Chapter 38 – The Taste Of Myriad Monster Girls

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Chapter 38 : The Taste Of Myriad Monster Girls

Valera knew it would be an easy matter to get most women interested in a kissing booth.

*If they knew it was an actual male they were kissing they would be unmanageable.* She chuckled to herself as she considered the idea amusing as well.. She’d returned to her teenage form, as most witches did — she preferred a youthful appearance.

“Is this some kind of ploy by the witches?” A Nekomata woman asked, although she stopped in her tracks to check out the stall.

“Of course not. It’s just a test service. You know that the time of summons is here. The period of time where human males simply fall from the sky. What will you do if you’re not prepared? Don’t you want to make sure you’ve done everything you can to squeeze out every – last – morsel of pleasure from him? Take it from someone who’s had a few encounters. You won’t regret taking the time to get prepared.”

The real reason Valera’s appeal was so hard was that she had yet to test a Nekomata. The woman seemed to be on the fence, thus Valera threw in her last bit of bait.

“The prices are 100 for thirty seconds. 300 for one minute or 700 for two minutes. One experience per customer but…for a select few, you can partake this unique training for free. What do you say, miss? I know there are many disreputable people in Vanis, but I , Valera,  — owner of the general goods shop would never mislead you.”

Valera watched as the Nekomata woman’s hesitation slowly melted away. Valera didn’t even wait before grabbing the woman by her hand and pulling her towards the line.

“You! You… You and You!” Valera said as she pointed from person to person. The selected women seemed confused but once Valera explained they’d be given a “free” experience they all quickly decided to give the kissing booth a shot.

In reality, Valera chose all of the freebies based on their heritage. A wolf girl, a mer woman, an Avius, an Undead and even a lizard woman. The ladies lined up, making the line outside of the stall now close to fifteen people.

“Hurry hurry! The stall will only be open for two hours. We have our workers to consider.” Valera said as she shouted.

Inside the stall Jun couldn’t help but fidget with nervous energy. Kissing Yua was one thing, he’d come rather accustomed to it — but she was also his second kiss. Just his second! Now it was expected of him to snog women left and right, monster girls no less!

*I hope this is worth it.* Jun thought with a sigh as the curtain opened once more.


“Umm…hello?” a woman’s voice pierced the darkness of the dimly lit area behind the booth’s curtain. Upon stepping inside she was surprised to find what appeared to be various neon night lights — that is , if such a thing existed in Vanis. Upon closer inspection they were revealed to be magical symbols, infused with light magic. Spirals, shells, stars, various shapes of different types and all different colors. This provided a soft glow to the interior of the room — just enough that one could see the general setup. A meter in front of her was a small, wooden stool and a similarly decorated wall with an opening at the center.

The woman half expected someone to respond and considered turning to exit the booth but the witch who offered her the freebie specifically advised her against it.

“Once you exit the booth, you have to pay to enter again.” were Valera’s exact words.

The Neko woman’s tail flitted to and fro before she curled it around her waist, she then used her hands to gently massage it as she stepped forward.

“Hello? Hel-lllloooo?” She softly spoke as she looked around in wonderment.

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She was beginning to feel a bit nervous. She was pushed into this by her friend, normally she wouldn’t indulge in something like this. Kissing random strangers in preparation for something that might never happen?

*Catching a human. I know they fall out of the sky, but it’s a real crapshot!* The nekomata woman was beginning to feel foolish for even indulging the thought but something strange caught her attention.

Magical script began to form in mid air, about half a meter in front of her. She watched as the letters slowly burned into existence, expanding and being written in the same stroke.

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“Welcome to Valera’s Kissing Booth! Thank you for your patronage. Please, have a seat.”

The woman was pleasantly surprised, thus she walked forward and did as instructed. The moment she’d made herself comfortable even more instructions appeared, this time on the wall itself.

“Grab the blindfold in front of you and place it on, you may then position your chin on the head rest — then the magic will begin.” The nekomata woman was surprised to notice a cat themed smiley face at the end of the message and couldn’t help but wonder if it was custom magic at work. Nevertheless she felt her heart thump a bit more loudly at the prospect of something so mysterious. She bit her lip as a sense of anticipation overcame her while she grabbed the blindfold from a lip which extended from the otherwise flat wall.

*This is…kind of exciting..* Her ears twitched as she finished tying the blindfold and slowly leaned forward. The chin rest was surprisingly comfortable, it felt soft and spongy with a hint of firmness behind it. The combination of darkness and the gentle feel of the chin rest created a certain atmosphere of anticipation, one that was almost delicious in nature. The neko woman struggled to control her tail, which was gently curling itself in a repetitive motion.

There were several seconds between the moment she placed her chin in the head rest, but to her it seemed much longer. She almost began to feel a slight disappointment as the sensation of thrill began to dull — but all of this was dispelled the moment she felt an unfamiliar touch against her cheek.

With her eyes covered she was forced to rely on her other senses and her sense of touch was now heightened. Her skin reacted by sending gentle waves of euphoria to her brain, this feeling was quickly surpassed by the sensation of warm lips pressed against her own.

At first she didn’t know what to do, after all she’d never kissed anyone before! She had, of course, taken a course on Seduction Sympatico like all nekomata did — she was familiar with the technique and the technical how to. She’d never had a reason to use it until now…

She felt her lips quiver as another pair of lips overlapped her own and pressed against her. She could feel her body reacting, a gentle warmth taking root between her thighs as her mind went blank. Soon a tongue was exploring her mouth and though the sensation felt strange at first, there was an undeniable appeal. Wet, warm and eager — the person kissing her was hungry for it, which in turn made the nekomata hungry too. She felt her nipples hardening, her kitty growing more aroused — wet even– as she clenched her hands.

For a kiss that lasted only one minute it managed to leave her utterly addicted. As the kisser on the other end of the wall ended contact she licked her lips, savoring every last drop of the moment. A strange energy was now flowing through her, one that felt refreshing and energizing.

The nekomata woman immediately took off the blindfold and noticed a change in her body as hundreds of tiny particles of light flowed upwards from her skin.

*W-what is this?* She thought as she flexed her hands.

“Thank you for your patronage. Come again.”

The magic script appeared the second the nekomata woman chanced to venture a glance inside the hole before her. She was now curious, her body fully engaged. She wanted more…more.

As she stepped out of the booth everything seemed different, even the morning sun had a unique appeal. Her friend, a red haired nekomata gave her two thumbs up before being let into the tent herself.

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