Give me a break!

In our school we had five-year heads; from first form up to the fifth.

A principal, vice-principal, the guidance Councillor, secretary, vice secretary and various teachers, which amounted to around thirty.

Our school is ranked; across the island from the twenty-two public and twelve private eighteenth, but the public alone we are ranked Ninth, which was an utter miracle in itself since compared to my last life we were ranked sixteenth and last, respectively.

Of course, my class was always first in its year and eight from among the twenty-four classes in total in the entire school regardless, but this life this class was ranked first from the first year even until the upper fifth class.

The school seemed to be in better condition. They repainted it. Following this; All our equipment was up to date and the security was high, adding to the fact that the wall around the school had been completed during the last nine-week vacation as well. The main and sub courts were painted and fixed: the basketball court repainted and hoops replaced.

The main pavilion repaired.

The sandpit cleaned and refilled, with an automatic cover placed when not in use.

The cricket field rolled, stumps, bats, helmets, balls, and custom made uniforms made.

We had even won eight of the twenty games going on to compete with the number one private school. We lost though last year, but this year is a new year the coach specifically hired for the cricket team I heard was a retired player, but I doubt this was not like the top five schools or private schools who were known to have famous trainers.

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For the interschool sports we placed third, I do not know if it was because of the new coach but our training was quite detailed as well and even though I’m not the fastest I had won the four hundred meter dash since I’m good with quick bursts of speed, the eight hundred came second in the one thousand and didn’t bother with those others.

I felt I’d pass out after running three laps around the stadium. One was already too much.

Besides, these students took pride in their school and showed much more respect.

For example: the surrounding grounds were also kept clean.

The trees and various plants were healthy instead of dying or simply lacking in care.

We also had three ‘groundsmen’ to care for them, so perhaps that was the reason why.

For lunch, the meals were cheaper and the quality much better. Those who could not afford were given slightly lower quality, but it was still good and drinks were also added.

The lunchroom had been extended, the benches on the outskirts were upgraded.

This year since I’m eighteen and my class is upper fifth I will be taking my “GCE” exams also known as the general certification exam or better yet my advanced ‘A’ levels so I can directly enter the university along with a few more certificates.

From the memory of that soul, we had passed above average this life and were ranked in the top three in well-ranked third among the class of thirty students I felt we can be ranked one but the point was already made after the other soul had fooled around for three years by first placing fifteenth, twelfth, tenth, eighth and of last year third.

That would be my agricultural science, business studies, economics, office administration, principal of business, principal of accounts.

They were close but since the mathematic, English, arts and craft, biology… And a few more subjects were finished, those were needed to take over my father’s business and expand to suit.

Sigh it all will be over soon and I will thankfully have a quick break, before I continue studying the advanced subjects, at least the break will be so that I can focus on expanding the nursery.

Actually, now I think of that I’d need to reject the job offer by the principal so I can focus on the nursery.

In this life, I will not repeat the mistake of working long term at a hotel.

I blew out an impatient breath ugh this corridor was really too long but sigh I suppose because the library was a fair size with the librarian’s office directly before the library itself and the sickbay.

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Reaching the blind spot in the long corridor, I then made a turn and entered the room to the left.

The door was made from solid wood but always opened before this classroom like all of them were odourless but like most of the school this one had received a new door, peeking inside, I then retreated and took the stairs that led to the uppermost level.

The school was divided into three levels; the lowest was the first form classes and second.

The second floor held the third on the right side, only which was shaped in an L leading around the left side to the home economics and art and craft rooms.

The home economics room is where the girls and a few boys learned how to clean and cook. Basic home functions including washing aprons, seldom shirts and kitchen cloths.

In my last life, I hated this, I had zero desire to do these choirs and so failed in both gaining the certificate and required marks to ensure I passed.

I preferred subjects like; arts and craft. Making leather belts with prints, baskets, bags and skin drums, ah oh right!

Portraits and fashion designing, this was in my last life, my highest subject and I had even received the certificate for it with a passing score of ninety percent.

Sigh, anyway almost reaching the top level I was then dragged aside and fell on a solid chest.

It did not even take long for me to realise that this chest was the transfer student from “Switzerland” I lament inside thinking ah… I just can’t catch a break today, can I?

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