Chapter 4 – The Dimension Within : Part 2

After waiting for a few minutes, the police and the medical team came. The first people the rescue team saw were the two guys, who were waiting beside the chopper. James and Mike were waving their hands while shouting something from afar.

“You finally came!” James said with urgency. “Follow us!” Without waiting for authorities to speak, James and Mark were already dashing straight to the site where Atlas and Vanessa were staying.
The people followed them while the person who looked the head of the rescue operation started talking. “We were sent by the agency of international affairs and the chairman of a conglomerate.”
“We don’t know what exactly is going on but we need to get there—there’s a guy who needs medical attention ASAP!”
“Sure, but you need to explain—What is that!”
James just expected the reactions they got. He and Mark had the same thing reactions earlier when they saw this massive beast of unknown origin, lying on the ground.
“See?” Mike said, “Aren’t they the same?”
“Yeah, I get it.” James turned to the authorities. “It’s that person.”
The captain’s face paled when he saw the beast. “Is it safe there?”
Someone said, “Captain Leo, there are people there—look!”

Vanessa waived incessantly at them with a pleased look on her flustered face.
“There’s a person here who needs help!”

“I need the details later.” The captain came closer and took a look at the person whose wounds and bruises were very visible, especially his left arm—it was too mangle to be called an arm.
Before the Captain could make his order, the rescue team was already doing there best to get Atlas check. A rescuer spoke to Vanessa. “Ma’am, you don’t have to worry we’ll do our best to help him.”
“Yes please.” Vanessa thanked the person. “
“But we need to put him on the stretcher.”
Atlas couldn’t seem to let go of her hand, and she didn’t want to let go as well.
“I need to go with him!” Vanessa said with conviction.
“I don’t kno—” When he saw Vanessa seemed to look down. “—yes, you can. But you need to be extra careful the patient is in critical condition.”
After doing performing a quick test, they carefully put Atlas on the stretcher. “Listen up,” Leo said, “we need to get this man back to health.”
“Yes,” They simultaneously said, “Captain!”

“Just what exactly happened here?” Captain Leo sighted. “And who was that guy?”
Ring! Ring! Leo picked up the phone and said. “We got the subject, sir. Sound and safe…” The call was drop after a few seconds.
One police officer asked, “Captain?”
“What do you want?” asked Leo.
The police officer pointed at the dead thing. “What do we do with this thing, Captain?”
Leo furrowed his brows and scratched his head. “S***, I didn’t sign up for this!” He continued. “Just do what you want.” He looked so pissed that it made the police officer scratched the back of his too.
Leo snorted. “Call the headquarters and ask them to bring a carrier and have this guy deliver to them. Maybe they might find something about this guy.”

Inside the ambulance, Leo looked at the person, who was lying on a stretcher.
“Who is this guy?” He asked Vanessa, who was still holding Atlas’s hand.
“Atlas Nightshade,” she said. “He said that it was his name.”

Furrowing his brows, Leo asked, “When we received the report from the headquarters, it says there that there were only three people inside the chopper.”
“We… just met him. When the chopper came down from the sky, he was already there. He was there when I woke up.” She smiled.
“No offense—”
“We don’t know how we survive the crash. I too am sure that we were a goner by then.” Although it seemed to be a scary experience, she didn’t seem to be perturbed about it. She was just focusing all her attention on Atlas.

“The chopper would have been gone, but there’s no damage. Well, except for the bottom part it seemed to be dented by a strong impact. Surely, you have asked him since he was there when you were unconscious.”
“He said that someone helped us and he was just a passerby.”
“Do you believe him with he said that he was just passing by?”
“Tried to,” she said. “But then this happened.”
“Do you think he might somehow plan all of this?”
Vanessa smiled and pointed at her eyes. “I have eyes, Captain Leo.”
Chilling sensation ran through the captain’s back when he saw those black eyes that seemed to suck his very soul.
“Don’t cover my eyes–I saw what everything that happened with these eyes, Captain!”

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