7 – Visiting the Village of Durai Pt. 3

My mouth is salivating so much that Ordin’s dick slides down my throat with ease. It’s big, larger and girthier than Gurk’s. There are thick veins all over the shaft that feels good coming in and out of my throat.

Another p**** pokes at my breasts. Kes teases my nipples with the head of his c***. I grab a hold and start stroking. My free hand finds its way past my robes and into my soaking p****, wet from the orgasm of being finger-f*****.

I don’t know if it’s the wine, or if I’m just pent up… but having the two of them look down on me with such lustful eyes is getting me hot all over. These two men who are old enough to be my grandfathers… I’m sucking one off and giving a handjob to the other… 

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All the while I’m playing with myself so I can get off again.

Ordin’s dick twitches and pours a load of c** down my throat. He pulls out slowly with my lips and tongue milking every last drop. I bring Kes’ up to my mouth and tease his bulbous head, drawing my tongue all the way down to the balls and back up the shaft.

“Haamph— shhlrrp… chu, shhlluuurrpp— chu!

This one isn’t as big, but it’s longer and the curvature of Kes’ dick causes the tip to scrap against my throat. It’s like a massage, I bob my head more furiously on top of his c*** to get that feeling around my neck.

Ordin shoves his dick in my face again. I start stroking him the same way I did for Kes. It’s a lot more lubricated in a mixture of my spit and his c**.

Both of their bodies tremble uncontrollably, their heads rear back from the inevitable orgasm. Kes’ dick slips out of my mouth and I jerk both of them to a quaking orgasm. My mouth hangs open as I’m sprayed with their c** from head to stomach.

“Haahh… hahh… ” I catch my breath as Ordin and Kes fall on their butts from exhaustion. “I didn’t know… giving blowjobs could be so intense…”

The two of them glance at each other, and then at me. Their limp d**** start getting erect again. Ordin grabs the bottle of wine and shoves it down my throat. The sweet taste of alcohol making me dizzy again…

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp— cough, cough! What’s… in this…?”

It’s like some sort of aphrodisiac. 

When I look up and see their glistening hard members, my mouth begins to salivate even more.


“UUUWAAAHHHH! What the hell went over me???” I grab a handful of hair as Rio and I are making the return back to home.

I ended up giving them blowjobs well into the morning before I came down from the drunken stupor. Fortunately, they didn’t try anything more than just violating my throat. I won’t be able to see them the same way again. All I can think about when I left was their d****.

“Hahh… maybe it’s that dark magic at work? I don’t remember them being like that the first time I came. Sure they’re old and pervy, but that was too much!”

“Maauu!” Rio purrs in agreement with a piece of dried fish in his mouth.

“They even gave me three bottles of that wine… there’s no way I’m drinking this…”

When we get back to our great hollow, Gurk is finishing the last planter box. A total of six raised garden beds in the exact dimensions I specified are built perfectly. They’re even already filled with dirt and ready to have seeds sown in.

“Gurk, this is incredible!” I say, admiring the simple yet sturdy construction job.

“Do good for Mistress!”

“I should be able to start sowing my mandragoras and sephalothanes. I’ve been itching to do more alchemy and—” Something tugs at my robes. Gurk looks at me expectantly. I gulp hard and then ask, “Ah… right, your reward. What did you have in mind?”

I prepare myself for another b****** or titjob, or even something more sexually humiliating. The thought is getting me wet. What could the goblin want?

Gurk looks at me with serious eyes and says, “Mistress cook good. But Gurk want eat meat, not bread.”

“Eh?” I can’t help but be stunned at such a modest request. He didn’t push the matter of sex, nor ask for anything sexual. Just food. Somehow, that makes me a little disappointed. “O-oh, in that case, sure! How about we have pork tonight?”

“Pig good!”

For the rest of the day, Gurk and Rio help me plant the mandragoras and sephalothanes. Thanks to my growth enhancing serum, both plants sprout in no time. I won’t be running out of either plants anytime soon. 

The sephalothanes is a key ingredient in a number of potions, and mandragoras is a versatile synthesizing ingredient to stabilize volatile concoctions. The roots of mandragoras can be dried and ground to a powder which I can use to make contact with the Headmaster as well.

By nighttime, I whip up a grand meal of roast pork, steak, and a variety of vegetables from the wilds. It’s great to see Gurk and Rio enjoying themselves. We’re like a happy family— an awkward combination of one.

My lower body starts feeling itchy. Giving Ordin and Kes so many blowjobs left me so pent up, and I couldn’t maturbate because they demanded handjobs in between.

As we’re cleaning up, I tell Gurk, “I was thinking it’s okay for you to sleep with me from now on.”

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His face lights up and he hugs my legs. “Gurk be good to Mistress!”

“Well…” I feel my breath growing shallow and my crotch getting wet. “I was hoping you can help me with something…”

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