Chapter 15

“How’s it?” Someone startled me right after I closed this huge door from the outside… She sat quietly on the bench right next to me. Laughing, she then stood up to greet.

“Not too bad… The man got straight to the point to ask me to join. So I guess I’ll just have a little explanation about this organization from you then. Is that okay?”

“Of course it’s okay…” She nodded as she walked slowly leading the way ahead.

I followed her from behind with a bit of a strange feeling… But I don’t know what that feeling is… So I tried to divert my attention from her thin back and elegant straight black hair, towards the flat corridor’s floor and walls.

All parts of this place just feel too perfect for a building… Like we’re in a digital world, without even the slightest flaw observed… And it really bothers me.

About a minute after we walked, Evelina opened the door to another corridor. This is where I started to feel a greater comfort. Where the corridor seems much more alive with dozens of massive-sized windows lined up on one side, and wooden doors on the other.

There was this beautiful sea view across the window, with several people passing by around us on the same floor of the building. But with all the patterns and furnishings are still pale white as if they were made from something out of this world.

Evelina walked over to one of the gorgeously framed windows, leaning on the side as she looked outside. There she started to explain about this Sins Taker stuff.

“Since the day of arrival, things start to get more and more chaotic around the world. I don’t know if you’ve seen the news or not, but The human population, which was initially eight billion people in total, has now dropped to seven point four just within two months… Three times the United Nations has tried to create an organization to regulate all things related to this carrier… But either because at that time we still didn’t know anything or we just didn’t know what to do, all of those plans failed until the fourth try. That man is Edward… He is the person chosen by the UN to lead their latest organization. It was him who gave us the name Sins Taker.”

I admit she talks a lot…

Dozens of information entered into my brain, only some part of it which I can process… Like when she told me about how fast the organization has grown and spread over the past month, which also means that Evelina was recruited right at the time when the organization was being formed. And immediately given the task of looking for me in Guinaian City, which I wasn’t there at the time.

I didn’t even have this magical thing yet back then… So it seems that the power of the great carrier of knowledge is much stronger than Elis ever thought.

“Sorry… It must be boring to hear me talk this much. I’m not very smart at explaining things though. Even some people are also just confused when I’m the one who’s speaking. So… I think it will be better if I…” Evelina laughed slightly, trying to make another offer.

“No… Just keep going…” I smiled.

She was silent for a while…

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Well… Actually, I do have a hard time understanding what she’s saying. The explanation sometimes blurs from one point to another which is not related at all… But she looks serious and enjoys her own way of talking. So I don’t have the heart to agree with her own admission.”

“You sure?”

“Eh? Why not?”

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“I see…” She smiled back at me.

“So… Sins Taker already has many bases around the world, you know? There are only a few countries that refused us to help them, because those countries are classified as red zones and cannot be negotiated with. And the number of great carriers that have joined us is actually still not too many… After you join, there will be a total of seven. As for normal carriers and staff, I think there are around three thousand of us per base in each country. Edward said, we will be on the same team, so that communication is easy among Indonesian language users. And… You’ll be joining our team which actually has been practicing since a month ago. Also…”

Evelina seemed to be thinking really hard to remember what else I should know about this military organization that she even puffed out her cute cheeks subconsciously.

“So you’ve been training in one place and working in another? Are you capable of doing that?” As I asked, Evelina herself looked surprised as if she wanted more compliments from me. Then she nodded and told me about herself instead.

“My job is to disguise myself as one of the colleagues at your university… But I can’t disguise myself well if I don’t follow the class and lesson just like a normal student. So actually I’ve been working, training and studying at the same time…”

“No way… Isn’t that hard for you? What’s more, I don’t think our ages are too far apart…”

“It’s not that hard… but…” Evelina forced herself to smile while starting to tell me about what she had been through lately.

“Edward only gave me your name as preliminary information… He thought that I would be able to get more about it while in the field, but this is my first job, you know? I’ve never even worked before, let alone playing as a detective and information gatherer. That man doesn’t want to understand and always yells at me for not being able to give them anything. I did get your photos from social media, but they’ve all been inactive for such a long time… You don’t even have any friends on your profile. You never attended class, anyone in that place didn’t recognize who’s this Daniel. A week passed and you were suddenly expelled from the university… I was able to go to your address, but it was just an empty lot that had been burned down. So I looked for information from people, but instead, they said you were already dead. I don’t understand, but it feels like you’ve really turned into a myth. It frightens and confuses me…”

“Damn, that sounds cool… I mean… Uh… Sorry?”

But seriously, I never thought that all of those things could happen in the exact same moment. and I don’t know what to say. Does she need an apology, or a word of condolences? I don’t know…

“Did you intentionally disguise information about yourself?” She asked as if she was full of hope about it.

“Not really… Anyway for what? I’m also quite surprised by all of the coincidences.”

“You sure?”

“Didn’t I?”

Suddenly she narrowed her eyes, looking at me with an annoyed face… But I just laughed, because I really hoped she would show me that exact cute expression.

“But I admit, you’re really cool though. I heard from that guy, you refuse to give up even after more than a month has passed…”


“I am honest as honest as honest.” Relieved by her current condition, I leaned against the wall… That’s when I flinched in worry and touched the wall to keep it from falling apart.

But it didn’t, not like I thought it would…

“What about the walls? Colder than you think?” Evelina asked as if again wanting to show off her own knowledge.

“Huh? Ah, yes… It’s surprisingly very cold indeed… But that’s not it! These walls are so hard! it doesn’t even break after I hit it with my elbow!” I screamed inside my mind.

“All of these buildings… All the headquarters of the Sins Takers around the world, even in Indonesia, the walls were created overnight by the great carrier of Earth… It is even much stronger than any steel… So you don’t have to be afraid if we are attacked by the enemies.”

“I see…” I’m still amazed even after hearing that explanation…

Great carrier of knowledge, earth, illusion… And all that this girl has… These people are incredibly very strong with their own magic… I feel like nothing…

“Are… You okay?”

“Oh, I just remembered! Edward said that you will help me to take care of my own registration…” I ignored her previous question.

“Eh! You’re right! It’s almost night. We have to hurry…” She gives me her hand for me to take, but I just can’t respond.

I have to make sure of something, so I asked Elis. “Is it okay if I tell Evelina about the soul’s control error that we have?”

“Just tell her everything about it. Even if you know you’re not going to like the answer, or that you’re going to hate her, just tell her everything… You really don’t think you want it and I know it, but trust me… You will need it. Always…”

“What? I’ll never tell her everything… I didn’t even tell Deo anything about this s***. I just want to talk about how I can’t control the amount of power I put out! That’s all.”

“You’ve heard my answer.” Elis doesn’t want to argue about it.

“Evelina… Can I tell you about something?”

This girl lowers her hands as if she is disappointed, looks at me worried as if I will definitely make her sad. “Yeah?” She asked.

When I told her about how I got my power, she covered her mouth, almost wanting to cry. Shaking her head while I was explaining the situation, I ended the story without telling her that I was completely alone without any family right now.

I guess I just have a little to say to her. I don’t want to sound like a coward who always gets carried away with the past… I limited the amount of information that Evelina could hear, just about all the control errors until each part made sense to her… No more than that.

Sorry for that, Elis… I just can’t…

“Don’t say it to me… Talk to the girl… That cute little angel…”

Okay, I’ll stop you right there… You narcissist!

But she’s not small… She’s the same height as me…

“It’s because you’re the short one.”

Wha? No, I’m not!

“So you can’t touch something without breaking it? All this time?”

“If I try, I can prevent it… Like doors or clothes… As long as it is not a toothbrush. But to touch a person who can feel pain, even though it might be work but I don’t want to bet.”

“I understand! Take it easy, you don’t have to worry… I’ll try to help you with that.”

“Help? How?”

“I’ll find a way!” She must have been serious with that such a loud voice… Like… Find a way, she said. You sure, Evelina?

“I don’t know how, but thanks… You make me happy.”

She looks relieved by my words just now, while looking out of the window.

“The… Registration… Stuff?” I asked.

“Ah! Sorry! I forgot!” Laughing warmly, while touching my shoulder, we disappeared in an instant from that place.


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