Chapter Four

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“After a few hours I was able to review everything you had learned up to this point, but honestly if it wasn’t for your memory I couldn’t have done it. In my time I was just a poor orphan, it was a struggle to get something to eat there was no way I could afford to buy books. I didn’t even learn to read until I had been working in the army for a few years and that was only basic things.”

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Zhu Hao-Ran hummed to himself and smiled slightly. “It seems you can be useful at times.” With that, he closed the files on his devices after saving them and out away the notebooks. Looking at the time a smile came to his face. “It’s seven p.m., time to find something to eat… should I go out?”

Zhu Hao-Ran locked the computer and then went back to his room, he put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a long coat. Looking at himself in the mirror he smirked “quite the looker, but you’d look even better if you were stronger… another thing I need to work on.” He picked up his wallet, phone, and keys and then went to the door where he pulled on his boots and then went outside.

A while later he pulled up in front of a Michelin restaurant and went inside, it was one of the restaurants that ran under his family’s name so he was able to get a room right away. Though he wanted to Zhu Hao-Ran fought the temptation to order wine and just drank a few glasses of juice as he ate because he had classes the next day.

He had already missed the classes he needed to attend because of his unawareness but he was determined not to make such a mistake again. After his meal he paid and then went to the rooftop of the restaurant, he found a bench and sat to enjoy the breeze. As his stomach settled he pulled out his phone and went through the missed messages and calls he had received.

A wicked smirk coming to his face after reading them. “So ungrateful. They are nothing but parasites, using the goodwill you had for them to suck you dry, and yet they can’t even pretend to show you a modicum of respect. Do you see kid, these are the type of people you aligned yourself with, no wonder you easily went astray and then ended up dead.

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If what I’m thinking is true then they are on good terms with that thing you liked and so they followed in his footsteps, treating you like an easy money dispenser. It’s clear that they won’t pay it back but it’s time to remind them of the power you hold, just because you never used it didn’t mean you didn’t have it.”

He swiped the screen and pulled up a contact before he forwarded the messages he had sent to all of them for the day. When he was done he called the contact and put the phone to his ear as he waited for the person to answer.

“Young Master Zhu.” The voice that came through was stoic and plain without a hint of respect in it but it didn’t bother Zhu Hao-Ran one bit. Because as far as he was concerned the original never did anything to garner the respect of the people that worked with his parents.

“Lawyer Yan, sorry to be calling so late but did you see the message I just sent you?” There was a pause on the other side before there was a hum of acknowledgment causing Zhu Hao-Ran to smile. “I sent those out today but they weren’t well-received so I would like your help dealing with it and if they can’t pay it back you can just dish out whatever charges you can find. All the mess you helped me clean up for them, just dump it back out on them and let them drown in it.”

After he spoke there was silence on the other side before laughter came through. “Young Master it seems you’re finally starting to understand, I’ll take care of this, I just hope it’s the last time.”

“But of course dear Lawyer, from now on the only messes you’ll have to clean up are my personal ones.”

Lawyer Yan let out a deep chuckle. “It’s sad to hear you’re not promising to be good but this is better than nothing. Have a good night young master, I’ll have these things all dealt with by the time you wake up the next day.”

After the call Zhu Hao-Ran got up and left the restaurant, he took his time to drive back home and took off his clothes at the door only remaining in his underwear as he went back to the office. He unlocked the computer and pulled up the schedule, a sigh leaving his lips. “Since it’s the third year, you’re currently working on the core classes for business management. Successfully missing a few classes I need to find some way to make up for the credits, oh kid if I could I would kick your ass. Well thankfully I only have three classes tomorrow but your schedule is also f***** up, why can’t you just put the classes one after the other with half an hour breaks in between. Why space it out like this, by doing this you wasted so many hours just waiting around for the next class when you could be doing something else.”

Zhu Hao-Ran let out a sigh and shook his head “I’ll have to fix this the next semester, but for now I’ll try to work with your chaotic schedule, you see this is one of the reason’s you can’t make good friends. So many things to do, just to clean up after you.” After checking the classes he went over to where his book bag was and unpacked it, sighing as he did.

“More trash for that pest, what are you a cockroach?” A cold breeze rushed on his back and Zhu Hao-Ran arched his brow and glanced behind him. “A newborn ghost like you who was a pathetic excuse for a human poses no threat to me. And I’m just stating facts, it’s like you were brainwashed by that parasite, it’s good that you’re dead, if you want maybe I’ll send him to keep you company.” After he finished speaking the breeze faded away and Zhu Hao-Ran shook his head before continuing.

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