3 – Goblins Pt. 1

Rio and I venture into the Weeping Expanse. Not a half an hour into the journey, and we already find a river with an encampment of goblins. They live in brittle huts made of branches and animal fur. A primitive lifestyle, but one that has allowed them to survive as long as they have. 

There looks to be about fifteen in total. Others may still be out hunting, so it’s possible their numbers are higher.

One of the goblins leads a naked human woman by a chain around her neck. They order her on her hands and knees and poke her with their erect penises. Another one reaches down to play with her breasts. Before long, it’s a full on gangbang and the woman can do nothing but accept it.

I want to go in and save her, but I need to know more before I attack. Otherwise, I might end up in her position. 

Please, forgive me!


I feel like I’ve waited here for half a day. The goblins are still going at it. At some point, the woman started servicing their d**** all on her own with a smile on her face. She’s in a sex craze, and doesn’t stop despite how filthy and c**-covered she’s gotten.

“Did… did I make a mistake? Should I have gone in sooner?” 

Even Rio’s fallen asleep by my side.

“At this rate I’m going to lose Durai’s women to a bunch of goblins.”

When I get up, I notice the gangbang has concluded. The goblins are pulling the woman into one of the larger shacks, and then locking it with a wooden panel. That must be where the other women are. 

Many of the goblins are going to bed, laying on cots and pelts strewn out on the floor. Sleeping out in the open will make it difficult for me to approach. However, I haven’t seen any patrols yet…The problem is how to get the women out of that shack without alerting the entire camp.

We wait until the last of the goblins go to sleep, but two remain awake to keep watch— one by the shack, and another by their food stores. 

I sneak up behind the one next to the shack and crack a slumber vial at his feet. After a few seconds, he drops to the ground unconscious. 

Anora wants me to study everything I can about the Weeping Expanse. It might be a good idea to bring a sample back with me. 

I pull the goblin into a brush. Using my staff, I transform him into a frog and stuff him into my satchel.

The door of the shack isn’t well-reinforced. When I pull open the plank to open the door, I’m met with the sight of five naked women. Some of them are asleep, but there’s one awake who is furiously masturbating.

“I’m here to help.” I speak quietly and stir each of them awake.

The girls are all happy to see me. It looks like they have grown weak from being underfed, but nothing a rejuvenation potion can’t fix for now. I give one to each of them and usher them outside. There’s still the horny one that refuses to leave.

“Guide these other girls back home, okay?” I tell Rio.


Rio and the other women disappear into the forest. All that’s left is this one. Upon closer inspection, this is the one that was brought in today. “Oh, goodness. It’s my fault you’re like this.”

I pat her face trying to get her to snap out of it, but she doesn’t stop. The goblins must have given her something. 

Left with no other choice, I crack the second slumber vial on her. She falls asleep in no time, but just as I get her onto my back— 

The door opens.

A goblin walks through the door, pulling off his loincloth to reveal an erect green dick. “Hehe… time to play— wait, you no meat slave!”

“Crap!” Before I can cast a spell, he runs back outside to cause a ruckus.

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A fight is inevitable at this point. I run out of the shack and prepare a spell. “Thundra vas o’rea!”

Lightning surges across the ground and stuns the goblins. Some of them are fried to a crisp, while others convulse on the ground. 


Another goblin jumps onto my back and knocks the staff from my grasp. He starts humping my backside, his dick poking my butt through the fabric. I try to throw him off me, but he’s got a good hold on my neck from behind. 

The more I struggle, the harder he chokes. At this rate, I’m going to pass out…

I need to… think of something…


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“Ugh… my head hurts… wait, what happened?!”

I’m on the ground with my hands tied to a pole behind me. All of my clothes and equipment are gone. The goblins are staring at me with hungry eyes, their d**** throbbing in front of my face.

“B*** witch, big boobs!”

The goblins continue this embarrassing chant. One of them kneels down next to my breasts and starts groping them. He pinches both nipples and tugs on them, the sensation instantly sends me over into an orgasm.

“Guh~! Stop, you’ll— ahh… ah, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

The tentacles from earlier left my body extra sensitive. Two goblins pull open my legs, revealing my glistening crotch. Between the orgasm and them playing with my breasts has left me soaking wet.

“B*** witch in heat! Hahaha!”

“Please, don’t—mmph?!” A stinky c*** is shoved into my mouth and starts violating my throat. He must be pent up because he cums quick, shooting a load down my gullet. Another takes his place in my mouth. 

Their d**** aren’t big, but the smell is intoxicating. And there are so many of them lining up to do the same.

Cough— hahh… cough! No more…!”

I beg them, but they aren’t listening. To them, I’m just a piece of meat to be f*****. One of the goblin slaps his veiny green c*** on top of my p**** and rubs the juices on his dick.

Are they really going to have sex with me? Like they did to that girl in the shack? Am I going to go crazy just like her? I don’t want this!

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