8 – Gurk’s Reward

“Mmmm, yes… right there, Gurk! You’re so good at this…”

It’s a good thing I live out in the forests. I could never get this sort of treatment back at the Academy with roommates around.

“There— nngh, keep going… I’m feeling it all over, I’m going to go crazy—!”

I know there are people who’d consider this is morally and ethically wrong, but my body’s on cloud nine. If I could feel this way forever, I wouldn’t mind. And all I really need is Gurk.

“I’m so close, nnnguh… ahh! Aaaahhhhhhh!” I let my voice howl into the night.

Every muscle in my body tenses and relaxes. The knots that have been torturing my shoulders and back come loose. Gurk is still sitting on my back, kneading his hands across the length of my backside.

I can feel his erection against my back, no doubt as the result of my lewd moans. For once, I don’t mind. The massage is too damn good to think of anything else. My capable goblin woodworker can also double up as a personal masseuse. 

His hands come around to massage the sides of my breasts. Occasionally his fingers brush against my nipples, causing me to twitch in pleasure. “Mistress scream like female in heat. But no sex?”

“Ahh… mmm, that’s because your hands are so skilled. A good massage can be just as pleasant as good sex.” I vaguely remember needing to ask him about something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what.

“Can’t do much. Not smart either. But Gurk do anything to make Mistress happy!” He says happily, bouncing on my back. 

“Hehe, awww! You’re so sweet. You’re as much a member of this family like Rio. As my servant, I’m obligated to make sure you’re happy, too.”

“Want to make Mistress into wife. Make tribe together!”

“Okay, now we’re getting ahead of ourselves.” Suddenly, lying naked on the bed with him on my back feels like a dangerous situation. “Where did you even learn the concept of marriage? That’s a human thing.”

He gently humps his dick between my butt cheeks. Normally, I’d scold him, but he gave me such an amazing massage that he deserves some leniency.

“Other tribes make tribes with human females. We try do same.”

It makes a lot of sense. Demi-humans like goblins can only propagate with humans. They have a better chance of ensuring their race’s survival by coexisting with them. If Gurk’s tribe was left to their own devices, those women would eventually assimilate and become lifelong mates.

Previously, demi-humans treated their kidnapped victims more inhumanely. The tribe I defeated looked like it was prepared for a full-blown community with farms, homes, and livestock.

That’s what I’m forgetting!

“Gurk, where did the other tribes learn this from??” I follow that angle to get more information.

His hands stop, falling into thought. “Gurk thinks they learn from Luggo, orc chief. They live with women, has many wives.”

So there are demi-human societies that have successfully pulled off cohabiting with humans. This Lugo, an orc chief, must have kidnapped women long before I arrived in Parthun. Which could also mean, other races might have done the same.

Could the enemy that sent King Marcus the letter actually be a collective group? Perhaps they want him to step down, in doing so weaken the kingdom, so they can swoop in and take Parthun’s women?

I’ll have to report this to Headmaster Anora tomorrow.

“Okay, that’s enough. I feel like I can take on the world thanks to you, Gurk.” And I really mean that. My body is so much more limber now.

“Can Gurk get reward before sleep?” He asks timidly.

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“Hmmm,” He did do a lot for me today. I think he deserves a little something. I grab his hard green dick, kiss him on the cheek, and wink. “No sex, but you will allow your Mistress to spoil you a little tonight.”


“Hnnaaahh!” There is no better feeling than waking up after a good night’s rest and heavenly massage. I peek between the railings and see Rio downstairs grooming himself.

Gurk is still asleep to my side. I must have been like a succubus sucking him off that much last night. But he seemed to enjoy it, and that’s really all that matters.

To think, this audacious goblin declared marriage with me. If anyone saw us in bed together, dining together, pleasuring each other, they’d probably think we were married.

Oh, god. What am I doing? This SHOULD feel wrong to me. In fact, it would have a few weeks ago. 

No, I can’t think like that. Gurk isn’t like other goblins. He’s kind, helpful, and— 

I shake my head furiously until my hair is a mess. 

Hold on, what was I just thinking?! Alright, no more thinking about this. Let’s just report to Headmaster Anora.

I pour myself a warm cup of honeymead and prepare the usual ingredients into the cauldron. The Headmaster’s face materializes appearing a little tired. “Ellori? I expect a good report this time.”

Omitting some of the obvious sexual escapades, I recount everything the Durai village chiefs and Gurk told me to the Headmaster. She nods every now and then, glancing down at something below her and appearing to take notes.

“I see,” She finally says once I’m done. “This goblin, Gurk. How is he?”

“He’s transitioning well, and he’s super helpful around the place.” I say, gushing about him just a tad. 

I drink deep of the honeymead. Light alcohol in the morning always gets me going in no time.

“You’re f****** him, aren’t you?”

PWOOOOHH— cough, cough!” I choke, spitting the mead into the cauldron and causing the Headmaster’s face to shimmer a little. “What… n-no! I’m certainly not!”

“Hey, it’s fine! Us witches work solo. Some get posted near demi-human settlements and get curious, it’s perfectly normal!”

“You’ve got it wrong, I’m just… er—”

“Goblins weren’t my thing, but I had myself a minotaur back in the day.” She says with a big grin.


Has Headmaster Anora always been like this???

“Thorin was his name. Ah, I remember our first time. I thought he was going to split me open. Haha!”

“G-Gurk and I aren’t like that! I just use my mouth and breasts!!” I cover my mouth too late, realizing what I’d just said.

“Oh? Holding out on the little guy, huh? Well, it’s a matter of time. When you do, make sure he doesn’t impregnate you.”

“Guh… this is not the kind of discussion I had in mind when I called you…”

“Actually, Ellori,” She disappears for a moment and comes back holding a folder up. “It’s a hunch, but I have reason to believe our culprit is a former witch of the Academy.”

“A sister who’s turned her back on the coven?” I ask, appalled. Rogue witches are not unheard of, but when it happens… it is our duty to dispose of them. Our power must be used responsibly, an imbalance could easily lead the world to ruin.

“I’ll have her files sent to you by flying courier. Continue the investigation. If you determine the situation in the Weeping Expanse has become dire, I may have to come myself.”

“Understood, Headmaster!”

She nods and smiles, “Until then, allow me to let you in on a secret.”

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“A secret??” I ask excitedly.

She smirks. “If you want a good time, give your goblin a little alcohol.”

My face flushes red. “H-Headmaster…!!!”

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