Around six in the evening; I sat doing some revision exercises, so that I can keep ahead and become much more than an average student in this new life. I also had no desire to be tortured by that soul once again.

In my previous life, I had been an average student, who took a liking to reading comics or light novels.

I did alright with each subject, the only issue was that I hated studying, so I passed the subjects, but barely; mostly by five or ten points max.

For me it had always been: ‘as long as I pass, I’m good.’

Aiming too high and possibly failing might break my once upon a time weak self-esteem.

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Now though, I will aim higher than the sky, so high it is to… Outer space.

This life was not much different from my previous; the Cheapside market had many people selling books.

For example; before I had scorned them, thinking how unfair it was to be discovered by school mates selling plants. They had laughed and pointed. My anger and frustration turned me into someone who wanted to fit in and follow the crowd.

in this place but as I had grown older and in turn much wiser, after all, growth comes from experience in my case it was hardship.

I had come to realise how stupid I was.

What was so great working in a store for minimal wage?

What was so great walking through the town and eating cheap fast food that only in the long run would destroy my body?

What was also so great about renting a house when my dad had land and his own business?

Nothing, it was all to follow the Crowd, but me. I have no desire to become so stupid this time around.

Rebirth had opened my eyes to many things. Everything was going so well except when she appeared.

I had been minding my business, taking revenge, until she…

In my first life, my mother had raised me for a year living with my grandmother.

In the end, though neither of them could get along and so my parents had left the house to move all the way to M parish.

To make matters worse, the house was a two-bedroom home; made entirely from wood with an outdoor toilet and bath.

I had hated it, but thinking back on it mother had her reasons, and I had a passable life, minus the fact that in that first life, I was assaulted by; a so-called friend when I was only four years old.

Too young and ignorant to understand, I did not push him away while he played with my secret area, brushing the outer, flicking the numb. This continued on until I was five years old. At the age of seven, my mom had another friend who took it upon himself after six months to make me lick him, telling me it’s like candy.

The third ended up being my mother’s ex and in the end, three men had their way with me while I kept quiet those were not too bad, what was bad is that when I finally realised what was happening, I ended up feeling lost but had no time to think when one night; I fell asleep in the front house (living room) chair and somehow woke slowly to both my sister’s and a man’s voice discussing something.

“Look, my little sister is a s**t. You can f**k her without even any worries because she hasn’t bled yet. Just buy me a snack box with a chicken breast and drum stick inside and she will be yours for two hours.”

“You sure she wouldn’t do anything?”

“Sure, sure, just go and buy it and when you come back, you can have her. Take her to the kitchen and stuff her mouth with a sock or something.”

‘’I will return in fifteen minutes.”


That was the first time my sister had received my hate.

I had looked up at her; I loved her more than even my full siblings, but it seems as if she saw me as nothing but a meat bag.

Inside, I felt I heard my heartbreak and my mind shattered.

When I heard her leave and then go outside to use the bathroom, I glanced around and spotted the cutlass. Grabbing it, I placed it under the cushion of the chair I laid on, and then laid back down, pretending to sleep.

That night for the first time I became violent. I wanted to kill everyone. That night my sister sat and ate while that man brought me to the kitchen. When I had somehow fallen asleep, he stuffed a sock in my mouth and had his way with me.

That night I died inside.

For the next ten years; I lived like a shell; I grew up and somehow forgot about that, only remembering right before I killed myself.

My children had decent fathers, but I could not live after remembering all that had happened.

When I was reborn again, I killed them all. The first one I chopped off his fingers when my mother sent me to his house to ask for some sugar and two limes.

I also castrated him and pulled out his intestines. He had been discovered four days later.

Later, I killed our neighbour because she had been the one who had cast voodoo on us; I killed her entire family and her r*****ed son, her daughter and her three children, the husband as well and the grandmother.

The man who came to visit. I dragged him to the dog mom had tied after leading him around and watched as it ripped out his throat.

The last one. I slit his throat after I dropped him inside the pit and lit his corpse on fire.

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I killed the neighbour as well by suffocation because he had once broken my little brother’s leg in the last life and had left him with a permanent limp, because he had climbed a tree that grew over his yard when we wanted to pick some akees and he mistakenly fell on that side.

This time I was the one that fell and when he came I dodged his attack, knocked him out, lifted him inside and laid him gently on the bed, after I covered his face with a pillow, then sat on it.

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