Chapter 52: Quest Completed

Li Xin breathes in and breathes out for a while before he then slowly climbed down the bed, and slowly positioned Zhou Qingxuan back on the bed.

Right now, Zhou Qingxuan is no longer in danger. She is no longer emanating cold energy. And her body temperature is now normal.

The only reason she did not yet wake up right now is probably because her body is still tired. After all, even though Li Xin had managed to drive out those two energy from Zhou Qingxuan body, it is a fact that Zhou Qingxuan treatment is a little late.

But, with Li Xin current inner energy skill, there is no hidden danger. He got up and then look at the book on the table.

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This book is probably stolen by Zhou Qingxuan from the Underworld Gate.

He thought to himself. Right now he could destroy it but Li Xin shakes his head

Even though in the future this girl is supposed to be evil, there is nothing for sure.

Li Xin had read a lot of novels and stories in his life. Sometimes, by trying to prevent something, you would then be the cause of that something to happened.

What if he destroys this book? The Demoness of the White Bone Peak might not exist. That is one possibility

But there is also another possibility. And that possibility is that she became the Demoness of White Bone Peak because of this matter.

Li Xin is not some prophet. He does not claim to know what his action would do. So, he could only act according to his consciences right now.

If he forgets what he knows about Zhou Qingxuan, right now, this girl is merely a pitiful girl.

Yes, she had stolen this skill. But the Underworld gate is not exactly a faction of good natured people.

‘Forget it. I would just leave this book for her. If one day she does become evil, then I will solve her myself’ he thought to himself and leave that book on the table

He is sweating all over right now. The notification telling him that he had finished the quest appears in front of his face. But Li Xin quickly swipes it away.

He decided to check it later.

Instead he is more interest in bathing right now.  He wanted to bathe thoroughly this time.

So, he brought a pair of clothes and pants and then quickly runs out from his hut.

Using his lightness skill, it did not take more than ten minutes to once again arrive at the stream of water

This place had become his own private bathroom.

Since this mountain is hard to traverse and not many people know this stream which is hidden with thick bushes and hard to trek trails, Li Xin could enjoy his alone time

‘At least right now I have a companion. Though this companion might be trying to kill me later’ Li Xin mutters to himself as he throws his shirt and his pants to the branch of a tree.

One thing that he likes the most after mastering martial arts is the fact that each time he throws something, it always landed perfectly where he wanted it to land.

In the past, even when he throws a piece of tissue toward the rubbish bin in his room, it did not land perfectly, always landing just a few inches away from the rubbish bin

This kind of thing never happens since he mastered Qi. His aim and accuracy is always on point.

He then simply jumps into the air and landed into the water.


Li Xin then began swimming toward the largest boulder.

Then he washes himself near the boulder. The boulder is a bit slanted on the top so there is a space free from the flowing water from the above.

Li Xin uses the soap that he had made and rub his body clean. He could not clean himself properly before because he wanted to heal Zhou Qingxuan

After washing himself clean, having no smell and stench of the black stuff that was coming out of his body, Li Xin finally rest his body on top of a boulder with flowing water.

The water in the stream here is not too fast and not too slow, good enough for him to enjoy. He doubts that there is such a clean river like this in the future.

He then mutters to himself

‘I did not think that just by helping her to rid of that energy, I also got some benefits’ he suddenly mutters.

He is now lying down on top of a flat boulder.

His gaze is looking at the sky.

There are bamboo trees all around, the wind is breezily blowing by, there is the sound of the chirping of the bird., and the sun is not overhead.

It is already almost evening. It took a long time to help Zhou Qingxuan to stabilize herself. 

In the process of helping Zhou Qingxuan, Li Xin found out that as he keeps pouring his inner energy to drive out the harmful Yang and Yin energy inside Zhou Qingxuan body, there is some kind of feedback.

His inner energy become even more pure. It is like it is being grinded or like a blade that is being quenched repeatedly until it become compact.

His inner energy keep being attacked by that Yin and Yang energy inside Zhou Qingxuan body. Repeatedly being attacked but also in this process it become even stronger each time.

That is one of the advantages that he had discovered when he was healing Zhou Qingxuan. He also discovers that his control over his inner energy become even more refined.

‘Now, it is time to check the reward’ he said while smiling


[Special Quest]

Jianghu is full of dangers. The choices you made would affect the future. As the host knows the future development of certain parts of destiny, the host is now presented with two choices.

Save this woman who would one day become a scourge of Wulin or kill her and end this threat before it even began.

You have chosen the righteous path. You believe that no destiny is set in stone. Killing someone that had not yet did anything wrong is evil in your eyes.

This kindheartedness will it light the path of good or will it bring you to a dark path. Some would argue that kill the cause and the effect could not be realized.

But the host had chosen and the host must live with the decision. As long as the host persevere in the martial path, believe in yourself, then these affairs of the world would act as a grinder for the host

With your decision to save Zhou Qingxuan, destiny has changed again. There is now a ripple in the small stone that is thrown into the calm lake. Whether these ripples would bring about a great change or not still remains to be seen

The choice of the host had already affected certain destinies and fates

In Jianghu, nothing is as it seems, it is hard to tell between right and wrong. Keep your martial heart and keep moving forward!

Reward: Medium Gift Pack (the prize will depend on the choice of the host)


Li Xin read the description and sighed. As for his decision to save Zhou Qingxuan he already set some countermeasures.

And he only knew certain plot of the game and not the whole thing.

And he does not want to judge Zhou Qingxuan to rashly.

After all, even though he knew that she would become the Demoness of the White Bone Peak, who knows what pushed her to become that?

As such, he did not feel it was right for him to kill an unarmed girl. And a suffering girl at that. There are many tragedies in Wulin, and who knows, maybe she too was wronged.

And he had read a lot of wuxia novels. Of course, it did not mean that the scenario he reads in wuxia novel would be recreated in this world

But usually, if there is a villain, most of the time, the villain did not become a villain without some heartrending story behind it.

And from what he remembers of the Demoness even though she does kill people she also has her own discipline and morals.

Of course, this did not make it what she did is right but from this Li Xian could tell that she is not entirely heartless

It is those who have nothing to lose that should be feared

Of course, if he is wrong, and this girl is simply a psychopath that kills people without batting an eye, then Li Xin would just simply enact justice for heaven and cut her down.

‘Enact justice for heaven’ And then he laughed. He had never thought and spoken like this before

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But it seems that when he transmigrated to this world, he seems to take certain habits of this body that he had inhabited.


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