Chapter 16

Evelina really does take care of everything for me completely like a mother. Where I was just standing still behind her, who was talking to the administration… Looking out of the window where the Sumatran forest is magnificently spread out.

Clearly shows the characteristics of chilly tropical rainforests around Indonesia, though I actually felt a little scared after seeing it from this such a height… Why did it have to be built on the edge of a cliff anyway?!

It must be that guy…

That great carrier of earth built this base in Indonesia, right at the corner of one big Municipality. A city called Parapat that is set directly next to some wide dense forest, at the edge of a cliff with this such an astonishing view that juts down to the abyss!

And I hate it with every single cell in my body…

But I’m at least quite relieved, because the interior isn’t as off-white as the one in London… Since I’m not used to a place as bright and holy as that s***… Or straight to the point, I don’t think I’m used to living anywhere in this whole world anymore…

“Daniel?” I pulled my eyes from the window, towards the person who just called out to me. Evelina looks confused as she hugs many documents and paper folders in the cutest way possible.

“Yeah? Oh… Is that mine?” I point my finger at her chest. Yo… What the…

“Yes… I’ve completed the registration and all is now yours…” Evelina! Stop!

“Lemme help you.”

Startled as if she was afraid I would do something lustful, she pulled the document away from my hand. “No!” She said.

“You will tear the paper if you hold it!”

“But I told you that I can still endure it! Probably… Somehow…”

“No! Let’s play it safe… Just give up and let me hold it for you.” She walked swiftly past me, forcing myself to no longer argue about it.

Night’s approaching… Evelina took me to many rooms, from the mission room to the training hall, when this place is empty for the current hour. All prospective members who are yet on undergoing training, live in a dormitory on the ground floor… Whereas the state soldiers who were transferred to this organization have settled near the city.

“I think that’s all…” This girl turned her body around, facing me. She was silent as if she had run out of battery, then there I asked something in closing.

“So… Do you also live in the dorm?”

“Ah yes… I mean, my belongings were already in the dorm from the very beginning… But all this time I had to stay in Guinaian City while looking for your whereabouts. Now that you’re here, maybe I’ll also live in the dorm? But I can teleport to anywhere, though. Sometimes I will sleep at my parents’ house, in the apartment that the Sins Taker rents to me, or also in the dormitory? I’m not so sure…” Unconsciously, we went back to walking somewhere.

“Ugh… I really want to have the power of teleportation… And I’m even more jealous of you who have three powers at once!”

“Oh yeah… Talking about my powers, Daniel… How did you know if I not only have one ability? I just realized that you already knew that from the first time you saw me.”

“It just popped into my mind. I also don’t know exactly how, but I can see if someone is a carrier or even a great carrier.”

“Okay… So… What’s your power then?”

“I spit some kind of black ink.”

“Eh?” Evelina laughed in disbelief.

“C’mon… What is it?”

“What? No… I’m not joking…”

“Show me then.”

I suddenly stopped walking…

“Sorry… But I think that’s actually a bad idea. So let’s keep moving.”

“Why? You make me feel even more curious! Is that some kind of distraction magic? Or an illusion? Or magic that blinds enemies?”

It’s just slightly more lethal than a distraction magic… Slightly…

“Maybe someday you’ll see it… But it’s definitely not now.”

“So you’re the type of person who likes to keep things a secret huh?” We stopped at the end of the corridor, where she was standing there facing towards me.

“So where’s the next room?” I asked.

“There is no more… I’ve said before. Did you forget?”

“Ah… I forgot that I was actually a forgetful person… So what are we actually doing now?” Hearing my question, she lowered her face like she was disappointed.

Did I do something wrong?

“I’m sorry…”

But then she actually laughed warmly with a smile that made me want to cry with joy. “What are you apologizing for?” She asked.

“I… Dunno…”

“Tomorrow, we will take care of your dorm room, so… Can you give me your phone number?” While still holding my files, she tilted her head, swapping her phone with the other hand intending to type something.

“But… I broke my phone…”

“Oh…” It seems she remembers my condition.

“Just tell me the time… I’ll just go to that alley again, okay?”

Then time went by so fast… As we teleported to an empty alley, back to the place at the beginning of the story, I lowered my head. Walked away after saying goodbye.

Suddenly she asked from afar. “Do you like wearing bracelets?”

I paused for a moment to think. Then I raised my left hand, shaking all the bracelets that I had, she then nodded.


“What?” I shouted back a little with the distance we currently have.

“Do you like the color black?”

“Oh… The bracelets? Yes!”

She nodded even more excitedly for my answer… Where I just smiled until the final step separates us both.

“Love at first sight eh?” Elis suddenly appears floating outside when I open the bedroom window at night.

“I dunno… I’ve never fallen in love before…”

“We are similar if we talk about it… Do you know? The difference in dimensions that we both have is actually quite unique.”

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“Tell me.”

“We are two different people, but forced to become one by an authority. It should be that girl… Evelina was the one who should have been cursed and suffered before she was supposed to get the power of the ruler of suffering. But I met you instead… The shape of mine and your hearts are very different, where my heart remains the same as what Evelina has. But the nature of our acceptance of something is very different from one to another. For that point, we are exactly the same.”

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“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“This has nothing to do with any of it…”

“I see…”

Someone suddenly knocks on the door from the outside…

As I approached, Fanya suddenly walked in as if she didn’t care of what she might find inside my room… So I ask her the same thing, but then she asks me back.

“A dead body? Makes sense…”

“How dare you!” I’m dramatizing the situation.

“This afternoon I cooked your favorite dish… Soy sauce pork.”

I was silent in receiving the box of food.

“How did you…”

“I used to give you a similar dish when we were still in high school… And you’ve asked the same thing about two or three times already. What such a forgetful person… Just admit it, you dumbass…”

“Thanks…” I smiled, looking for something to put the dish at, for fear that I would spoil it soon… But suddenly she hugs me from behind.

“I know how it feels to lose them… I also felt lonely when my parents died, but you don’t have to worry. I will always be here… Come to me anytime and for anything, just whatever that you need from me… Everything. What matters is that you know I will always be here for you.”

I didn’t reply to her…

Either because she thought that if I was crying right now, or sad and wanted to be alone, she then went to close the door from outside… Leaving me alone here, standing still like an idiot.

Fanya, you know nothing about me…

I didn’t feel what you felt when you lost them. It’s not the death of father and mother that makes me want to die…

It’s simply because I’m really going to have a hard time living in a world without financial support from anyone because I’m already completely alone.

And someone who has always been my reason to stay alive, died first before my parents, ya know? So you’re wrong about all of that…

I sat silently beside the short table, smelling the aroma of my favorite food… Looking back out the window, I then thought about something…

Even for me, you and Deo are already far more important than those who have tortured me since I was just a child. I already consider both of you more worthy as a family than my own father and mother.

“I still haven’t lost both of you…”

Deo and Fanya…

Now I have everything that I need… And I still haven’t lost the two most important people in my life after my sister. Even though I’ve lost the one who cares for me, but I still have two people who I really care about.

That’s right…

I don’t need anyone to love me. I just want those I love to live happily ever after…

My sister survived to the end in that way of life…

Then I will also continue the effort…


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