Give me a break 2

“It’s too early for this. Release me, boy!”

I growled, struggling. It’s like they are everywhere!

It’s getting tiring. They could at least wait until I grew up some more before they begin to hound me everywhere.

“You are not her!”

“If you are aware, how can you mistakenly grab me?”

As soon as his hand slackened, I pushed away from his arms and continued forward to my class, ignoring his presence.

So this was the Mr giant from the memories for his supposed age he was a large male.

From his solid chest, his height, and that accented voice.

Looking down at my knife-pleated skirt, I made sure it was still spotless, and each pleat was in place dropping my bag in my chair I looked around the classroom hoping I’d see the girl I had called a best friend in each of my lives but she was absent.

“Ah, with so many flies buzzing around, it would be hard to find a man to have my daughter and son,” I said out loud.

In this, all the souls were in agreement we wanted to hold the children in our arms produced from this body.

And this time watch them grow to adulthood with ease.

I smiled at the thought alone.

“Even though-“

I shook those negative thoughts away. Those lives have ended I need to take the correct steps in order to move forward in the right direction where I can have the desired life. His voice seemed awfully close when I looked up I saw him blocking my path.

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What is up with this stalker?!

His low, deep voice spoke, suddenly making my mood drop even more.

“Your scent is off but you are the same.”

Where did this creepy dude come from?

What did he mean by “your scent is off?”

Is he a stalker, creeper, or freak?

Or playing tag with my feelings?

I hope not; I have zero desire in him; I thought to myself in distaste.

“I am new to the school student Kruella krystalis,”

He said while I wondered about his motives, student?

Yes, everyone knew a foreign white boy is at our school, so it’s obvious he is new.

I wanted to roll my eyes and walk away, but he is still blocking my path!

To indulge him so he can willingly go away. I decided I should talk to, so I asked him, tilting my head slightly back to view this giant.

“Back in Switzerland, do they say student and then the entire name?”

“Erm..” he had an awkward look on his face while raising a hand to scratch the side of his head, overlooking that I decided to inform him.

“I have read a lot. I think that is East Asians, right? The English and the Europeans say for example Mr or Miss and the last name only. While here we just call the first name unless directly speaking with an elder then respect is shown and we say Mr or Miss and then the name. In the end, what you are saying is complicated, and it makes you sound posh…”

I fired off the words without pause, then tilted my head slightly back to view his face.

Inwardly I said a prayer of thanks that I had been blessed with beautiful exes. But this one… He was not one, right?

By all that is holy, I hope he is not one.

“then can you teach me st- ah stud-“

I facepalmed myself and rolled my eyes then walked directly before him. When I stood about four steps away from him, I wished that I could rewind time and stayed exactly where I had been previously.

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What an idiot I am, ugh.

Being so close made my brain seem to short circuit. My eyes immediately look at him with distrust.

“For such a giant you are cute when your cheeks blush pink. Truly, your kind is different. Your eyes, hair and built,”

watching him, I saw how he lifted his head and looked away, those eerily cat-like eyes half-lidded, long dark brown lashes a work of envy.

I am pretty, but not an obvious pretty that would make a guy fall over me, is needed to fix my hair and dress like a girl and yes, grow up.

even though now I am eighteen, I only looked beautiful around twenty.

thankfully I followed my dad to the T and made sure to eat healthily and take care of both my skin and hair.

my hair has not grown long but of course, it grew thick and at least reached my shoulders.

for black hair, it is like a second job constantly taking care of it.

He spoke after a while. His voice seemed to be absentminded, as if I hit a spot.

I didn’t care, though. His feelings and what he thought didn’t matter to me.

“In the end, are we all not human?”

I chuckled, pursing my lips before I decided just to be polite, and replied.

“Human yes, but our characteristics are unique don’t you think so as well?”

my grandmother—father’s mother—despises my mother.

my mom has light skin, she can be called as a native, Bajan red-skinned.

my dad is dark, like cocoa tea brown.

my eldest sister is like my mother and my younger brother, I am the darkest child taken after my father.

I have never thought of changing that because it is who I am and I really love my body.

This body is my temple and I will care for and have my future husband worship it as such.

My gaze could not help but to land on him. My heart seems to squeeze, confusing me., still I did not look away, actually at this point I could not.

He bent slightly, leaning extremely close as I took a step back, but he gripped my left wrist. Looking at his pale hand encircling my dark wrist even though I was slim I was not on the skinny side and compared to many girls on the island a pretty envious size.

Yet… And yet this thing. In front of me twisted my views.

I looked no more than a child being held by its elder, “Being unique is no issue.”

He said after a while then like that we stood and gazed at each other around him with hooded blue eyes that glittered like twin aquamarine gems… Mmm, his eyes looked like the cat-eyed aquamarine.

“So pretty..”

“You can gaze at them all you want,”

His voice jolted back to reality. I wish I could zip my mouth shut or have a better filter.

“No need, I have had my fill, thank you very much.”

“So I have crashed into something quite interesting…”

A vaguely familiar voice stated from not too far away.

I blinked.

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