Chapter 12

After waking up in the morning, I stood right in front of the bathroom mirror. Taking off the shirt, then I look at every surface of my skin. The stab wound in my chest had started to close, but the remnants of the counter-curse were still clearly visible on my right shoulder.

“Have you gotten used to the pain?” Suddenly the form of a little girl appeared from behind me, who was hovering around watching.

“Not at all… I’m just learning how to fake an expression for this such pain… Speaking of which, so you can actually bring out your form in the real world? Why are you doing it now and not before?”

“It’s only you who are able to see me. Means this is just a projection of your own imagination that I’m borrowing to make you feel more comfortable talking to me.”

“I admit talking like this does feel better.”

“You’re welcome…” She smiled.

“So that whole night… I actually moved without a heart?” Asking that, I touch my back which also has a scar that goes through the front and back.

“The rule of my world itself asked for it. And since it seems that this is not what it wanted from the start, It will be better if we just keep our mouth shut. I don’t want you to make any experiment with your own body whether the heart itself is still important to you or not, because I don’t really know anything either. As long as we’re alive, I think it’s best if we don’t bother anything about it. You hear me?” She asked.

“Awh… But I really want to put my finger in it.”

“You what!? Don’t! Just don’t! I don’t know what will happen next…”

“Yeah, I know… You’ve said it several times already.”

“Such physical wounds like this one would quickly heal in two or three days, so just leave it like that. Especially with the amount of souls you currently have…”

“How many is it?” I asked.


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“That’s… A lot, right?”

“Depends on how you judge the human soul itself? You answer it.”

I wash my face and move back to my room. lying down as if thinking about something, then I asked Elis.

“So I’m not the only one, right? Does that mean there are ninety-eight other gods and goddesses in my world right now? Or where are they actually?”

“Some of them may have come already… Some are still waiting for a vessel that meets the requirements and I’m not too confident to say we all came safely to this world.”

“But I still haven’t heard any news regarding to the other magicians.”

“What!? We are not magicians, you bully!”

“Because your nature is too funny to be a goddess.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

It’s two in the afternoon…

One more hour before Deo should be contacting me. I suddenly became nervous about what thing to say to him later.

“But don’t you feel strange about Deo? Why didn’t he worry and go to the hospital to ask if there were any survivors of the fire?” Elis’ form when she asked the question, was sitting on the end of the bed, with her back facing this way.

“So you can actually read my memory?”

“Why? You don’t believe me yet? Maybe after a few… Or tens or even hundreds of years you will also be able to see the entire scene of my whole memory. After all, I’m already thousands of years older than you. It will definitely be very difficult for just a normal human to open one of those memory boxes of mine.”

“I see… Oh yeah. about Deo that you asked earlier, He is the type of person who gives in to the most of any situation. But actually he is a very caring person. I’m sure of it, because I already know him very well.”

“If you say so, then I think it is okay…”

“Yes it is.”

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself instead?” I asked with great curiosity.

“You are asking the wrong person. Just go find the other me first… Then you can ask her anything that you really want.”

“No… My curiosity will probably be gone by the time I meet her.”

“Then just shut up and get up already… It’s three o’clock.”

“Oh s***…”

I was worried at first… I thought that Deo would be mad at me for never giving him any news about where I was. But instead, he preferred not to question anything. And that’s exactly what I expected the most from him. Because he also knows that I’m actually so awkward to accept any kind of congratulations and condolences.

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So the conversation went straight to the point, I asked him for help to book a plane ticket for myself, also to pick me up from the airport.

Indeed, my status as a freshman has been completely cancelled. But I also don’t know what to do in this city… And there’s no one else I know in this place after Deo and Fanya went to Guinaian city. They are the only friends and closest people that I currently have. So there’s no way my goal isn’t to go to the same place as them, right?

So with that, it all went away until I arrived at the Guinaian city airport. Where every second when I was traveling in the plane, I desperately had to be careful with every single little thing around me so I didn’t accidentally break it and cause any accidents while in the air.


Deo kept his promise by waiting for me right at the outside of the airport. He came slowly approaching, giving his hand intending to help to carry my luggage.

“You better take my backpack… Because all the handles of this large suitcase were damaged during the trip, so just let me carry it by myself.”

“Well, thanks for not troubling me.” Deo laughed while leading the way ahead.

“Your room is still empty for a month because you have paid for it as agreed with the boarding house… So you just have to pay it again this month.”

“Yes, I will take care of everything… But first let me sleep for a few hours. I feel like I’m going to faint because I’m so tired right now.”

“Not so fast…”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I’m not the only one who picked you up today.”

“Wait… Don’t tell me…”

“Coincidentally, I have no class for this morning. But She had one that had just finished about a few minutes ago and was supposed to be on her way, right to this place.”

“Oh god… I forgot to tell her anything.”

“It’s okay… I told her about it just for you.”

“It makes no difference… She will definitely kill me at sight.”

“Daniel… You really really are stupid when you talk about a girl’s feelings. Especially about someone who… Just forget about it. Look… There she is…”

From the front, one can see someone running while throwing away her backpack whether She is aware of it or not. I backed away a little scared, but then surprised at the same time. She hugs me…


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