Ch1: Do you want to exchange the wealth of your life for immortality?

Ryan jumped from a window of a room and landed on the road outside. He knew the cops could be coming soon to catch him. There was time for the cops to reach him. He looked behind towards the owner of the money that he just robbed. The owner was looking at him from the same window which he jumped from. It was a fat old man looking down the window to estimate how high the window was from the ground.

The window was on the third story of the villa. It was beyond human’s capacity to make such a jump. Ryan was lucky that he met the mysterious guy. The reason why he was able to make the jump.

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Ryan giggles looking at the old man, loud enough for the old man to hear. It was satisfying to see the angry and frustrated face of the old corrupted government official.  Ryan smiled at the old man and waved his hand at the old man. It was a goodbye. Ryan’s copyrighted sign claims that the robbery is done by him. He didn’t want the other thieves to claim the good deed that he just did.

Ryan turned around and showed his back to the government official and removed his back monkey cap and kept it on the ground.

Now, if anyone saw him, the cops will easily get his scratch drawn and catch him. It is possible but only if they see his face. Ryan knew what he was doing, no one will recognize him cause no one is going to see him properly enough to draw him on a sheet of paper. It was the confidence that can be achieved by doing one thing again and again. For Ryan, He forgot what number of robberies he had done. He heard the siren of the cop cars and ran towards a narrow passage where cars can’t enter.

A man wearing black was running away from the cops. The citizens on the street shouted the name ‘Black’. The thief whose name was black. It was him. The people on the streets hid to see him, some were happy and clapping, and others were shouting his name repeatedly. Black was infamous enough that everyone in the streets knew him, not just on this street but in the whole country. The Black ran forward ignoring all the citizens over there. There were cops coming for him.

The cops ran across the streets to catch the Black. They did their best in the drizzling weather. People could not see him and the cops were expected to catch the best thief in the country.  Few of the cops managed to come to the end of the street running behind Black and saw three ways with no clue in front of them. Like always, they turned around and dismissed the case.

The cops knew they couldn’t catch him then why trouble themselves? the government and the army couldn’t catch him and dumped the case of Black… how will they catch him? This was over-smartness!

Ryan smiled as he saw the cops turning back. He was relieved as he knew he could not run anymore. He was out of breath. He sure has gotten old. Ryan quickly changed into a decent-looking civilian, dumping his famous black coat in the trash.

It was long decided that it was his last job. He purposely did it as keeping his iconic black coat will inspire him to rob again. He was 38 years old and wanted to retire from his crazy career. He had saved a decent amount in the last few years. It was enough for a basic lifestyle in the country’s outskirts.

The same person who stole the treasures of the rich and famous was getting retired and this was going to be the last theft. He was happy that it was the last time he was going to meet the mysterious man again, the mysterious man was the reason why he had become such a great thief.

As always, he was a little stressed to meet the mysterious man. Ryan had sold every bit of wealth to the mysterious man. Ryan had brought speed and strength in exchange for wealth. The mysterious man was the very reason why he was able to become “BLACK”. Ryan was a normal human until he met the mysterious man, his life rotated 360 degrees from that day onwards.

Ryan was standing on top of a building. He made sure that there was no one around him. He took a deep breath and whispered in the dark, “come out, no one is here”. This statement itself was a paradox but it ended up being true.

The mysterious man came out of the darkness. Ryan had just checked the surroundings and he was not there a second ago. Ryan threw the gold onto his feet. The man ignored the bag as if it didn’t exist in the first place, it had no value in the eyes of the mysterious man.

When he met the mysterious man for the first time, Ryan had a million questions about the mysterious guy, but he couldn’t get the answers from his mouth. Ryan wasn’t interested anymore, rather he wanted to finish off the last deal and never ever see the mysterious man again. Ryan stared at the mysterious guy, as there was no reply from his side.

“How much time are you going to take to give me what is mine?” Ryan inquired.

This was the 3rd time he was making a deal with the mysterious man. Ryan got super strength and inhuman speed in the last two transactions with the guy. The amount of money he spent was 1/1000 compared to this deal.

He had spent every penny he earned or robbed for this one trade. The higher the price, the better the thing. No human had bought it with money. The thing which Ryan wanted was out of the hands of humans. No amount of influence or money can buy it.

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“Have you made up your mind, young man?”

“Do you want to exchange the wealth of your life for immortality?”


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