Chapter 13

“I was really worried when the nurse said you left without telling them where you’re going… There was no contact I could call at that time, I was looking for you all over the place, you stupid! Where the hell have you been?! why don’t you tell me anything?!”

“Sorry… A lot of things happened, so… I’m also confused about what to do. Sorry.”

“Now you hear it, Fanya? Please don’t push him too much. Earlier he said he is currently very…” Deo had tried to help me calm this girl, but his words were immediately cut off by Fanya.

“I’m so sorry about your parents… Just speak up if you need anything and we will always be there for you. Right, Deo? Oh yeah… Can you give me your sister’s phone number? it will be very helpful in the future.” Fanya took out her cell phone, ready to type the number while then from there, we walked slowly towards the bus stop..

Now I remember that I still haven’t told them anything as sensitive as about my sister’s death. S***… What should I tell them? I have no idea…

Let’s try to lie as little as possible.

“Well you know… I lost contact with her and… But yeah, I’ll be fine. Like seriously…”

“Should I ask her on social media? That’ll be easy…”

“Fanya! He said that he’ll be fine. Give him some rest, okay?” Another save from Deo.

Thanks buddy…

When we arrived at the front of the boarding room, Fanya was busy talking to the other room owners. That’s where Deo actually asked the same question again, and I feel disappointed.

“I admit that your choice to not to tell us about anything is actually far too much, buddy. And… Are you having a fight with Saskia… I mean your sister?”

“You know that I don’t really like condolences, right?”


“I hate it when someone has pity on me.”

“Don’t tell me… She’s…”

“Aight, that’ll be all. This room is yours now, Daniel…” Fanya came to give the room key.

“I’m actually feeling a bit exhausted right now, so I’m going to rest for a bit… Is that okay?” I asked both of them.

“Sure… But let’s have dinner tonight. Three of us… Okay?” Fanya waved as I slowly closed the door to my room, smiling kindly as I usually do.

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I jumped right onto the bed.

“Elis… Question…”

“This must be about why you feel so exhausted, right? Actually I also don’t know why, even though the amount of our soul power is quite a lot. My best guess, because now we both use one simple human brain at the same time where I have my own consciousness and I also need that part of your head to think as a person?”

“So dizzy… And Exhausted… You know? At the same time I have to hold back a fake expression and also endure the pain from my own counter-curse all day and night. How long will it actually take for this little trace of the curse to disappear? I’m starting to not be able to hold on any longer… After all, how could I ever get used to this pain?! It’s impossible…”

“Maybe a week? I’m sorry I can’t say much to make things better… Because I really can’t.”

“Oh… Sorry… It’s okay… I’m just talking to make my feelings feel a little lighter. So you don’t really have to feel guilty.”

“I see…”

Now let’s try to sleep, shall we?

Though I know this will not be as easy to say.


“So what’s your plan for now?” Fanya asked while waiting for the order to come to our table at a quiet restaurant… Wait… Another curfew!?

Nah. It’s not it. Oh s***! Fanya’s asking!

“Maybe I’ll wait for another year? I still want to go to college… That’s the point.”

“Yeah… That’ll be the best.”

“So you two were also together on campus?” Hearing my question, Deo and Fanya weirdly turned to each other.

“We are in different majors, You dumb Daniel…” Said Fanya.

“Yeah… In fact, we each have two different faculties.” Deo added an explanation.


“The two faculties have two buildings that are far apart.”

“Ah! So it’s actually like that!” I can finally understand what they were talking about. “I really don’t know anything about this school’s business though…”

“Daniel, you chose college without knowing what place it was?!” Fanya asked with narrowed eyes in disbelief, as if she still doesn’t know who I actually am.

“Don’t get me wrong, but I just want to be on the same campus with you guys! Don’t look at me like that!” And that’s who this Daniel is!

“But maybe it’s not really going to go smoothly, ya know?” Deo suddenly came up with a conversation that made Fanya look so surprised… Or something that is even worse than that…

“Deo, you don’t have to say such a thing!”

“You mean about the carriers?” I’m trying to make sure myself, while ignoring what Fanya just said.

“Yeah… Have you heard of the devastation that Israel and India are having right now? What about the many west and south asia countries that are already controlled by ISIS? The Taliban? Crime rates are increasing all over the world! None of those cops have the courage to act on criminal carriers… Even All the prisons were crushed to the ground. We can calm down a bit because criminals in Indonesia are as cowardly as our own police, but who knows when all this will start to crumble.”

“Deo! Can you stop?!” Fanya whispered angrily to Deo, just right when a guy came to put the dishes on the table.

“Ahaha… Forgive our youngest son’s words sir…” I waved my hand to the waiter.

“Deo was right… But there’s nothing we can do other than enjoying what’s here right now.” I continued my words.

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“No, instead I think we should find a way to control this such a big problem!”

“Dude… Calm down… We’re still nobody in anyone’s eyes. That’s why I have to go to college next year… And while waiting, I will enjoy as much time as I can.”

“That means you still don’t know how big the real problem the world has.”

“You’re not the only person who cares about the world, Deo. Just let the adults do their job while you sit calmly here and study hard.” Fanya managed to make deo silent.

This isn’t the biggest debate we’ve ever had. There are dozens more that I can’t even remember. but still…

I can’t enjoy tonight’s dinner at all.


Exactly a week has passed, I was daydreaming on a bench of a beverage stall that I frequently visited recently. Silent in front of the gate of my former campus candidate.

“Do you have any salty food, mother?”

“Don’t call me mother, you useless unemployed!” The shop owner laughed while looking for something.

“Well… It actually hurts quite a bit…”

“Sorry… I’m just imitating your friend’s attitude.”

“Oh… Deo?”

“Yes… By the way, I’ve run out of salty food, so… I suggest you just go to the mini market.” The mother pointed to a building.

“Yes I know. Actually I also have to buy face wash, so… Bye Mother.”

“Stop it, you…” She laughed even louder.

When I got to the mini market, I went around all the parts for whatever reason… Then I completely forgot what I really wanted to do here right at the moment. So I just bought some food, then stayed silent at the outside door.

“Shouldn’t I buy fourteen toothbrushes?” I asked myself.

After saying that without the slightest bit of embarrassment, suddenly I heard the sound of a plastic wrap dropping to the ground right beside me. When I looked down, I realized that something from inside the plastic package had covered the floor with an orange-scented liquid.

“Ah… Lady? Your orange juice just spilled on the floor.” I crouched down and helped her to prevent all the juice from being wasted without anything left.

“Here… But I think you still need to buy a new one though…” I stood up and that’s when I saw her face.

Pure white face, slightly pale with the most perfect eyes I have ever seen. She’s pretty, but it’s more fitting if I say she’s really cute. Especially with her long straight black hair that looks light as it sways with the wind… Her chubby cheeks look soft… Oh! Also look at her bangs in front! So cute… Is that all I can say? I don’t exactly know, but…

To simplify things, I’ve never been this detailed in explaining any girl’s appearance…

She was just silent there for a minute, looked me right in the eye without caring about the plastic bag I was leaning on to her… Hoping for her to pick it up soon, but until now she still didn’t give any response yet.

Ugh… I’m so confused about what to do in such a situation like this one…


“You’re… Daniel, right?”

Okay, change plans! Turns out she knew me already! Retreat!

“I’ll give you a little hint, she’s also a goddess…” Elis said.

Okay, change of plans, second try…


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