Chapter 53: Breaking the Limit

Li Xin then check his martial skill points.

When he was using the Eternal Life Scroll technique and learning it, each time he restrained the inner energy from breaking through to the next realm, he could feel that the Martial Skill points had risen

There is also the notification from the system telling him that it had risen so Li Xin knows that his martial skill points had risen

His Martial Skill points before practicing the Eternal Life Scroll technique is 1780 marital skill points.

He then opens his status window and checks it again and he was shocked to find out that his martial skill points right now are 5230 martial skill points

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‘That is a lot of martial skill points’ he thought to himself.

It would be enough to learn a few more of the strokes of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm, he thought to himself.

And then he laughs when he was reminded of this

Before, even though he had leaner the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Li Xin felt a bit uncomfortable.

The reason why he felt uncomfortable is none other than the fact that even though he mastered this skill he could not use it as freely

Because each stroke of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm requires great inner energy.

When he uses it, it also always wasted with his inner energy because of his weakness in controlling his inner energy.

But now with the Eternal Life Scroll technique, it would not be long before he could perform all the strokes of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing palm and still have enough energy to fight instead of being drained after a couple of moves

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Thinking of this, he felt a bit happy.

Out of the supreme skill he had, the only one that he could use is the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm. One Sword requires comprehension, something that the system does not have.

Then still feeling happy, he checks his Life Skill points. This point also had risen when he learns the Eternal Life Scroll technique.

The Eternal Life Scroll technique is not only an inner energy manual. It also fills Li Xin head with all kinds of skill that is necessary for someone who practices martial arts.

There is the knowledge of herbs, of poisons, of traps and formations and philosophy and all of this and more

So, his Life Skill points had also risen. His Life Skill points before learning the Eternal Life Scroll is 3900 Life Skill points. He opens the tab of the Life skill point and look at the Life skill status and smiles

It had risen to 6700 Life Skill point. A few thousand point was given to him

Not that he is complaining

‘Is the system being generous all of a sudden?’ he said.

And then he laughed.

Of course he knows this stingy system would never be so generous.

He blurted it out because he feels too happy.

To him, each point is survival points

For him who came from another world and a modern world, in a relatively peaceful part of the world, having to risk his life in Jianghu is not exactly something that he is looking forward to. The only reason he is not looking forward to it is simply because it is dangerous.

But if he learns martial skill and become stronger, then it would not be too dangerous.

Li Xin had no one that he loved in this world and he has no friends.

He also did not have the memory of this body and he does not know whether he is an orphan or the son of some family

So, he has not attachment and his only objective right now other than his goals of trying to see whether he could change the trend of time is to survive

This is actually the best time for him to buy more skills from the system or upgrade the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm. But then Li Xin shakes his head.

‘Don’t bite off more than you could chew’

With the inner energy and the few skills, he had even though he could not be said a master, he at least now has certain confidence to roam Jianghu.

When he was playing the game, how could it be so easy to find skills like the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm?

Now, that he is in the game, he is given the system and as long as he had enough points he could buy the skill he wanted. Who doesn’t want that kind of things?

‘Hey, don’t forget this is no longer a game!’ he reminded himself.

Everything that he had felt since that day the lightning bolt struck him is real. It is better to treat this life as real. He had no certainty if this world is still like the game

He then calms himself down and once again look at the martial technique status window and his smile widened

And he at least has two skills of each type. He has two sword skill and two palm skill

For his swordplay, one of them is normal sword skill and the other one is supreme skill. It is the same for his palm skill

‘What should I learn next?’ he thought to himself.

He had already learned palm and sword skill so he could go with spear art, blade skills, kicking skill, finger skill and other skills

If he did not have the system, he would probably focus on only one skill.

Since that is the method to true mastery but since he had the system, he wanted to be very versatile.

If you want to fight him with fist, he could use fist, if you wanted to use feet, he could also use his feet and so on and so forth.

To him, the four martial skill that he has is enough for him at least for right now.

Eighteen Dragon Subduing palm is a supreme palm skill. Even though he did not yet master all Eighteen Strokes, even a few strokes are enough for him to at least be safe in Jianghu

It would even be enough for him to be famous in Jianghu.

As long as he did not forget the rules of Jianghu, like be careful of old people, children and people with crouched back, he would be alright

There are also things like always check your food for poisons and never underestimate your enemy. Some of these rules are logical and some are more nonsensical.

Even though he did not want to buy any skills for a while, there is something that he wanted to try.

‘I guess it is time to try it now’ he thought to himself.

Li Xin then sit cross legged on the stone beneath his feet and then close his eyes. Closing his eyes, he focused on his breathing, exhaling and inhaling the breath

Then he slowly feels the inner Qi inside his Dantian is being stimulated.

It is not long before Li Xin could feel the inner Qi tries to break through some resistance and then smiling, Li Xin thought to himself

‘Break it!’


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