C4 – Is Ji Manqing so scheming?

Ji Manqing stood facing Shiyao, trying to defend her from the angry crowd, “Please don’t say that, Yaoyao is joking with me.”

Come on! A scornful laugh rose in Shiyao’s heart.

Had she been too silly to realize how scheming Ji Manqing was?

Her colleagues, both in her group or otherwise, were all on Ji Manqing’s side, and only a few minutes later a man also joined.

Shiyao glanced up and happened to see the man was Li Sicheng, his eyes on Ji Manqing, and he whispered when saw Ji Manqing looked a little aggrieved, “Manqing, what happened?”

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“Nothing, we’re just joking around….”

Ji Manqing said, all smiles, but was interrupted by a colleague, “It’s no kidding. We all heard that Shiyao asked Ji Manqing to give up the position of chief attendant to her!”

From the corner of her eyes, Ji Manqing saw Li Sicheng’s face fell, pulled his sleeve and whispered, “A’cheng, don’t take what she said seriously. She said that in anger because….”

The voice was small but didn’t escaped her, and Ji Manqing’s playacting made she couldn’t stop feeling disgusted, Shiyao said coldly, “You said you felt sorry for me, why you are reluctant when I make a claim on you?”

“Yaoyao, don’t push it!”

Frowning, Li Sicheng gathered Ji Manqing to himself, said calmly, “Manqing got the position of the chief attendant through fair competition, and I date with her after we split, please don’t spite her for our breakup. After all, we are colleagues and meet every day.”

“You break up with me?”

Shiyao sneered approaching Li Sicheng as visible guilty flashed in his eyes, “Li Sicheng, you tell me when, why I don’t know?”

Shiyao really didn’t know why her boyfriend of six years became such a nerd!

“Yaoyao,” Ji Manqing stuck up for Li Sicheng, “Acheng talked to you, but you couldn’t take it and ignored….”

On hearing this, Shiyao bit her tongue and stared hard at Ji Manqing.

Interesting! This was her bestie, who stabbed her in the back in return!

“Well, you win!” Shiyao curled her lips, sneering.

Everyone knew they were together except her, an idiot!

“I wish you love forever and many children!”

Just as Shiyao turned to leave, she suddenly heard sarcasm in the crowd.

“Speaking of being mistress, Qin Shiyao’s mother exceled. Her vain mother attempted to marry into Qin’s, but was stopped by her father’s official wife even when she was born.”

All of a sudden, the crowd was quiet, simultaneously looking to Shiyao’s back.

Standing back to them, Shiyao didn’t know how hard she’d tried to hold on. Her fingernails had bitten into palms, causing piercing pain.

At this time, sound of neat footsteps faintly came from outside the door.

And a cry “the boss is coming” from the crowd silenced the noisy office. Everyone stood on two sides in a standard salute, with their heads slightly bowed.

Shiyao loosed her painful palms, and stood in the crowd. From where she was, she only saw a pair of polished leather shoes, a man walking with deliberate footsteps, and his slender and fit legs.

“Who is the manager walking ahead? He looks great from his legs,” She was lost in thought for a few seconds until the pair of shoes paused right under her eyes, and then she heard a nice voice.

“You’re always so noisy at work, huh?”

The deep and attractive voice turned her on, more importantly, sounded familiar.

Someone behind him smiled awkwardly, “Maybe they’ve been too tired on airplane, and inevitably talk more when seeing colleagues in the company.”.

Shiyao recognized from the voice that the vice-present was speaking, but how could he be so cautious?

More curious, Shiyao couldn’t help raising her head and saw the leggy man in suit. When she wanted to look at his face, the man turned his feet, walking to the colleague who talked the most.

“I just heard you talking all the time from the outside. Is it funny?”

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