Chapter 57: Strand of Divine

‘Able to create body Qi fortification’ he mutters

He narrowed his eyes and the moment he taps on the words, the information on how to create Qi fortification around his body is streamed inside his mind

He could see where to channel the energy and to force it out but not released but suspended only few inches out from the body and maintain it there.

It only took him a second, and then he immediately channels his inner energy out.

This time the operation of his inner energy is very smooth.

A few seconds later he could feel a layer of inner energy, an inch thin is enshrouding him over all the surface of his body and the water could not penetrate this Qi. Li Xin then tries to extend the range of the Qi to make it an inch thicker

Then he frowned

Because he understood something. The further the energy from him, the more energy he uses and the thinner the Qi protection becomes.

‘So, the more inner energy I have, the denser it would be and more range could be covered’ he thought to himself.

This kind of skill requires not only fine control but a high inner energy.

He then looks at one of the other abilities he got which is increasing one resistance against aura of other combatant.

As for the other two, he could test it. But for this third ability of Martial Heart, he could not test it unless there is an enemy fighting him right now

What it means by aura is something that Li Xin could only know after expecting it.

Li Xin since a week ago has only been fighting animals inside the forest. The only time he was fighting against a person is when he was being sneak attacked.

Even then, it could not be said that they were truly fighting as that person immediately runs after he failed attacking Li Xin.

Li Xin then shakes his head

Only allowed on

‘this could only be explored later when I fight someone’ he thought to himself. Then he looks at his status window.

There is a new tab which is the Strand of Divine Qi. Like it said on the notification it is reflected onto the system status so Li Xin tap it with his hand and the description of Strand of Divine Qi popped out in front of his face

the information streamed inside his mind

‘Hmm. This would be useful’ he said to himself

Divine Strand of Qi could be condensed when one is about to breakthrough to other power level and instead of breaking through to that level, suppresses that excess of inner energy to form a strand of Divine Qi.

Li Xin sighed. Just now would be a good time. At that time, he did not read about this ability and instead quickly breaking through.

This is also a new method for him to restrain his inner energy from breaking out if he is at the verge of breakthrough

‘next time, I should read first before I did anything’ Li Xin did not think that there are all kinds of ability that is bestowed to him when he broke though this power level

In the past, it was not this much. He sighed but he did not regret what had already happened.

Divine Qi, when it is used, it would provide a temporary but powerful boost of inner energy, stamina and strength to the user

It is like some kind of buff potions, he thought to himself

But how much strand of divine Qi is needed to form a Divine Qi. When he looks at his status window, there is only three Divine Qi that he could condense.

It is Divine Qi. Divine Sword Qi and Divine Palm Qi. Li Xin immediately understood why only these three things that is allowed.

This is the three disciple of martial arts that he able to use. He could use the sword, and he could use palm skill.

And he could also practice inner energy.

He then went to the Codex and then taps the description of Divine Qi and another popup window appears in front of his face


[The host have to accumulate ten strand of Divine Qi. Ten Divine Qi could be converted into one of the types of Divine Qi

The host could convert ten strand of Divine Qi to one pure Divine Qi. One pure Divine Qi would give the host temporary burst of power around ten minutes that would enable the host to fight beyond the host power level

The host could convert ten strand of Divine Qi to one Sword Divine Qi. One Sword Divine Qi would give the host powerful strike of sword containing the full power of the host for three minutes.

The host could convert ten strand of Divine Qi to one Palm Divine Qi. One Palm Divine Qi would give the host powerful offensive palm strike containing the full power of the host for three minutes.

To unlock more function of the Divine Qi, please become stronger and learn more]


From this Li Xin could see that as long as he masters more discipline of martial arts, more options for the Divine Qi would be opened

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‘An all-around improvement’ he mutters to himself and smile. Li Xin then release his breath. Right now, his breath is finally natural and no longer as forced as before.

Li Xin nodded to himself.

‘I already got what I wanted. So, I think I could come down the mountain after I finished dealing with Zhou Qingxuan’

Li Xin has begun planning now.

he also had another plan if he failed to find Zhou Qingxuan. Fortunately, that plan did not have to be modified. He did found Qingxuan and he even got to Eternal Life Scroll.

‘Smooth sailing for now’ he thought to himself.

After he comes down the mountain, and reaches closer to the death of the Emperor, there would be more things that he would not know

When he plays the game, it was not like he plays it to the end. There were a lot of things that he did not manage to explore.

Of course, if he knew he would be transported to the game world, it would have been better for him to read all the information and seek any information about great treasures or locations of secret manuals and stuff like that.

After the death of the Emperor and the usurpation of power by Zhu Wen, there were many great heroes and great villains that rises.

That was the setting of the game. And when he was playing the game, he was playing the game after the death of the Emperor.

Li Xin knows that he did not have much time. Two years might look like a long time. But in these two years, many things are in motion

Li Xin could not remember it all but he is quite sure that Zhu wen did not just simply got up one morning and decided to kill the Emperor.

There is something building up.

From what he remembers when he plays the game, one of the storyteller that he had heard spoke that a year before Zhu Wen kills the Emperor, the Righteous Temple held a conference to kill Zhu Wen.

Li Xin did not know whether this is true or not but if it’s true, Li Xin would try to participate.

He then shakes his head

‘Zhou Qingxuan is not out of the woods yet’ Li Xin does not know who he enemies is.

But he could guess that the enemies that is chasing her and leaving her half dead in this mountainous forest probably come from the Underworld Gate.

It is not that hard to guess considering that the Eternal Life Scroll seems to be snatched by Underworld gate.

Li Xin did don’t mind helping Zhou Qingxuan.

Because he sees the potential

And what potential that is. He smiles as he mutters to himself

‘the potential to become a quest making machine’

And he laughs a bit


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