Chapter 56: Martial Heart

Yes, Li Xin knows exactly what is wrong with him. And that is why he stopped reaching for the peak of Martial Heart.

He could reach the peak but then it would put him closer to breaking through to the next realm of power which would not be conducive to his growth

If he did not learn the Eternal Life Scroll, he might not be able to deduce what had happened to him

‘I really am the Son of Destiny, right?’ he thought to himself before chuckling.

He suspected that he need to strengthen his body at the same time he increases his inner energy.

Right now, he could feel that there is an imbalance in his body. And this is that imbalance. Usually people would train their body while training to increase their inner energy

In a way, the body is like the container. And the inner energy is like water. Only this container is very brittle and easy to break. But the water is heavy and dense.

The meridians widen when he learns the Eternal Life Scroll but there is also a limit of how much his meridian could widen. How to push through these limits?

Strengthen the body.

His body might not be able to bear the large inner energy if he keeps continuing increasing his power level

Even now, even after he had calmed down the raging inner energy that fills his body, he felt sore all over.

It was like his body is overloaded with energy that he felt like he is going to explode.

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‘Don’t get too rushed’ he reminded himself

‘I still have a lot of martial skill points and could buy a few strengthening body methods’ he thought to himself.

There are always the Shaolin martial arts that could strengthen the body or he could also learn some of the unknown skills in the System Store.

Li Xin then shakes his head, shaking the thought off from his mind and then finally tapping the Martial heart status window

Martial Heart [31-35] [Host has reached Martial Heart grandmaster rank, possessing even powerful and purer internal energy.

Because of the amount of the host internal energy, the host is now unlocking more new abilities.

The host is rewarded with the ability to create your own martial skill and inner skill based on the host understanding of the martial path.

The host could also now form and create Qi body fortification.

Qi body fortification is using Qi, or inner energy to coat the body with fine control of inner energy to protect one body from inner attack and physical attack.

The deeper and the larger the amount of inner energy, the more defense the Qi body fortification would provide to the host.

Because the host had mastered the Martial Heart which is the prerequisite for anyone wanting to reach the apex of martial heart, the host has also now able to increase resistance against aura of other martial arts experts that is above the host level.

The host is also rewarded with the ability to use Strand of Divine Qi to incite temporary burst of power that would enable the host to fight beyond the hots power level.

This status window would be reflected in the system status. Please uses all this unlocked benefits to increase your progression toward the martial path]


Li Xin look at the status window and was shocked.

There are many things that he could do now as he broke through to Martial heart power level

‘Create a skill?’ he looks at one of the ability he could do now. Li Xin tries to tap this function and then he immediately understood it.

The system immediately sends information to his mind when he wanted

When he wanted to create a skill, he had to choose one of the many discipline of martial arts.

Then, the system would help him deduce possible martial arts that could be created.

This did not consume any points but it does require him to have deep understanding of many martial skill or the skills that he wanted to create.

He could not just create skill out of nowhere.

For example, right now, he had learned sword skill and palm skill.

Among his sword skill, one of his sword skill is a supreme level sword skill.

And among his palm skill, the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm is also an ultimate palm skill.

Theoretically if he were to spend some time, he could create a low level palm and sword skill. But he could not create for example, kicking skills or finger skills, or blade skill.

Because he had nothing to reference on.

Creating one own skill requires deep understanding of martial art.

While it is not entirely accurate to say that only masters could create martial skill, it is without a doubt that people who are called masters and respected as such in Jianghu is usually able to create skill

This is the reason why many of those patriarch or sect leaders are usually the only one that could found a school

This is different from the established schools like that of Divine Sword mountain, or the Righteous Tempe or even the Cloud Gate.

These mountains had their own inheritance.

But some small sect or secluded schools of martial arts usually could be found by people who could create their own skill

And Li Xin, at the age of fifteen has already have the ability to create his own skill. Li Xin is not interested in creating any skill for now so he just shakes his head

He is smiling right now. But then he frowned because he realizes something.

‘Wait, when did I break through to grandmaster rank of Martial Heart?’ he asks himself.

He looks at his status window and just as he expected, he had broken through to the last peak of Martial Heart.

He now has thirty-five years’ worth of inner energy.

He thought about it for a few second and then clicking hos tongue, he finally remembered it

It must be during the last moment when he tries to rein the inner energy that he accidentally breaks through

Because of how pure and how steady his current accumulation of inner energy, he did not even notice that he had accidentally broke through to another year worth of inner energy.

Fortunately, enough, he did not break through to the Comprehending the Energy power level.

Maybe, because his body was used to the energy so much, he did not even realize when he broke through to the last barrier of the Martial Heart power level.

Before he knows it, he had already broken through it.

There is a few reason he could think of and these are one of the many reasons why he did not even notice

No wonder the ability suddenly manifested and was bestowed

Li Xin also had understood certain things about the power level rules.

If for example he only breaks through to thirty-one years’ worth of inner energy, the ability would not be bestowed to him.

It isn’t until he breakthrough to the peak of the power level before the system would bestow him with abilities

Each power level that he would break through would always give him abilities that he could use to increase his chance of survival.

‘My plan of restricting it at the master rank had failed. In the end I broke through to the grandmaster rank of Martial Heart’

He sighed in his heart

‘But as long as I did not accidentally break the last barrier between Martial Heart and Comprehending the Energy, things would be fine’ he mutters to himself

‘Right now, it is more important to know what abilities is bestowed’ He knows that these abilities need to be activated first.

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He looks at the description of the abilities and even though he tries to remain unaffected, he could not help but smile in happiness.

There are not many things that could make him happy in this ancient world. It is not like he could watch TV

The only thing that could make him happy in this ancient world right now is him being stronger. Because that means he could survive.

 ‘Able to create body Qi fortification’ he mutters


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