Chapter 54: Practicing the Eternal Life Scroll

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‘Break it!’ Li Xin seems to be shouting to himself in his mind, like he is encouraging himself

Like the sound of something broken in Li Xin mind, Li Xin the feel a burst of energy inside his body, swirling and gathering.

His entire body seems to shake like somebody had struck him. Li Xin frowned as his entire body suffered some shock.

He is trying hard to stabilizes the influx of energy gathering in his sea of energy.

Before, Li Xin had to restrain the energy in his body. Each time he restrains it, his inner energy become purer and his meridian widened even more

But, he also recognized that at that time, he is but only one feet away from reaching the next level.

He already has thirty-years’ worth of inner energy.

When he broke that resistance force in his body, it was like his body become light and weightless.

And then he felt the shock but also the power of his inner energy. His body is sucking the energy of Heaven and Earth around him.

He now had broken through to the next power level. Martial Heart power level

The notification popped out but Li Xin quickly swipes it with his fingers.

‘I’m not done yet!’ he shouted and his shout create echoes all over the area of the stream, the water seems to vibrate at high frequency

He did not intentionally want to shout but the energy in his body wanted to be let out.

There is two ways of breaking through the next power level. One way is to use the points to break through the power level

In other words, using the system. It is what Li Xin refers to as the automatic mode. Then there is another method

This method is referred to by Li Xin as the manual method.

Using his own inner energy practice to forcibly broke the barriers between power level. Before, he had never able to use this manual method because his inner energy practice is crap.

But, now, he is installed with a new and improved engine, his ability to use inner energy become almost unparalleled.

That is how he is feeling after practicing the Eternal Life Scroll.

If his previous inner energy practice is like some old scrap engine that allows him to run 60 km per hour than then new engine is like a luxury sports car that could sprint 200 km per hours in ten seconds.

His control and the burning energy around his body is proof that his inner energy is very powerful.

Right now, his inner energy climbed to thirty-one years’ worth of inner energy.

The level limit of Martial Heart power level inner energy is thirty-five years’ worth of energy. Usually Li Xin would use the points to quickly raise his inner energy to the max level of that particular power level

But, now after he had tasted how efficient his inner energy practice, he decided to try it manually

Not only would it save his martial skill points it would also help him try to experience how to use his inner energy to break through the power level.

It is the same if he uses the system. After all, from what Li Xin had experienced the system service is top notch.

But, if there is one advantage of breaking through it by his own effort was that he could save points.

It is not every day he would get special quest and quest point. Of course, maybe this situation would change later if he roams Jianghu. But there is no guarantee for that.

So, even if he had finished the quest and get a Medium pack gift bag, he would rather be a little bit stringent with his spending of skill points.

Then Li Xin once again focused and right now his inner energy is climbing very fast.

All of his twelve meridians seems to vibrate.

He closes his eyes so he could not see what is happening around him right now but his inner energy is causing the water droplet that is falling from the boulders above seems to evade Li Xian head

If anyone is looking at Li Xin from a distance right now, they would feel like they were seeing something that is hard to explain.

The water drops down but as it was about to fall on top of Li Xin head, there is a force that prevented it from falling.

So instead, the water drops seem to be repelled like there is a wind pushing the water away.

Some masters could do this. There are many tales of martial artist fighting in the rain.

The body is soaked, thunder is thundering behind them, lightning strikes the land and when the weapons is unleashed, the area around the martial artist suddenly become void of water.

The water was directed by both fighters to strike forward and when these water collides it exploded into a boom.

It meant the water was pulled by the sword and become one with the sword. That is the reason why it become a void of water around them

When the masters landed backwards, there is no trace of water on their coats, like they were the only ones that is dry from the heavy rain.

This could be achieved by masters who could coat their body with inner energy or unleashes an attack that pulls all the element around them to follow their trajectory of attack

The same thing is happening to Li Xin right now

Li Xin of course could not see it but if he could see it he probably would just brag about it again. Right now, his inner energy has passes thirty-two years’ worth of inner energy.

Of course, Li Xin is not satisfied at all so he once again concentrated.

‘Until the end, till the roof comes off’ he said with a little smile

The water on his body that had been there when he jumps into the water slowly dissipate like there is a great heat disintegrating them into gaseous state.

Li Xin body become very hot.

Though, it is not fair to say that his body become hot.

It is the energy that layered on his body that is becoming hot.

Not long after, there is not even one droplet of water on Li Xin upper body. As for the lower body part, the water around that is slowly boiling.

But because there is water from above that keep falling, there is a balance between cold and hot.

BOOOM! His body once again release a powerful shockwave and then water around him exploded and flew to all four directions.

The fishes around his area, the hiding crabs all scurry away from the area where he is now meditating.

Li Xin breakthrough seems to become easier and easier. His blood is now full of vitality

His inner energy is skyrocketing again after it had just broken through thirty-three years’ worth of inner energy

Then almost a few minutes later, another explosion occurred around the area, this time the effect is even more exaggerated

Now, Li Xin inner energy had reached thirty-four years of inner energy cultivation.

His entire body is thrumming with energy and all the water around him seems to be vibrating in high frequency.

Li Xin did not push to break through until the end. He felt that he needs to first calm the raging chaotic Qi.

His Qi in the beginning is very orderly but after successive breakthrough, it felt like the orderly order that had been maintained is broken each time he breakthroughs

So, Li Xin calms down his heart and circulates his inner energy according to the practice of breathing of the Eternal Life technique.

Then he chanted certain things. And he could feel that by focusing his mind in chanting these words, the circulation become faster. It is because he focusses on certain words of the chant which helps him guides the energy and calm down the raging Qi

 ‘All things come from emptiness’

‘Emptiness is just form, and form is just emptiness’

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What he focused on this chant is “emptiness” and “form”.

In a way Li Xin believe that this chant is like a supplementary imagination method. Most of inner energy practice depended on the martial artist imagination since inner energy before it reached a certain threshold of consummation could not be seen but could only be felt.

In a way it is a bit like a magic force.

This is the reason why Li Xin had believed that he had been in another world and not his world.

He is quite sure that his world never had this kind of things like inner energy.

Then he chanted another chant

‘Concentrate. Breathe in and breathe out. Search for immortality.’ And what is immortality? What did he search?

Immortality in the base of it is life. So, what he is seeking is life force. If that is so, where is the life force?

Between Heaven and Earth. The practice of Eternal Life Scroll is different from any other inner energy skill.

Li Xin might not understand this before but when he did master the Eternal Life Scroll, he immediately understood what made this inner energy skill he practiced different from any other inner energy practice of the others.


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