Chapter Three

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“Do you want a glass?” Zhu Hao-Ram asked as he filled his glass to the brim.

Au Da-Quan looked at him and shook his head “I have another class in an hour, I can’t afford to drink.”

Zhu Hao-Ran looked at him and then nodded, he set the bottle down and took a gulp from his wine glass before setting it down. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “Au Da-Quan, I would like you to be honest with me… was there ever a time that you felt anything for me?”

Au Da-Quan’s eyes widened and he looked at Zhu Hao-Ran who slowly lowered his head and looked into his eyes. Unable to keep eye contact he looked away, an action that elected a laugh from Zhu Hao-Ran. He sat forward and put his elbow on the table and stared deeply at Au Da-Quan who looked anywhere but him. “Foolish.”

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Au Da-Quan looked at Zhu Hao-Ran perplexed at what he had just said but had no time to think about it before the other took out his phone and typed something quickly. A second later his phone vibrated and he took it out to look at the notification that just popped up. He unlocked his phone and clocked on the message, a frown forming on his face as he looked at the message that only stated an amount of money.

“That there is all the money I spent on you for the last three years, decide how you plan on paying it back, and then let me know. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about me getting in contact with you again. This thing that we had between us, whatever you want to call it, it’s over, good luck with your life. Au Da-Quan, let’s not meet again.”

Zhu Hao-Ran got up and walked out the room ignoring the stare of the person that hadn’t even bother to chase after him. “Do you see kid, this is the person you spent so long chasing after, but it’s time for you to learn that in this life you must never chase after anyone, always let it be you that people chase after.” As he hummed he paid the bill and then left the restaurant, he collected his key from the valet and got in his car driving off.

Soon he returned to the penthouse and dropped his coat on the chair, he sat down and took out his phone. He looked through the list of people he had asked to meet him at lunch but chose not to show up and quickly used his memory to make calculations before he sent out the IOUs. After he was finished he put his phone on silent and went to the room, as much as he liked the wine he didn’t like smelling like it so he needed a bath.

After removing his clothes he stopped and looked down at his wrist that was covered in gauze. “Because of this, I’ll have to make sure to wear long-sleeved clothing or people around me might find out what you did. This cut will take some time to heal and as much as I don’t really care I don’t want to be bothered because of your foolishness.”

After saying that he got in the shower and didn’t come out until the smell of wine was gone, he brushed out his mouth and then dried off before pulling on a pair of boxers. “From the memory, you left behind it seems you were some kind of scholar, but I need more information to see what exactly it was about.” As he spoke he made his way to the office that wasn’t too far from the master room.

Switching on the lights he looked at the office desk that had a computer and laptop on it and the other gaming set up in the corner. “So privileged, I’m sure all these things are high-value products.” Taking a seat and unlocking the computer he was met with a saved image of Au Da-Quan as his background. “So obsessive, why do you have the image of that parasite everywhere I look, time to clean up the trash.”

After making up his mind he took another hour to find any traces of Au Da-Quan in all the devices and purged them out. A smile came to his face as it was done. “Now I don’t need to see his images everywhere I go like some annoying fly. Now to the important matters.” Zhu Hao-Ran went through the files on the computer and pulled up the university profile that had been saved.

“Zhu Hao-Ran, a high ranked student at the business school of a top-ranked university. Third-year into your bachelor’s degree, you’re supposed to be focused on studying and attaining your rank to go on to study your masters. Yet here you are wasting all your time chasing after a blood-sucking parasite, little one, were you dropped on your head as a child?”

Zhu Hao-Ran sighed and continued to go through the information, after he was done he clicked his tongue. “A full university study would be up to eleven years, you’ve completed two, and you’re currently halfway through your third year. You have so much to do and yet you’re slacking, if it was back in my time your father would have slung you up outside the door to teach you a lesson.

Because what it means to fail to become a scholar was you needed to join the army whether or not you wanted to and since you’re their precious only child they wouldn’t have wanted you to go to war. Such ungratefulness, pathetic and foolish.” After clicking his tongue he let out a deep sigh “oh well at least I’m here now, I’ll just clean up your mess and then live a good life going forward.”

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After he made the decision he quickly created a study plan and then went to the kitchen, he looked around and found some snacks and juice, plated them, and then returned to the office where he began to study.

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