk out its problems. His distress does seem genuine. Dragons are solitary creatures. However, when it comes time to find a mate, it is the sole thought in their minds. After impregnating or becoming pregnant, they go back into their solitary lifestyle. When Zeke hits that point of his life, it might be too much for him to bear if he’s constantly rejected.

“So even dragons have dating problems, huh?”

I do feel bad for him. If he were to live out his life alone here, it would be miserable. Being unable to find a mate sounds like his biggest worry. What if I give him a little encouragement? Since I’m still enlarged, this is a good opportunity to have se— 

To study the dragon more intimately.

Zeke jolts out of the water as I rub the soft scales of his belly. He climbs out of the baths and huddles up against the corner of the room.

“Wha— What are you doing?”

I follow him out saying, “I think you’re giving up too quickly because you don’t know the pleasures of the female body. What do you say I show you?”

“B-B-B-But, I’m a dragon… and you’re human. We can’t—”

He has nowhere to flee because he let himself get cornered. I press my body against his still warm-scales from soaking in the hot water. He trembles at my touch, unsure of how to react to my advances. 

As a dragon, he’s known humans as tiny and fragile apes. Even though I’m about as large as he is, he’s afraid of accidentally hurting me. So he lays on his back, docile and submissive for me to do as I please.

My constant stimulation wears him down, and he can’t endure it anymore. A patch of softscales on his lower abdomen part, giving way to a thick red dick. 

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From a glance, the shape reminds me of an anubian’s member. The only difference is there are small nubs running up the shaft, and the tip is thicker with a more triangular shape— perfect for penetrating a female dragon’s scales to get to their entrance. It’s about as large as my normal human size, but as I am now, it looks perfect for my enlarged state.

I go down to lick the tip, already slickened by the dragon’s own lubricant secretions. It tastes bitter, more so than sweat, but it makes my mind hazy. The more I suck on it, the larger it grows and harder it becomes.

“We shouldn’t be doing this— ahh… Ellori, your mouth is so hot…”

It gets to the point where I don’t even know if it can fit inside me anymore. However, that disappointment is short-lived, and I’m caught by surprise as the dragon’s c*** splits into two— one large member on top of the other.

“S-Sorry!” Zeke apologizes, covering his face in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, I’m in love. He has no idea what having two d**** means to both of us. “Don’t be sorry, it’s going to become a lot more fun.”

Now that its size is split in half, I’m able to stimulate him even more. I squeeze his lower member between my breasts, while I suck on the top one. It’s still large and long enough that I can deepthroat it. I can tell he’s close by the twitching of both his cocks.

“Something’s coming out… I can’t hold it in anymore!”

“Ish fhine… shluurp… mmm… leh it out… shhhlluurp!”

He rears his head back, roaring and blowing fire to the ceiling. As that’s happening, a piping hot load of c** drains down my throat while my breasts are drenched. He let out enough that it pools around us but is still rock hard.

I’m so horny. I need them in me now.

“Wow… that was amazing! Was that sex?” He asks innocently.

“Not yet,” I say, climbing onto his belly and positioning my c*** on his d****. “This is.”

I guide one into my p****, lowering my hips until it reaches my womb. I can almost feel the triangular tip of his c*** poking through my cervix. Looking down, there’s still a few inches or feet— I can’t tell with my size anymore— left, but I can’t fit anymore.

If a dragon could moan, Zeke’s low growls sound almost like purring. “I’m— I’m inside— ahh! It’s tighter than your mouth…is this really sex?”

His male and bestial instincts to breed take hold. It’s his first time, but his hips begin to thrust into me. Gentle at first— like he’s afraid to break me. I mimic his pace, grinding on his c*** slowly.

“Haaahh… it’s quite literally, nngh… the biggest I’ve ever had…”

The nubs scraping along the walls of my p**** intensifies the pleasure of being penetrated. Whenever he drills into me, his second c*** slaps against my ass, teasing me to put it in.

“Guh… f***, aahhh— yes! You’re so deep… I can feel it— aah!”

My sense of reasoning is robbed from me with every thrust. The moans, the wet slapping of our meat, they echo across the bathhouse chamber. Emboldened by my cries of euphoria, Zeke grabs my hips and butt with his claws.


His eyes fill with worry. “I’m sorry! Did that hurt? It was feeling so good, I couldn’t help myself.”

I lean over his scaly chest, caressing the softscales of his belly and dragging my hands up to his snout. 

“Stick your tongue out and keep f****** me,” I beg.

The confusion on Zeke’s face is followed by him opening his jaws. A long, slithering tongue rolls out, reminiscent of the gorgon’s forked tongue. I lather kisses on the wet piece of meat. He takes my invitation to start thrusting into me.

His warm tongue licks at my face. I keep my mouth open, and it eventually finds its way into my throat.

I’m doing it…and I’m going to c**.

I’m f****** a dragon and making out with it, and he’s making me c** so hard.

“Ngh… ” Zeke’s claws clench on my waist. “It’s coming out again, Ellori… do I let it inside?”

“Mmm… Yesh, leh it out inshide!”

I collapse onto his body, the orgasm draining the strength from my arms. His c*** doesn’t just gush out, it shoots the c** deep into me. Zeke keeps me plugged up, making sure that every bit it drains into my womb.

The tongue slips out of my throat as he lays back on the ground. The enormous red c*** pops out, more swollen than it previously was when we started. I crawl over his chest and wrap my arms around his neck. Zeke snuggles into me as I lay kisses on his snout.

“How was it?” I ask, cooing into his ears. “To be the first dragon to f*** a witch?”

“I’ve never felt anything like it. I want to keep doing it with you and make you feel good, too!”

“Oh, aren’t you sweet. We’re in luck.” 

I climb off of him and onto all fours. It’s not the most comfortable position for my knees due to the hard floor, but it will have to do for what I want next. On the ground with my ass in the air, I assume the universal mating position that most four legged creatures know.

Zeke’s base instincts take over again, enticed by the sight of my glistening p****. The incredible feeling he experienced a moment ago, the need to sate his lust and desire to impregnate— it culminates with crawling over to me seeking more. 

I wait, yearning to accept him, spreading one cheek to show him both holes and I are ready. The dragon’s shadow towers over me. He stands on hind legs to his full height, positioning two glistening red masts. Their pointed tips grind against each hole, warning me of the inevitable.

“Don’t keep my waiting, Zeke. Treat me like a female dragon and— agah! Aaah! Yes— aaahhh, I’m going to c**~”

A shock runs up my body as the two rods ram into me. My ass and p**** are stretched to their limits. The nubs massage all the right places, driving me to another orgasm the moment they hit my deepest part. If I was a little bigger, I could have taken all of him. But this will have to do.

“Ellori… this is so much better than before… you’re so tight, it’s like you’re clenching me!”

“Nnh… f*** me, Zeke… fill me with your dragon c**!”

His forelegs drop down in front of me. He begins to piston into me, his massive form propels each thrust with such force that it hits the entrance of my womb. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a slut, but what would otherwise hurt, is sending me to heaven each time he drills into me. Having both of my holes f***** at the same time is the best feeling ever.

My hips clap back against his belly as I push to meet his thrusts. I don’t care if he wrecks my inside. I’m cumming so hard, the pleasure is all that I can think about.

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Zeke’s tongue rolls out to lick my back. The stimulation causes my whole body to shiver. It explores elsewhere— my breasts, my face, even the juices spilling out from where our bodies meet. The loving caress of his tongue makes me weak, and if it weren’t for the potions I drank earlier, I would have passed out from being overstimulated.

We’re alone in this forged world. Time is slowed to such an extent that I can spend weeks here and not even a day would go by outside. I want nothing but these two d**** screwing me for as long as I can help it.

I let my voice ring loud. I want to hear my own moans of pleasure. These echoes are music to Zeke’s ears. His thrust becomes more intense, and with each orgasm I have, the better the next one feels.

“Will… will you be my mate?” He blurts out. “I don’t care about other dragons anymore— I just want to be with you!”

His sudden surge of confidence is met with my frenzied moans. Wanting more of him inside me, I answer in the only way I can. “Yes! Yes! Let me be your dragon bitch— aaahhh! Mate with me, f*** me! Nngghaaaahh! F*** me like you want to impregnate me, Zeke!”

As though my words flipped a switch in him, Zeke became more bestial and true to his draconic nature. He continues to f*** me with the sole purpose of impregnating me. It won’t happen, but that doesn’t stop that base instinctual need that finally overwhelms his mind. I’m being made his mate, like a sex toy to serve his desire— I’m his bitch in heat who won’t be satisfied from a single session alone.

The only warning I get is the throbbing. Both members pump c** into me, filling me up so much it pushes me away from his d****. I fall onto the puddle of thick ejaculate, the scent of it quickly getting me horny again.

Zeke nudges my quivering body with his snout and licks my face. “I don’t know what went over me! I’m sorry! Are… are you okay?”

I grab him by the snout. “It was… the best. You don’t need to always say sorry.”

I’m surprised my body has yet to return to normal. Is the elixir supposed to last that long, or does it have to do with the warped passage of time in this world? It was like this for the elixir of greater panacea. Chances are if it’s not losing effect here, it will begin to once I’m back outside.

I stand up and brush the c** from my body. There’s a drain in the ground that’s emptying all the c** Zeke let out, and the c** leaking out from my holes.

While I’m in here, I might as well savor the bath. I dive into the bath again and swim to the opposite end of the pool. His jewelled eyes continue to stare lustfully at me.

“I still have a lot of things I want to ask you, Zeke.” I climb halfway out of the pool, leaning over the edge and shaking my butt at him. “But first, as your mate, it’s my duty to pleasure you until you’re satisfied.”

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