Violence 2

My sister in this life was nowhere near me.

Instead, she lived with my aunt, the younger sister of my mother.

This aunt lived at the tip of the island in L parish. Her home was lovely, and she had two children, the eldest a boy four years older than myself and a girl the same age minus a week difference.

In my past life, we were close from my nineteenth birthday until my death at age thirty.

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I didn’t notice how I was slowly driven mad until I looked back and remembered how my dear cousin had slowly dropped hints to me; a few words here, a few words there.

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“I heard a little girl was molested two days ago, and hear this. She lives only four houses from us and she was only five.”

Another hint there.

“oh my gosh, I can’t believe they would show this in the movie. Look how he’s above that poor little girl and she’s like what seven?”

More there…

“look on Instagram this man has to be sick. Look at these pictures my friend sent me.”

Then the flashes started happening.

“I don’t want to upset you but I saw your man in C parish with a woman having dinner.”

I started to doubt the man who loved me; I started to hate my mother because she was useless.

A mother who spent nine-plus months pregnant with a child and giving birth could be so cruel?

A mother is supposed to love her child more than anything else, all because of those experiences with my mother?

What was she? A monster, a beast? A demon? 

lacked that valuable organ called a heart?

 I avoided my father, and I went and did things no decent girl should be doing.

That man may have been hard to me, but he had tried his best in his own way.

it’s just… ah, I did not adhere to him.


oh, how blissful it is.

“So you really married him, huh… I thought you said you will have a harem? Now you are married to this man, you will be on lockdown. Anyway, this is Kallid, he has his own small business..”

Flaunting, mimicking… It was too much! 

Haha, when I died what were her words that day?

“It is good you know your place dies already so I can no longer babysit such a useless thing,”

It was the last straw and the blow which sent me into a spiralling mess, into despair.

“Hahaha. Davida, it seems you won the bet aunt will be proud you had completed the job, and she finally died,” 

“Sigh I hope she gives me two studs after this. I need to get laid terrible.” 

“Che, Davida her body isn’t even cold yet,”

“And? The drug I gave her took long enough if you hadn’t suggested it we would have probably been forty years before she died.” 

“It’s OK, the children were disposed of by me so at least I received some kill count you can just drag her man back to the main house, his genes are superb.” 

“Kelly just come, I can also share him once with you, after all, he was a loyal dog,” 

A tear trickled down by the side of my face I coughed blood, hearing a shattering sound before I died.

“F*ck! d*mn! s**t! I wish you all would die!” 

I cursed loudly, clenching my fists and grinding my teeth.

To kill them both, to tear them apart with my bare hands was all I wanted, but that soul she kept holding me back and made us move here.

(Here, we are safe, be aware that they are not simple. How many have we killed? How many have tried to kill us?)

I sucked in a breath to calm down, staring at the booking but wishing I could rip it apart but it was borrowed from the school so that was a no.

Looking at the wall clock, I noticed it was already eight, so quickly I stood slipped from my room heading outside which was pitch black, but somehow it was almost as bright as day to me.

Heading to the bucket to the side, I then reached up in a sort of hidden corner under the house and pulled out my toothbrush, which was in a metal case and toothpaste along with my coconut cup made from the coconut shell.

Without pause, I then proceeded to brush my teeth.

Finished with that, I used some cold water and washed my face, rubbed some Aloe Vera on my face afterwards, allowed it to dry, making my face feel somewhat tight and headed back inside, climbed in the bed, closed my eyes and slept.

The next morning I woke to the rooster, but I did not bother with it. Stretching, I then pulled on a washed-out oversized shirt and baggy long pants. Then I left my room.

Outside it was cool, the morning breeze a little. Enough to calm the violent waves within me. I wished for the other soul to allow me back but I knew that somehow she was within scheming and whatever she did come up with will make our enemies suffer tremendously.

Calmed now I did the normal route of watering the plants and feeding the animals then took my bath using a bucket of water dressed and left. Heading down the hill, I paused.

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