Chapter 55: Be Formless

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What made it different?

This inner energy practiced that was created by Duke Jingwu of Wei, focused primarily in longevity, in eternal life

It is a method to turn into something beyond mortal. Of course, it is clear that Duke Jingwu of Wei himself did not master this skill.

But, Li Xin immediately understood it because of the system ability.

It is also because of that he understood that to truly master this skill, to master the benefit that this skill could give him, he need to turn the energy that he takes from heaven and Earth to form a different kind of energy in his body.

When someone practices an inner energy, the energy that they absorbed from around them would be turned into an energy that they stored in their body

This energy then would be used to attack or defend. It also has the great ability of enhancing the activity of body healing

In other words, it increases one healing factor and slow aging.

That is only a few of the ability one would have when one could use Qi.

But, this energy when used would leak out back to the world.

When a martial artist who had accessed Qi dies, then like a container of water being broken the water would burst out.

In other words, when one dies, the energy in their body would then returned back to Heaven and Earth

Hence, there would be no lack of energy of Heaven and Earth. The Eternal Life Scroll however is like some kind of heretic technique.

What it does is that it robs the vitality of Heaven and Earth.

Yes, Li Xin when he uses his inner energy, the energy from his body would be transferred out and returns back to Heaven and Earth

But Li Xin knew that if he mastered the skill to the penultimate level, he could rob the vitality of Heaven and Earth and make sure that it did not leak out as much.

And when he concentrates, he would feel a certain energy that is different from the energy of Heaven and Earth

This energy stays inside the Dantian and bring him endless vitality. This is what is called the Immortality Seed.

Of course, Li Xin knows that this world is not a Xianxia world, there is no Immortals, Gods and Devils.

Hence the Immortality Seed is not some kind of Immortal technique but simply the name that the manual had given to this Seed.

And there are only a few traces of it in Li Xin dantian. It is where Li Xin trapped the vitality of Heaven and Earth.

The Eternal Life Scroll is more of a method of living long than it is a method of attacking. While it could be sued very effectively to attack people and could even be used to create methods of defending, the primary purpose of the skill had always been longevity.

It makes sense considering the name

Then he chanted

‘Living in solitude is that the life of an Immortal?’

Emptiness is just form, and form is just emptiness

Let go and be formless and shapeless

If the heart is not still, the essence is lost’

He was chanting all of this and taking his time and after a few hours, finally the raging Qi has once again been calmed own. The circulation of energy in his body become orderly once again

It is amazing that it took him hours to stabilize his condition. Usually after such rigorous exercise his body would be soaked with sweat

But Li Xin was under a rock and above that rock is falling water that washes his body.

It is like his own mini waterfall. So, he was constantly being washed and there is no stinky smell coming from his body because of his body being soaked in sweat

Li Xin does not like it when he is dirty. This might be the habits of his previous life.

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As he exhales and inhale, his chest heaving up and down, the water around him seems to floats up and down following his breathing

If anyone is here right now and come close to Li Xin, they would feel the vigorous life force that is inhaled and exhaled with each breath

Right now, Li Xin age is fifteen.

Most children that practices martial arts would be send to the sect or school at the age of eight or nine and by fifteen usually they would have either three years or five years’ worth of inner energy

To some who learns powerful inner energy skill, at most seven years’ worth of inner energy.

Of course, this excluded people who uses external method like pills or some mystical fruit that could enhance one inner energy

But, there is rarely a fifteen-year-old child with the inner energy of thirty-four years. And none that is as pure or as dense as him.

One could imagine if the established sects and school found out that there is such a child, the shock that they would experience.

They might even think that Li Xin practiced some demonic skills.

Li Xin then stop and the water that was floating falls down and the vibration of energy around him had also stopped.

Li Xin knows if he wanted to at that moment, he could push right through the peak of Martial heart, gaining thirty-five years of inner energy power.

But he did not.

For some reason, he felt that if he went straight to the next level, which is Comprehending the Energy power level, there would be a change to the system.

This premonition is not something that he could explain logically.

It is just a feeling of his.

He takes a deep breath as the raging inner energy is calmed down even more and after a while, it was like nothing happen.

Li Xin body is drenched with water and he is now breathing normally and naturally. Now, his mind comes out from that state of concentration.

He could now hear the sound of the rushing water, the sound of the chirping birds and the songs of the forest.

He slowly opens his eyes.

Then he notices something.

What he notices was that the place where he is sitting in meditation had depressed two feet deep.

And the water around him seems to be hot and warm. It is like someone poured hot water around the area.

But the hotness is not that dangerous, enough to make him warm. Li Xin believe this has something to do with when he was breaking through to Martial Heart.

He shakes his head.

Then he thought again about his power level

‘I think I made the right decision’ he mutters to himself. Even though he stopped increasing his inner energy limit, he did not regret it.

And it is not if he fortifies his body ability to accept the inner energy first before he rushes forward without stopping.

Rushing too fast, he might stumble and he might stumble hard. After all, it took him only a week from having no inner energy to having thirty-four years’ worth of inner energy

If anyone who practices inner energy without any external help or any fortuitous encounter like practicing some kind of high level inner energy skill, most people would take thirty-four years to finally being able to store this much of inner energy

When one absorbs inner energy, how much they could absorb depends on the training.

The process of using and storing inner energy is the practice of inner energy.

The more you could store, the longer you could store it, the stronger you became.

And the inner energy practice determines how fast the rate of regeneration.

This is why those who learn powerful inner energy skills usually have more inner energy than their peers who did not learn any high shill inner energy

Of course, inner energy is not a solution to all martial artsy. Just because you have powerful inner energy, did not mean you would be the strongest.

Even if you have inner energy, if you don’t know how to use it, how to apply it and how to manipulate it to do your bidding, it is still useless.

It is like giving someone a kid a sword and expect him to fight against a master swordsman.

Li Xian right now not only have a lot of inner energy for a person his age, he also learns one of the most coveted inner energy skill in Wulin that nobody had been able to practice all of these years since the era of Taizong

And he did it in a week. It is then make sense that Li Xin felt the need to make sure that this sudden increase in power did not affect his negatively.

That is also one of the reason why he stopped at thirty-four years and not push it to the peak of Martial Heart power level

After he broke through to Martial Heart power level, he could feel the pressure on his body. This pressure is not like some kind of weight placed on his body

It is like something burdening his soul.

There is a dissonance somewhere in his body. Li Xin did not take long to understand what is happening to him

Because of the Eternal Life Scroll, he had learned many knowledge. As such, this kind of problem that is related to inner energy, is one of the easiest for him to solve


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