Chapter 37 – Sucking Face, For Fun And Profit (6)

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Chapter 37 : Sucking Face, For Fun And Profit (6)

“Based on what I’ve seen, Jun here…is special. His abilities go far beyond any human I’ve ever seen. Granted I’ve only had experiences with two so far..” Valera said as she explained her plan to further study Jun’s abilities.

“Only a bit of his saliva was enough to get my juices flowing…in more ways than one.” Valera commented, causing Yua to fidget in her seat.

“So… even during mating you didn’t experience anything like that?” Ignis asked as she sat forth in her seat. “Interesting.”

“Yes, you’re right Ophelia. It’s interesting. I don’t want to make too many guesses but…” Valera’s voice trailed off as she glanced across the table at Jun.

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“Well, for now I’ll keep my findings to myself. Let’s get underway with the experiment.” She said.

“WHOA! Wait a minute. A kissing booth? Do you think this will actually work? Aren’t you guys just…taking advantage of me and doing whatever you want?”

“Of course.” Ignis replied casually.

“Ophelia. Stop. You have to learn to consider other people’s feelings occasionally.” Valera said as she got to her feet. She quickly made her way to Jun’s side, pressing her bosom into his face to spite Ignis’ blatant disregard for anything Jun Sato.

Ignis ignored her mentor’s obvious taunts and instead proceeded to answer Jun’s questions.

“Firstly, by observing the way your sigil reacts to various people, we can narrow down the origins of it. It’s definitely not something a witch created, that’s for sure. Suwood is the perfect place for this. As for taking advantage of you….you may be right. We’ll charge for each kiss you give and all the profits will go to you, Jun Sato. Since you’ll be living here you’ll need to manage your own affairs at some point. Having a few zenni never hurts.”

“Are you…whoring me out?” Jun was both confused and..somewhat interested.

Ignis didn’t reply, rather she sipped her tea.

Valera simply laughed as she hugged Jun more closely.

“I know about the second seal. Find me later to discuss..” Valera leaned in, taking special care to conceal her words as she nibbled on Jun’s earlobe. The combination of shock from both acts masked Jun’s reaction perfectly. The truth was, Jun had all but forgotten about the second sigil positioned near his heart. This was partially because it didn’t react to being touched in any way. As far as Jun knew, it served no real purpose.

He’d also somehow managed to keep it hidden from Ignis as well, so how did Valera find out? Jun never revealed it to her. Still…it didn’t sound as if she was blackmailing him.

*Curious…* Jun nodded his head ever so slightly in affirmation, prompting Valera to stand up and announce the beginning of their “experiments” with a clap of her hands.


“Lady Ignis….is this going to work? I’m worried..” Yua said as she fiddled with her fingers, her ears drooping as she observed the spectacle before her.

“Silly rabbit. Of course it will work. It shouldn’t be a problem..” Valera responded as she finished setting up the “kissing” booth. In all reality it was a rather large stall with several curtains covering it from all sides., fashioning it into a crude booth.

“This is very uncomfortable..” Jun remarked from within the stall itself as he tugged on a new addition to his apparel. Valera fashioned a crude mask for him to wear, one that covered all of his face, save his nose, cheeks and mouth. The mask was tied tightly around his face, which caused him a bit of distress. He felt the cloth biting into his skin already. That and…

“The scent of this potpourri is…terrible.” There was a particularly harsh scent wafting through the interior of the stall as well. The final addition to the makeshift kissing booth was a partition between the kiss seekers and Jun himself. Anyone wishing to be kissed would need to place their face on a chin rest and the head sized hole which opened up to allow it.

“Stop complaining.” Ignis’ voice pierced the silence, seemingly from nowhere. Jun recoiled slightly, thankful that the lighting inside the back half of the stall was dim.

“I’m here. Just in case. To keep you…safe.” Ignis said as her silhouette moved to sit next to Jun.

*Keep me safe…. my ass! Just a couple of days ago you were trying to wring me like a sponge. You’re only here to perform the analysis. And probably because your personality is drier than a saltine.* Jun couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he felt Ignis’ body warmth next to his. After a few last minute adjustments Valera could be heard outside shouting her sales pitch to passersby.

“Why does it stink in here!?” Jun asked, preferring to change the subject so that he didn’t turn irate.

“It’s to cancel out your boyish scent. As I mentioned before, it would be child’s play for most Vanerians to discern your unique smell.” Ignis replied. Jun was sure she had a blank, emotionless expression on her face despite the fact that he couldn’t see in the dimly lit room. This revelation made him feel at least a bit more comfortable.

*At least someone’s thinking about my well being. Even if it’s totally self motivated… Reduced to some kind of commodity. Ugh..*

“Planning to get your hands on a human? Or perhaps prepare for the eventuality? There’s a lot of things you need to know to take ‘good’ care of your catch! Nothing is more important than mastering the art of kissing! Our 100% safe and affordable kissing booth will allow you to get some experience in. As an additional bonus, you’ll end up leaving completely full of vigor! Oh, you madam. You look interested. How about you come and try it first, for free.” Valera emphasized the word ‘free’ as a signal for those inside to get ready.

“I can’t believe…they are making me do this.” Jun whispered, while he secretly thought to himself.

*F*** my life. Just when I thought I had some measure of control…*

The curtains opened, revealing a bit of light as a figure stepped inside.

“Jun Sato!” Yua whispered into the opening as she took a seat on the provided stool.

“Hold on. Gosh so bossy.” Jun couldn’t help but feel his jaw clench as he took his place before the opening and pressed his lips against Yua’s. He didn’t really have a problem with kissing Yua, in fact, under normal circumstances he’d enjoy it fully. Unfortunately these were not normal circumstances. Jun’s mind was racing, mostly as he thought about the bombshell revealed to him less than an hour ago.

*Monster girls want my essence, in every sense of the word. They just got done telling me that I might be caught if I was careless. Now they’re creating conditions for me to get caught!?* Jun couldn’t help but feel annoyed. The thought of other people leading him by the nose was beginning to grate at him. First it was the Queen with her ridiculous demands, then it had been Lette and Yuria. Finally Ignis.

*Though…Valera isn’t so bad..* Jun thought back to the sensation of Valera’s soft, supple breasts pressed against the side of his face. The thought alone made his dick twitch.

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*Maybe…if I play my cards right I can get information…and…some play time..*

This was the first time Jun thought something like this, it surprised him and also transferred into his kissing style apparently. He found himself caressing Yua’s cheek as licked and sucked on her lips. For a moment he lost himself in the gentle sweet flavor of her mouth. Jun couldn’t help but lick his lips as the two parted. Yua, was left breathing heavily as she regained her composure and wandered out of the makeshift booth.

“As you can see, the effects are miraculous!” Valera’s voice could be heard saying.

“Miss, please tell us about your experience!” She next said.

“ it was..” Yua fumbled as she struggled to say the lines given to her by Valera.

“It was delicious!” She shouted, her cheeks growing red as she made the declaration.

*Delicious? Really?* Jun felt a bit awkward, but nevertheless he blushed.

Outside there was a clamour, no doubt anyone would be interested after seeing the amount of energy flowing from Yua’s body.  Voices could be heard as the line slowly began to form. Of course Jun imagined all of this, for there was no possible way he’d be able to see.

Soon the sound of the curtain opened once more and the kissing booth’s business began in earnest.

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