6 – Visiting the Village of Durai Pt. 2

“What… what was all that for?!” My fury comes pouring out as soon as we enter Kes’ private manor. “That was the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me… and in front of all those people…”

Thinking about it should make me embarrassed, but thinking back on the orgasm while being watched is flipping a switch I didn’t know I had.

Kes comes into the room with wine and three cups in his hands. “Now, now! There’s good reason for why we did that.”

“It better be a damn good reason!” I snatch the cup from his hand. Some of the wine spills onto the table, but I’m too furious to care about etiquette.

“The dark magic I mentioned in the public meeting,” Ordin begins, “It appears to be intentionally targeted at Parthun and originating from the Weeping Expanse.”

“How do you mean?” I ask suspiciously. “And how the hell does this link back to why you fingered me??”

“Let me finish! King Marcus of Parthun received a threatening letter asking him to step down and abdicate the throne. The contents of the letter also stated that if he did not, then he will rule but a kingdom of carnal beasts.”

Kes cuts in. “You’ve seen it first hand, didn’t you? No sane woman willingly fornicates with flea-ridden goblins.”

“Ah… ahaha… right.” I bite my tongue about Gurk. 

“Until a few years ago, demi-humans wouldn’t dare leave the Weeping Expanse, let alone kidnap people from our villages. King Marcus believes it is magic’s doing.” Ordin suggests.

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I do find it odd that the goblins I encountered had such an excessive libido. To kidnap so many women and not even be satisfied. Then the woman I tried to save went into a sex craze. There is definitely something going on. 

Could Headmaster Anora know more? She said I was the best choice to send to Parthun. What exactly did she mean?

“Our women have been acting strange, as well as some of the men. I suspect it may be the result of this magical haze coming from the forests.” Kes says.

“Strange how?” I ask.

The chiefs give each other an embarrassed look. Ordin finally says, “They are more inclined to… salacious and lewd conduct, and without a shred of shame.”

Kes and Ordin put their hands up to ask for forgiveness. “So you see, we were testing to see if you’ve fallen under such influence!”

“I had no idea…” Is it possible that I’ve been affected?

When I think about it, I have been letting Gurk stay with me and provided sexual relief on more than one occasion. Even before that, my near-gangbang incident with his tribe…

“S-so… what was your verdict?” I ask, somewhat afraid to hear the answer.

Kes’ eyes widen and he says, “It seems you are fine! Such is the power of a witch, yes?”

“I’m beginning to understand,” I say with a sigh. “You want me to investigate whether or not there truly is a culprit behind everyone’s… unusual lustfulness?”

“Yes. We believe a rogue witch or rival sovereignty is at work.” Ordin says, referring back to the letter.

I take a sip of Kes’ wine. The sweet flavor of grapes goes down smoothly, enticing me to drink more of it. “This is really good!”

Kes pours into my cup to the brim. “You simply must have more. I can offer you another bottle to take home yourself. My family’s pride is in our vineyards.”

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“So, Ellori… you look so young for a witch. How old are you?” Ordin scoots closer to me.

“I’m nineteen. Two years younger than the average Witch’s Academy graduate.” I say puffing out my chest. 

No matter how much I drink, my cup doesn’t appear to be emptying. My head is getting warm and fuzzy, and Kes has cozied up to my other side. “A girl as pretty as yourself must have had a boyfriend growing up?”

“Hehe… I used to be popular with all the boys in Grathir. Ah, Grathir’s the city where the Witch’s Academy is based in. I’ve had a few boyfriends, but they’ve never been able to… properly… nnh… ahh—!”

A hand slips into my underwear again. One of them is playing with my clit, and I feel another hand rubbing my butt.

“Wait, what are you— Oh, mmmh… that, yes… that’s so good…!” Just like during the public meeting, Kes and Ordin are fingering me again.

Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. Shlick. 

I start grinding my hips against Kes’ fingers. He’s skilled, like he’s done this many times before. With one hand, he’s rubbing my clit and finger-f****** me at the same time. “How are you doing that—? Guh! NNnnn, aaahhh!”

“Miss Ellori, you’re being too loud. That just won’t do.” Ordin grabs my head and kisses me.

“Huh— mmmph?! Chu! Chu— huaah… mph— shhlrrp.” 

He’s doing more than just kissing me. He shoves his tongue into my mouth, like it’s trying to play with mine. Kes’ fingers penetrate faster and more passionately. Something behind me shifts, and my robes fall to my waist.

Ordin’s lets go of my face to pinch my nipples. He twists them a little, but it’s enough to send me over the edge.

Kiss— chu… hahh… I’m cumming— mmph!”

Cumming! Cumming again!!!


The two of them release me and drop their pants down. Two towering d****, larger than Gurk’s, stare back at me. 

“Miss Ellori, please don’t leave us like this!” Kes begs.

“It’s only fair that you pleasure us, too.” Ordin pushes his twitching dick so close that it’s laying on my face. It’s so hot. Their meat looks so delicious right now.

“Only… fair… ” I grab both of their cocks and open wide.

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