Ch12: The best will be to find a mentor for us

Ryan dropped Elina at home with a note so that she does not worry. Ryan was going back to Max, he realized how she was going to react after knowing that Ryan dropped her home by checking her phone. Well, he couldn’t leave a naked matured woman in an abundant factory and walk away. Ryan had already checked her phone and got a lot of information after using her thumb to unlock her phone.

Elina was a teacher in the Sunshine Institute, it was the best institute for martial warriors in cape city. Ryan didn’t expect her to be so successful in her twenties. It was because of her constitution of luck. Ryan hoped he meets her again soon as being with her will only get him more luck. He was not going to be the only one to benefit from her.

She was also going to benefit from him. Ryan could take her to hidden treasures and find them easily. It would become a win-win situation for both. He didn’t have a phone to get her number and give her his number. He seriously needed to get rich as soon as possible.

Ryan saw Max waiting for him sitting at the exact position where he slept. Max was the problem why he couldn’t rob the rich freely. That was a big problem to be with the righteous fellows. Ryan thought about something else, let him deal with it.

He sat beside Max like a proper beggar on the streets. “So, what do you plan now?” Ryan asked, looking straight into his eyes to check his status.

Max Altro

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Constitution: Life swearing righteous man

‘He has gotten stronger’ Ryan said to himself.

Max had gone stronger. Ryan had expected that as Max had followed the constitution and was rewarded with power. He could actually get stronger by killing criminals or potential criminals. The growth in the righteous constitution was ridiculously fast. Normal martial fighters could get a heart attack seeing the speed. Ryan wondered if he got stronger or not. He will take a lot of time to catch up with this guy if he doesn’t steal things from now on.

“The best will be to find a mentor for us,” Max replied.

Ryan heard it and sat properly and looked at Max with interest. Max sure was an interesting fellow. He knew no master would take in disciples with torn clothes who looked like beggars and a criminal too. Max could be a criminal now. Ryan had guessed that the cops would ask the slums and they would only name one of the killers of the head gym.

It was going to be Max as Ryan had covered his face with a cloth. Max had a point, they needed a master to understand and use the power of righteousness correctly. If they rely on themselves, it would take them years to master the constitution.

“And where will we find a mentor?” Ryan asked.

Max closed his eyes and was doing something. Ryan thought he was meditating then he understood Max was actually using his constitution’s power to find something. Ryan was seeing and trying to copy the method, that Max was doing. He was trying to learn the method. Ryan felt an extremely familiar energy wave but it was very weak. He realized it as he was sitting close to Max. he was sure someone far away wouldn’t hear it. He could only hope for the best result.

“I found something,” Max said.

Ryan confirmed, “something and not someone?”

Ryan didn’t go on interrogating Max. he trusted him and followed him to that place. Ryan wondered If he could find something good in that ‘something’ place

Ryan followed Max to someplace. They stood before a tall building. Ryan knew they had to sneak in. no one would let beggars enter the place. Ryan observed himself in a mirror, he was arrogant about his looks and handsomeness but now there was no charm left. He didn’t even wipe the sweat while running. He didn’t take baths for a day.

He looked like a tribal person who wore modern clothes. He was stuck with Max otherwise he might have stayed with the teacher and not come back. Maybe even get admission to the sunshine institute with her luck. But he was stuck with this righteous crybaby. He made up his mind to rob someone today and at night. Robbery needed to be a big one but he was going for a corrupted person.

He saw Max sneaking into the place. Ryan followed Max. The building was tall and looked modern from the outside but there wasn’t a guard outside the building. Max went into the basement rather than going up. Ryan noticed it but said nothing. He just hoped they wouldn’t get into trouble. There were powerhouses in the center of the city.

Ryan didn’t want to make new enemies on the first day living in Cape city. They walked the stairs which took them to the basement. Ryan didn’t think the basement was so deep as they saw a big staircase in front of their eyes. They walked through the circular staircase, which was made from white marble.

“There was something precious and important down the basement,” Ryan said from his experience of robbing more than a thousand rich people.

“I was right,” Max replied.

Ryan wondered if he should trust Max or not. He had a bad feeling about it as if a monster was hiding there. It was his intuition. After walking down a hundred stairs, they had a door in front of them. It was shining as if it was brand new. It was a modern door but there were vines covering and climbing the door as if it hadn’t been open for years. Ryan was sure something was very wrong. The door was modern and old at the same time.

Ryan wasn’t the only one worried. Max gulped his saliva coming near the door.

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“Are you sure about your skill, do you trust yourself?” Ryan asked.


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