Chapter Twelve – Worry & Worry

Don’t let what you feel dictate how much time you have, it’ll be an endless loop of a standstill being

Sunday, August 3rd, 1856
9:29 AM
Beckett Residence
The Ballroom

Mrs.Marks had a table prepared, it was cicular and small, and not that much in width. The cloth on it was an elegant cherry silk with gold lining, the vase ontop of it was filled with white verdae blooms. In ‘The Encyclopedia of Tamia’s Flora’, it was listed to be one of the most common flowers amongst the Orcaveil region, known to represent the royalty that the former dynasty before it held. What also sat upon the table had been a set of dining utensils which Sumi deemed ever so unesscary.

She couldn’t believe she used to desire and learn what had been a soup spoon and salad fork, now it was all irritating babbel.

“Lady Mellow pay attention! You dare make a fool of yourself in front of your sister-in-law today when she dines by staring out into space?”

Mellow straightened up blinking a couple of times “No Ma’am..”

Mrs.Marks adjusted the knife on the table accordingly “You don’t sound too sure of yourself,” Her gaze was powerful as it had made Mellow flinch. She watched her step away from the table with one of her arms behind her back, the posture she had was impecable as she walked. “People in society will coax those who have no backbone, who aren’t sure of themselves..”

Her eyes followed Mrs.Marks as she turned her back towards Mellow making her way towards one of the many windows in the ballroom. “I shall ask you again Lady Mellow, Do you desire to make a fool of yourself?”

“No Ma’am.” Mellow made sure to say it firmly watching her closely. The woman turned around giving her a proud smile. “Then let us hope that your table manners are still up to parr.”

Just as Mrs.Marks was about to travel back over to the table, Maude and other maids had entered the ballroom. “My apologies for the interuption, but Lady May will be arriving in an hour we must proceed and have Lady Mellow prepared for the joyous occasion.”

Mrs.Marks eyes waned in annoyance, she kept her gaze upon Mellow reciting her statement like it was a commandment. “Remember my words, do not be a fool.”


Sunday, August 3rd, 1856
9:55 AM
Beckett Residence
Countess Beckett’s Dressing Room

Ruth’s eyebrows twisted reflecting the frustration in her focused expression. She wasn’t particularly elated to meet her brother’s beloved, it seemed as though all of the siblings felt as much. Sumi could agree well aware of the feelings on her sister’s face.

Attendants adjusted Ruth’s dress around the waist tightening it ever so snug. She winced keeping the same deeply galled articulation.

“Must…we…dress..up…so…neatly?” Ruth made out between breaths as they eventually ended the strict tightening. Mellow sat on the settee, it was an awful bold moss green. It combated with the funky violet-purple wallpaper. Findlay inhabited the seat along with her, napping peacefully awaiting her turn to be pampered up.

“This is your first sister-in-law, dearsay why is there a lack of excitement among you children?” Countess Beckett proclaimed, she’d been gazing at the set of dresses that had been chosen for Mellow and Findlay to wear.

Mellow couldn’t plainly come out and say that for one she’d been having an aching stomach from the churning guilt of snooping through her brother’s things. Along with the fact of the matter that while Derrick and Ruth assumed Pierce had unshaken feelings for the beauty May herself, Sumi on the other hand found concrete evidence and it’d been a painful regret.

“I heard that he’d already bought a property away from the capital, awfully far from us!” The cry of anger came out in exasperated breaths, Ruth stepped down off the platform as her hand rested against her stomach.

“Dear me, ladies loosen her up please, she isn’t attending a ball!” Countess Beckett commented noting how red her daughters cheeks had gotten, while Ruth felt her stomach rumble in agony at the memory of the most recent ball she was invited to.

“Of course!” Mavin squeaked.

Mavin scurried behind Ruth with a dash of relief for her young lady. She almost resonated with the young girl awfully aware of the stinging distress across her face.

Countess Beckett shifted a loose strand of hair in Ruth’s face away from her eye, “Yes he had already informed me May rather prefers solitude.”

Sumi thought as much was true, well, to be frank she didn’t know squat about May. Maybe it had been true that the beauty of the capital preferred isolation amongst herself. Or it was Percy’s excuse to escape the clutches of this overwhelmingly loving family. Questions that would soon be answered.

Mellow’s hand raked through Findlay’s hair as her gaze fell upon Mavin who flawlessly adjusted the tightness of her dear sisters dress, which had been the recent one she purchased from solar boutique. Exquisite and elegant taste her elder sister had.

“A young lady who’s grandfather is a Grand Duke prefers solitude? What silly squabble are you suggesting mother-, Ah thank you Mavin.” Ruth said offering the woman a smile.

Mavin bowed her head having a joyful look. She’d always been worried for her dear lady, whom she considered more of a friend rather than her employer.

“It isn’t squabble Ruth, it is what your brother informed me I shan’t judge the girls character until after the meeting, as far as myself I am quite excited.”

“Of course you are, he’s your son.”

Countess Beckett rolled her eyes turning back around to take two dresses from the large selection, she picked up a royal red gown for Mellow and a delicate cream white dress for Findlay.

“What is really going on with you dear? You’ve been angsty these past few weeks..” She turned back around waving for the maids to begin preparing to dress Mellow and Findlay.

“I’d rather think you already know what bothers me so.”

Mellow watched them gaze at each other, one expression full of unexplainable frustration whilst the other welcomed guilt into her heart as it was unafraid to show itself longing for everyone’s attention.

“Come Lady Mellow, Lady Findlay, we must get you dressed.”

One of the attendants who’d seem to possess the most gentlest manner reached to bring Findlay into their arms, then extending her hand out to Mellow.

Sumi’s eyes hadn’t left her mother and sister as they had a cloud of worry engulf their presence.

She reluctantly took ahold of the woman’s hand turning her eyes away, partially aware of what Ruth’s solemn words held. Another reminder that this world wasn’t as sweet as these rose colored lenses told her it would be.


Sunday, August 3rd, 1856
10:31 AM

Beckett Residence
East Wing

Mellow squatted in an unlady like fashion clutching her stomach, as she caught a glimpse of Pierces back turning down the hallway where she happened to be going. She had decided to use a little bit of the minuscule amount of free time she had to confess.

It was the right thing to do, or at least that’s what she’d believed. Sumi knew she was only doing this to get answers, she desired answers! How could her brothers be so foolish and fall in love with the same woman?

“Ugrh-,!” Vomit traveled up her throat but she quickly swallowed it back down wincing at the disgusting taste of regurgitated yogurt and fruit, along with last nights dinner.

Mellow’s eyes began to water as she stood back up, her knees shook terribly making sure her hand clutched the wall. Her right hand still hovered above her mouth as she peeked around the corner.

The sound of his steps down the hall made her stomach bolt, with every, singlestep.

She watched him turn left, with heavy anticipation she finally began following her brother. With every cautious move she made the destination reached closer and closer.

Sumi halted as her brother finally stopped navigating through their large home. He opened the door that lead out to the one of their many gardens within the household.

Only allowed on

She flinched watching the door close promptly after peeking around another corner, her hand rested atop of her chest. Sumi was searching for all that courage she built up for these past few days. To be strong enough to ask and admit what she’s done.

“M-Maybe it’s better if I just don’t say anything at all..”

Then her head shook as she disagreed with herself, the trembles in her hand and the racing of her heart sent her towards that door.

“I’ll do it..I can do it!”

Mellow’s hand landed on the handle pushing the door open, her eyes landed on Pierces back as he stared at the trees their mother cared for.

“Mellow? Did you follow me here?” He didn’t turn around and continued to gaze at the tree.

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“You knew it was me?” Mellow said still trembling as she moved forward.

“I heard your voice before you came outside..” Pierce finally turned around and Sumi could see his expression, the one he was aiming to hide.

Pure blooded jealousy.

Rage, pain, and suffering, words couldn’t explain how terrible Pierce looked. He stared at Mellow with desolate eyes, not withholding the annoyance he’d been hiding all this time. What had Sumi been thinking? Was she still gonna go out and say this? Was this worth it?

“Y..” The words she’d been thinking of just wouldn’t come out.

Pierce walked closer toward his sister getting on one knee. “What’s the matter Mellow?”

Sumi felt tears coming, why did she have to be this way? She should just lie, just lie about not knowing, then everything would go away!

“I..I know that you like May..”

The sudden brotherly affection he’d offered her disappeared, he stood up and glared at Mellow. “That’s not true, he’s our brothers fiancé why would you say something like that?!”

Mellow flinched as he raised his voice at her, she knew she deserved it, she felt sorry she wanted to beg for forgiveness and say that she never knew and that maybe it was fake.

“T-The letters..”

She watched the color in his face disappear he looked awfully pale and Sumi wished she could take everything back, everything about this interaction.

“You should know better to not go through others belongings, and yet you did so anyway. Mother would be disappointed knowing you go around snooping, or maybe she’d be proud raising another meddling feign as she is.”

Mellow’s eyes widened at his words, she stood there as he walked past her. Her knees got weak but she made sure to stand tall, she couldn’t get her dress dirty.

Sumi took in those insults doing her best not to take it to heart. She understood his words, which had been partially true. Although she didn’t like the comments he made about their mother, why did he have to include her?

Maybe he resented the Countess as she probably knew better than anyone else that her sons had been competing for May’s affection, Sumi could assume that she might’ve chose to ignore it.

All of it was assumptions, she didn’t know for sure and she wouldn’t ever pry further again.

She turned around walking ahead, keeping her head low she maintained a strong expression. She wouldn’t herself succumb to tears, not today, not on this joyous occasion.


Sunday, August 3rd, 1856
10:58 AM

Beckett Residence
Front Entrance

“I’m so excited to finally meet you May, you’re truly gorgeous just as Percy declared!” Countess Beckett placed her hand atop of the beauty. Her eyes waned softly accepting her Mother-in-Law’s affection.

“I’m grateful..”

Mellow can attest to her mother’s overly coated words of flattery, May was absolutely beautiful. She had long daffodil blonde hair mixed in with a shade of the softest pink tulips. Her orbs were the same as   pink taffy, it was an unearthly standard of appearance.

She held onto Percy’s arm with such elegance, Sumi watched her glance at her future beloved at any chance she received. Nevertheless, each gaze never lacked affection, only multiplying at the rate she continued.

She couldn’t remember if she ever greeted her at all because she’d been so captured by how gorgeous she looked.

Mellow didn’t stay amongst them, she sought solitude it had more torturous to be surrounded by Pierce and seeing how he interacted with May. How she smiled casually, addressing him as brother. Ruth winced every time May said it, maybe May knew of his feelings and this was her way of telling him to get over her.

Her steps fled to the outside dining area, she sat on the steps staring at a Collard Fern Tree. The symbolism of the tree represented ‘Bright Future’ as it was a good way to transfer into autumn whilst summer floated away.

“Why…” The words flowed out of her mouth without restraint.

Mellows hand hovered above her lips realizing the sudden escape of her thoughts. She had been so perturbed by the actions she made earlier, even now her guilt manifested.


Her shoulders jumped at the calling of her name, she tilted her head up greeted by May’s dazzling beauty.

“Oh! Sister…I’m sorry.”

May sat down beside her smiling, “Don’t apologize, I also needed a break I told them I would be in the washroom but I got curious to see where Percy’s room was.”

Mellow didn’t say anything as her eyes focused on the grass, she felt too guilty to respond. How terrible, married into a family who frequented with manipulating other nobles in order to remain safe. Along with the triangle of love..

“I like when you call me sister, I don’t have any sisters only a brother…I’m envious of how large your family is.”

Mellow looked up and she was faced with May’s kind gaze, her eyes widened with delight. “You finally looked my way! I was worried..”

“I will call you sister from now on..”

May’s expression was full of glee, “That makes me very happy, would you like a nickname from me?”

“Sister is just a casual way to address you, there’s no need for a nickname..” Mellow blushes unable to look her in the eye, Sumi was still saddened, she hated that these were the only responses she could muster.

“I know but I think it’ll be a cute thing between us!”

May placed her finger on her chin closing her eyes to think, Mellow looked everywhere else besides at her sister-in-law.

“Malva! You know the flower?”

“Yes Malva from the Malvaceae family, why did you choose that?” Mellow had been curious finally distracted away from the heavy shame.

“The flowers in the Malvaceae family are called Mallow, if you take out the a, it becomes Mellow.”

May said with a proud smile.

“Hehe..Hahaha!” Sumi felt herself blooming with happiness from something so simple.

“How did I not realize..I like it, Malva..”

May placed her hand atop of Mellow’s head as it moved back and forth gently. She looked up at the young woman offering a delicate expression. “You know, that nicknames were how me and your brother Percy got close.”

The happiness Mellow conjured disappeared, but she did not let her expression falter. Mrs.Marks words seemed to finally register, at the best of time. Sumi wanted to know of this love story, that brought pain to her brother Pierce.


“Yes,” May removed her hand from Mellow’s head and gazed ahead “He called me a..well a ‘diligent rabbit’ I found it annoying at first!”

Mellow did her best to hide her displeased expression, what kind of cliche is this? She fell for her tsundere like brother, or was he a flirt? Either way Pierce inherited second male lead syndrome which had been the most unfortunate fate.

“O-Oh I see..” (-_-;)…

“He’s weird, the first date we went on was a hike in the mountains to search for a gem.”

Sumi should say she’s surprised, but weirdly she’s not. All of her siblings probably had some weird hobby or interest, Ruth kept plenty if secrets just as much as Percy did.

“May, there you are, Mellow too.” Percy walked out from the inside onto the stairs. He offered both of his hands to the ladies. May flushed taking hold, Mellow contemplated if she wanted to get up but looking at her brother made her stomach hurt.
She shook her head stubbornly, Percy frowned,-

“I will carry you if you keep being stubborn like that, May didn’t come all this way to receive such treatment.”

Usually, she’d be compliant, but she was sick physically reaping the consequences of her actions.

‘I’m keeping my mouth shut and never doing this again.’

Mellow forced herself to stand up not taking her brother’s hand, bowing her head towards May she began to speak,-

“I apologize again sister, I’m just not feeling well..”

Percy and May stared at her with concerned eyes.

‘A meddling feign? Was that what I had become?…Maybe that was true considering I’m not from this world.”

Her head lifted and she offered the brightest smile she could, at least she knew deep down it was genuine. To thank May for comforting her on the day that was supposed to be pure bliss of course Mellow had to ruin it.

“There you three are! We’re about to have lunch!” Ruth fussed.


Sunday, August 3rd, 1856
4:18 PM
Beckett Residence
Countess Beckett’s Greenhouse

May still had the spotlight on her the whole day, nothing bothered her happiness to be meeting Percy’s family, and Mellow was glad. She didn’t need to force her joy as May’s demeanor overtaken any ill feelings.

It made sense as to why both Pierce and Percy fell for her, even Sumi found her so beautiful it was deadly.

Her hand hovered over the marsh mallow, also known as the althaea. Sumi had gotten curious about the flower as at first when she came across it in Tamia’s flora, it lost her interest as it had been so close to Mellow’s name she didn’t find it necessary to study.

There had plenty of variations of the flower, surprisingly all of them were gorgeous.

“Huh…Was it normal for nobles to have knowledge of flowers?” She thought out loud watching little bits of magic make the flower bud.

“I guess so..”

Sumi thought it would be better to hide here for the rest of the day. She couldn’t handle any questions from her family about why she’d been so quiet the whole time. Right now she missed her old family, no matter how selfish that may be there were never any difficulties at this level.

The flower promenaded as the rush of her emotions.

“Mel..” Percy’s voice echoed within the space.

The flower stopped moving and began to droop, her eyes watched it lose balance. Mellow looked up getting deja vu.

“Brother, I’m sorry about today.” She flat-out said it before he inquired anything else. Mellow looked up and saw Derrick, Ruben, Ruth, and Pierce along with him.

“Huh-!” Mellow was confused, and her stomach started hurting again seeing Pierce standing there she wished they would’ve all left her alone. What she didn’t desire was some sibling intervention what she wanted was solitary.

“Well we all concluded that you’re taking Percy and May’s marriage quite hard…” Ruben said as he picked up Mellow.

Sumi really didn’t understand her siblings,



“We aren’t taking it as hard as you are, we know that’ll be the first time you won’t be seeing him as much anymore.” Derrick shared with a charming grin.

Pierce gave Mellow a remorseful gaze, Sumi decided to go ahead with their foolish concern as she tucked her head into Ruben’s shoulder.

“There there…” Percy said patting her back.

‘I hate all of you’

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