Chapter 58: Awake

Even though the system did not say anything to him how it works, Li Xin could guess a bit of how the system would judge certain things and use quest for him to solve.

If he wanted to participate in the big events of the world, he needs to be much stronger than he is now.

If someone wanted to kill Zhu Wen, then they have to be really powerful.

People like Zhu Wen have masters and experts all round him to protect him.

Li Xin had already decided what he wanted to do.

he did not plan much more than that because he knows that if he plans too much and it did not work the way he wanted it too, that would make him infuriated

There are too many things that is not under his control so he would not stress it out too much

Li Xin decided to go back and check on Zhou Qingxuan.

But as he got up from the area of water that he is sitting on, he remembered to check something

He then opens up his status window

NAME                                                 : Li Xin

SPECIAL STATUS                                 : Tianmai

AGE                                                     : 15

REPUTATION                                      : Uphold Justice

TITLE                                                   : Wandering Hero

POWER LEVEL                                    : Martial Heart (35 years) Grandmaster (Rank 5)

STRAND OF DIVINE QI                        : 0

Divine Qi                                             : 0

Divine Sword Qi                                 : 0

Divine Palm Qi                                    : 0


BESTOWED ABILITY                : [Modify Skill]

                                                : [Imposing Presence]

                                                : [Combining Skill]

                                                : [ Conversion of Skill Points]

                                                : [Unlock Buying Items from the System Store using Skill Points]

                                                : [ Spiritual Perception]

                                                : [Unlocking Teaching Skill]

                                                : [Able to Create a Skill]

                                                : [Body Qi Fortification]

                                                : [Increase Resistance Against Aura of Others]

                                                : [Using Divine Qi]


PLACE OF LEARNING                          : Jianghu

INTERNAL MARTIAL TECHNIQUE      : [Opening of Sea of Energy] Grandmaster realm

                                                            : {*Eternal Life Scroll*]

MARTIAL SKILL POINTS                      :  5230

MARTIAL ARTS TECHNIQUE   : [Sixteen Moves Swordplay] Grandmaster realm

: [*One Sword*] Grandmaster realm

: [Three Waves Palm] Grandmaster realm

: [*Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm*] Beginner realm



LIGHTNESS TECHNIQUE         : [Swift Strides Stepping the Clouds] Grandmaster realm

: [Storm Descend] Grandmaster realm

: [ Darkness Covering the Heavens] Grandmaster realm

: [White Tiger Treading the Walls of Immortals] Grandmaster

: [Lightning Flashed by Without a Trace] Grandmaster realm

: [Void Step] Grandmaster realm

: [Azure Dragon Encircling the Heavenly Court] Grandmaster

INFAMY POINTS                                 : 0

FAME POINTS                                     : 0

LIFE SKILL POINTS                              : 6780

LIFE SKILL                               

[Gathering Life Skill Category]

[Farmer] Artisan

[Miner] Artisan

[Woodcutter] Artisan

[Hunter] Artisan

[Fisherman] Artisan

[Manufacturing Life Skill Category]

[Cook] Artisan

[Craftsman] Artisan

[Tailor] Artisan

[Poisoner] Artisan

[Blacksmithing] Artisan

[Herbalist] Artisan

Other Skill     

[Sword Proficiency] Master realm

[Dagger Proficiency] Master realm

[Palm Attack Proficiency] Master realm

[Internal Energy Proficiency] Master realm

[Axe Proficiency] Master realm

[Builder] Master realm

[Spear Proficiency] Master realm

[Whip Proficiency] Master realm

[Body Training Proficiency] Master realm

[Swimming Proficiency] Master realm

MERIDIAN IN CULTIVATION              : Seeking Qi Jing Ba Mai


[Qi Gathering in Sea of Energy]

[Taiyin Lung Channel of Hand]

[Yangming Large Intestine Channel of Hand]

[Shaoyin Heart Channel of Hand]

[Taiyang Small Intestine Channel of Hand]

[Jueyin Pericardium Channel of Hand]

[Shaoyang Sanjiao Channel of Hand]

[Shaoyin Kidney Channel of Foot]

[Jueyin Liver Channel of Foot]

[Taiyin Spleen Channel of Foot]

[Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel of Foot]

[Yangming Stomach Channel of Foot]

[Taiyang Bladder Channel of Foot]

WEAPONS                                          : –

ARMOR                                               : –

ITEMS [10 Slot Capacity]                  

[Healing Pill] [Detoxifying Pill x 2] [Inner Energy Restoration Pill]

Only allowed on

CURRENCY (MONEY)                          : 2300 Ding 356 Liang 50 Wen


STORAGE BAG                                    : 35/40 Slot

[Sharp Daggers x 10] [Sharp Sword x 10] [Wolf Fur Clothing x 36] [Whetstone x 10] [A Sturdy Bow] [Arrows x 99] [Detoxifying Pill x 3] [Inner Energy Boost Pill x 2] [Lightness Skill Boost Pill x 2] [Half Price Token] [Rejuvenating Inner Qi Pills x 4] [Medium Gift Pack]


Farmer = [Shennong Script] [Hoe] [Tablet]

Miner = [Diary of a Miner in Bashu] [Mining Pickaxe]

Woodcutter= [Axe]

Hunter= [Skinning Knife]

Fisherman= [ Jiang Taigong Fishing with Straight Hook manual] [Fishing Rod]

Cook= [Recipe Book of the Old Lu] [Chopping Knife] [Spoon]

Craftsman= [Craftsman Letters to his Junior] [Hammer]

Tailor = [Record of Minglan Embroidery] [A Pair of Scissors] [Needle]

Poison Maker = [Record Manual of the Practice of Poisons and It Application] [Poison Maker Crusher]

Blacksmith= [Gan Jiang and Moye Forging Heavenly Weapon Manual] [Fire Hammer]

Herbalist= [Hua Tuo Secret manual] [Herbalist Tools]

[Upgradable Requirement for the Bag: 8 Ding 880 Liang]

Both his martial skill points and life skill points had risen 

And there is still the Medium Gift Pack that he did not yet use.

‘Just save it for now’ he thought to himself. He got up from the area and then kick the stone, the water splashes and he soars in the air and kicking the wind it only takes him a few second for him to jump from the area of the water to the shore of the stream.

Li Xin then quickly change into his clothes.

‘It is time to check on that girl’ Li Xin then quickly uses his lightness skill to return. On the distance, the evening sun is about to set.


While Li Xin is rushing toward the hut, inside the hut, on the bedroom in this small hut, Qingxuan opened her eyes.

She felt dizzy and felt uncomfortable all over her body as she slowly opens her eyes. But as she opens her eyes, her eyes instantly turn vigilant. She immediately ruffles through her clothes and her eyes widened.

‘Where is the Eternal Life Scroll?’ she seems to be asking herself.

Right now, she seems to forget that she had almost died, instead the moment she got up, she seeks the Eternal Life Scroll technique.

She was about to panic when she caught her eyes on a bed table beside the bed. And she could see that is the book she had stolen from the Underworld Gate.

‘It’s here’ And then she quickly grabs it and flips through the book. She looks at it and it is the same. There are no pages being torn apart or removed and there is no change to the book.

Only now that she had the book in her hands that she remembers to check her surroundings. She looks around and she could see that she is in a hut.

A very comfortable hut. Outside, the sun is about to set.

‘Where am I?’ she tries to move but her body is still weak. But, then she was surprised to notice that she is no longer afflicted by the Xuanwu Palm.

‘Someone healed me?’ she asks a question to herself. She looks around but she didn’t see anyone.

Right now, she is too weak that she could not even uses her strength.

But as she uses her inner energy she could feel that there is no longer any blockage and she is no longer torture by fiery Yang and wicked cold Yin.

‘Who heals me?’ As she sits at the edge of the bed, she tries to remember bits and pieces of what had happened. She remembers stealing the manual, she remembers fighting the Xuanwu Elders and then being chased by Xi Kuangshan.

‘Ah’ she said. She remembers how she fell unconscious. At that time, she really thought she would die.

But who would save her? And who is capable of saving her? It is one thing to save her and bring her to a shelter.

It is another to solve the Xuanwu Palm. Xuanwu Elder are not some amateur but a reputable expert in the martial arts world.

before they were punished by the Underworld Gate, their Xuanwu Palm is the nightmare of many people of the righteous path.

This mean whoever that had saved her is a martial artist like herself. She had checked herself and she was relieved to find out that she was not violated.

Qingxuan first thought is to run away.

The reason is because she is now powerless, even trying to walk makes her thigh trembles.

Even though this person that brought her here had saved her, who knows whether this person intention is good or bad?

Even though Qingxuan is just a girl right now, she had a lot of distrust. This is because of her own upbringing and her experience in roaming Jianghu.

But even if she wanted to go, right now she did not have the energy to go. And if she does go, there is still the Underworld Gate.

Even though the Eternal Life Scroll is merely a useless scroll in the many collection of the Underworld Library it did not mean that the Underworld Gate would allow it to be stolen.

This is about reputation.

Underworld Gate had never been robbed before. At least not to her knowledge. If they did get robbed, probably the robber would not get far before being dead

And to the Underworld Gate, regardless whether they can practice the Eternal Life Scroll or not, it is still one of the supreme martial skill in the world

How could they just be calm about it and let her go?

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The reason why the Eternal Life Scroll is said to be useless is because nobody could practice it.

Even though some people of the Underworld Gate concluded that many of the knowledge contained inside the manual is useful and could be practiced as for the core teachings of the skill, nobody could learn it.

And such, it was relegated to a useless supreme skill since nobody could practice it.

But Qingxuan once saw this book.

She read it and while she did not understand it, when she was asleep she began to understand it.

The next time, she went to the library, she read it again and then she went to sleep and then she understands it a little bit more.

In the end, she wanted to practice the skill. But she is still too naïve.

When some people found out she could practice the skill, they reported it to the Six Guardians of the Underworld Gate




1,780= 5230




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